If you admit to an alleged violation, then you may waive your right to appear in court and pay the waiver amount. Mark the plea as "admitted" or "no contest" and sign the complaint. Deliver your plea and the fine to the Vermont Judicial Bureau by mail, in person, or online within 20 days to avoid extra fees.

By Mail

To pay fines by mail with check or money order, return the court's copy of the complaint with your plea and your payment. Please write the complaint number on your check or money order, payable to the Vermont Judicial Bureau. Please do not send cash.

If your address shown on the civil violation complaint is not correct, enclose your current address. Mail correspondence to:

Vermont Judicial Bureau
PO Box 607
White River Junction, VT 05001

In Person

You may hand-deliver civil payments to:

Vermont Judicial Bureau
82 Railroad Row
White River Junction, VT 05001


You may pay the entire balance of a ticket by credit card. The credit card company does charge a convenience fee for usage. Please note that credit card payments may take up to three to five business days to process. To avoid an impending suspension, please contact the Judicial Bureau directly at 802-295-8869.

Fines Referred to a Collection Agency

State law authorizes the court administrator to refer past-due judgments to a designated collection agency (see 4 V.S.A. § 1109(d) and 13 V.S.A. § 7171 at the Vermont Statutes Unannotated and Vermont Court Rules LexisNexis website). For judgment referred to a collection agency, you must provide payments to the collection agency. The Judicial Bureau will not accept any payments in such cases. Payments you make to the Judicial Bureau will be returned to you if the judgment is with a collection agency. You are also liable for a collection agency fee for any past-due judgments. If you have a question about a judgments referred to a designated collection agency, please contact Alliance One:

AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc.
PO BOX 11641
Tacoma, WA 98411-0641
Website: https://pay.allianceoneinc.com/

Extensions to Pay Fines

You may request an extension of time to pay a fine. Your request must be in writing and signed. The request must include your name, address, date of birth, phone number, and complaint number(s). You must also include a partial payment of $30 for each complaint number, not to exceed $100 per month. You may pay by check or money order. Please do not mail cash. If you make a partial payment by credit card, you will not receive an extension of time to pay.