Admission to the Vermont Bar, Licensing Information, and Admission Pro Hac Vice

The Board of Bar Examiners and the Character and Fitness Committee oversee the process of admission to the Vermont bar. Once the Board has determined your eligibility, the Character and Fitness Committee will certify your character and fitness to serve. Your application will then be considered by the Supreme Court for Admission to the Vermont Bar.

For more information on eligibility requirements and registering for the bar exam, click on ‘Admission to the Vermont Bar.’

For more information on attorney licensing, including license renewal, obtaining a certificate of good standing, and obtaining a pro hac vice license to appear in a Vermont court in a single case, click on ‘Attorney Licensing and Pro Hac Vice.’

Judicial Nomination Information

For more information on judicial nominations, see the Judicial Nominating Information page.

Proposed and Promulgated Rules

The Supreme Court makes rules about procedures the state courts follow. Before changes to the rules are made, there is a chance to submit comments. The proposed rules and recently adopted rules are posted on this website.

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Learn more about mandatory continuing legal education requirements in Vermont.

Professional Responsibility Board

The Vermont Supreme Court has the power under the Vermont Constitution to oversee the professional conduct of all attorneys practicing in Vermont. The court formed the Vermont Professional Responsibility Board to administer the professional responsibility program, which regulates the legal profession.