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Vermont Judicial Bureau

Judicial Bureau








Vermont Judicial Bureau

PO Box 607

White River Jct., VT  05001



Honorable Howard Kalfus, Presiding Hearing Officer

Joanne Charbonneau, Clerk of the Statewide Courts

Jennifer Morse, Court Operations Manager



The Judicial Bureau was created by law to operate under the supervision of the Supreme Court.  The Judicial Bureau has statewide jurisdiction over civil violations.  Police and other government officials have authority to charge civil violations, including for example:

  • traffic violations
  • municipal ordinance violations
  • fishing, hunting, and trapping violations
  • alcohol and tobacco violations
  • burning and waste disposal violations
  • environmental violations
  • lead hazard abatement violations
  • cruelty to animals violations
  • non-criminal marijuana violations

A person served with a Civil Violation Complaint has 20 days to Answer by filing a plea of admitted, no contest, or denied.  If a person admits or does not contest a violation, the Waiver Penalty is assessed.  Depending on the violation, license points and suspensions may be issued by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles or Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.  If a person denies the alleged violation, a Court Hearing will be scheduled before a Hearing Officer.  An elected Assistant Judge may be assigned to act as a Hearing Officer.  The State and Defendant have a right to Appeal the judgment within 30 days.  Appeals are decided by the Superior Court.  Judicial Bureau procedures are governed by the Vermont Rules of Civil Procedure, in particular Rule 80.6.

If you do not dispute a charge filed against you but cannot pay the waiver penalty, you may participate in the Judicial Bureau's 30/30 plan or request a hearing to ask a Hearing Officer to consider your ability to pay this penalty.

The Judicial Bureau has one Hearing Officer. The Judicial Bureau Clerk of the Court and staff are responsible for the daily operations of the court.  The Judicial Bureau Clerk's Office is located in the courthouse at 82 Railroad Row, White River Jct., VT.

Judicial Bureau hearings are held at many courthouses throughout Vermont.  If you need information about a hearing location, please call 802-295-8869.