About Our Calendars

Calendars on this page are available for all courts. Information about cases scheduled for hearing during the next 90 days is collected in a file each night (Monday - Friday) at 7 pm. The file is sent to the Supreme Court computer where it is compiled into a court calendar and put on the State of Vermont web server at 3:30 A.M.

To View a calendar click on the county name below, then the court.

To View Calendars using VTCourtsOnline please click here. When you go to VTCourtsOnline you will get a logon screen, you can still view calendars by clicking on "Calendar by Date and County". You do not have to logon or pay to use the calendar feature.

You may also search court calendars here.

Please note: Court schedules are subject to change. You may want to check the court calendar on the day of the hearing for the most up-to-date information.