The Vermont Judiciary supports the right of all persons, including those with disabilities, to enjoy access to the facilities and services offered by the judicial branch.

Commitment to Equal Access

The Vermont Judiciary embraces its duty to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Judiciary has adopted policies and procedures to meet its obligations under the law.

The ADA prohibits the Judiciary from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities in all programs, activities, and services. The ADA also prohibits the Judiciary from discriminating against qualified individuals seeking employment in the courts.

Requesting an Accommodation

If you want to ask for an accommodation so that you can use a court facility or a court service, you may fill out a Request for Reasonable Accommodation form and bring the form to the main window in your local courthouse or to any Judiciary employee.

If you want or need to participate in a Judiciary-funded service, such as a mediation session or a program affiliated with a drug treatment docket, you may ask the Judiciary for an accommodation to participate in that service.

Features of This Website for Persons With Disabilities
  • Images on the website include alternative tags. Alternative tags are descriptions of images that screen readers can read aloud to the user.
  • The foreground and background of each page contrast so that users with visual disabilities can read content more easily.
  • All web pages and documents have unique titles that describe the function or purpose of the page or document. Form field labels are also unique.
  • The website incorporates headings to help all users, including those with visual impairments, skim content.
  • The website features a responsive web design, which benefits users with low vision because it allows the user's custom screen settings to control how the website displays content.
Filing a Complaint

If you are an employee or applicant for employment and believe that a Judiciary employee has discriminated against you, please contact John McGlynn, Manager of Human Resources and Employee Development, by phone at 802-828-4776 or by email at

If you tried to access a court facility, service, or program and believe that the Judiciary wrongly denied your request for an accommodation, or if you believe that the Judiciary discriminated against you because of your disability, please contact Tari Scott, Chief of Trial Court Operations, by phone at 802-828-0576 or by email at

Please see the Judiciary's policies and procedures regarding persons with disabilities for more information about filing a complaint.