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Most court forms are fillable PDFs. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, fill out, or print them. 

See the Filing Procedures web page for information about how and where to file completed forms.


This page provides a partial list of the forms and instructions available on the court's website. If you don't find the form you're looking for here:


Important Message for e-Filers

Before e-Filing a fillable PDF (which includes all court forms posted on this website), you must "flatten" the file. See the e-Filing section of the Filing Procedures web page for instructions.

Important Message for all Filers  

Pursuant to 4 V.S.A. § 27b, you may use this form instead of a notarized statement for documents that would otherwise require notarization.  A declaration may not be used for an affidavit in support of a search warrant application, for a nontestimonial identification order, an oath required by 14 V.S.A. §108, or consents and relinquishments in adoption proceedings governed by Title 15A, Adoption Act.


Civil Division
Civil forms - General
Sexual Assault
Small Claims


Criminal Division
Criminal forms - General


Environmental Division
Environmental forms - General


Family Division
Child Support
Civil Union Dissolution
Divorce or Legal Separation
Parental Rights and Responsibilities
Relief from Abuse, Exploitation, Extreme Risk Protection
Vulnerable Noncitizen Children


Judicial Bureau
Judicial Bureau forms - General


Probate Division
Adult Guardianship
Authorization to Perform a Marriage
Correction of Death, Marriage, and Birth Certificate Records
Minor Guardianship
Name Change
Vulnerable Noncitizen Children
Probate - Miscellaneous forms


Supreme Court
Supreme Court forms - General


Court Records

See the Requests for Access to Court Records web page for more information.


Information/Data Request Form

See the Data and Information Requests web page for more information.


Change of Name or Mailing Address


Abusive Litigation Forms


Personal Expense Claim form


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