Dear Prospective Jurors

The following letter appeared in the January 9th edition of the Rutland Herald and is reprinted here with permission.


Dear Prospective Jurors:

As I reflect on the year just completed, one thing that keeps coming to mind is my experience serving on a jury in the Rutland County Court. I was instructed to appear for the jury draw on May 23. I went with mixed feelings, willing to serve, yet not knowing what the commitment would entail, should I be selected. I suspect everyone showing up that day felt the same.

Slate: Vermont Supreme Court Protects the Rights of Same-Sex Parents and Their Children

Vermont Supreme Court Establishes Judicial Commission On Family Treatment Dockets

On Friday, the Vermont State Supreme Court handed down a significant decision in a child custody dispute between an estranged lesbian couple. The ruling in Sinnott v. Peck is one of many recent landmark state court decisions that protect same-sex parents’ rights and preserve the bonds between parents and their children.

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A Day is a Day: Changes in Vermont Procedural Rules Regarding Time Computation

News Room

By Emily Wetherell

U.S. Supreme Court Electronic Filing System Begins 11/13

Supreme Court of the United States logo

On November 13, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court’s electronic filing system will begin operation. While paper will remain the official form of filing as under existing practice, parties represented by counsel will also be required to submit most documents through the new electronic filing system. Attorneys who expect to file documents electronically will need to register in advance for the system. Additional information is available here.