The Supreme Court makes rules about procedures the state courts follow. Before changes to the rules are made, there is a chance to submit comments. The proposed rules and recently adopted rules are posted on this website.

Current Court Rules

The Vermont Constitution (chapter 2; sections 30, 31, 36, and 37) gives the Supreme Court the power to administer the courts and to make rules about

  • Correct procedures to follow in all courts in the state
  • Admission of lawyers to the bar of the Vermont Supreme Court
  • Discipline of lawyers and judges

All Vermont court rules are available through LexisNexis. The Vermont Judiciary does not administer the LexisNexis website and does not have responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided there.

Changing a Rule

The Court has several committees that make recommendations about rule changes. The Court itself may also propose changes to rules. Proposals for changes are sent to all state courts and all members of the Vermont bar. The proposals are also posted online. People may comment on the proposed changes and make suggestions.

Proposed Rules

View proposed amendments submitted by the Rules Committees that have not been reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Recently Promulgated Rules

See rules that have been adopted in the past two years.