The environmental division is a statewide court which handles environmental law cases. The environmental division hears appeals and enforcement actions that include:

  • Appeals from municipal panels
  • Appeals from Act 250 decisions
  • Appeals from the Agency of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Board
  • Municipal enforcement actions
  • Agency of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Board enforcement actions

There are two environmental judges assigned to the environmental division. The division hears trials throughout the state. The division conducts most early hearings by telephone, unless the judge would like to have parties in court or there is evidence to present. If a courtroom hearing is necessary, it is held in the area where the case began so that litigants do not need to travel a great distance.


Vermont Superior Court
Environmental Division
32 Cherry Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 303
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: 802-951-1740
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM–4:30 PM

Environmental Appeals

Learn more about Environmental Appeals.

Environmental Decisions

Browse environmental division decisions. If you cannot find the decision you are looking for, please contact the environmental division at 802-951-1740.


The environmental division often asks parties to attempt mediation to help reach an agreement that is acceptable to everyone.

Free Legal Clinic

The free Environmental Division Pro Se Clinic is designed for those who are representing themselves in environmental cases. You may want to participate in the clinic if:

  • You are filing a case in the environmental division
  • You are considering filing a case in the environmental division
  • You are already involved in a case in the environmental division
  • You who have had an enforcement action brought against them by a municipality, the Agency of Natural Resources, or the Natural Resource Board

The clinic provides advice and consultation only. A lawyer will meet with you for the appointment only and will not represent you in court or provide any services other than advice for that day. The lawyer will try to answer your questions and direct you to useful resources. They will keep any information you disclose confidential. You may, though, invite another person to accompany you to the appointment.

When:  First Thursday of the month
Appointment Times:  12:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30 pm
How:  Call the environmental division at 802-951-1740 to make an appointment. Appointments are held remotely via phone or Webex.


The Vermont Legislature sets most of the fees charged for services provided by the Judiciary. The Justices of the Supreme Court establish rules to govern the allowance of fees not specified by law. Motions or petitions filed by one party at one time shall be assessed one fee.


Asking to Waive Fees

See the Application to Waive Filing Fees and Service Costs web page for information and forms.


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