The Civil Division Oversight Committee helps to promote the vision of the Vermont Judiciary for a fair, well-managed court system. Issues it reviews include:

  • Changes or additions to civil statutes and rules
  • Efficiencies in scheduling and case-flow management in the courthouses
  • Improvements to civil division policy, procedures, and forms
  • Concerns about the division from judges, lawyers, legislators, individuals, and legal associations

The committee has thirteen members. Each serves a three-year term. Eleven members are from the Judiciary, and two are attorneys from private practice.

Committee Members

Honorable Samuel Hoar, Jr.

Superior Judge, Chair

Honorable Harold E. Eaton, Jr.

Associate Justice, Liaison from Supreme Court

Tari Scott

Chief of Trial Court Operations, Court Administrator's Designee

Honorable Michael Harris

Superior Judge

Honorable Thomas A. Zonay

Chief Superior Judge

Honorable Daniel Richardson

Superior Judge

Honorable Megan Shafritz

Superior Judge

Anne Damone

Superior Court Clerk

Michele McDonald

Court Operations Manager

Nicole Conety

Court Operations Manager

Donna Waters

Court Operations Manager

Grace Pazdan, Esq.

Attorney Designee

Sandra A. Strempel, Esq.

Attorney Designee


Contact Information

Kelly Smith, Program Administrator
Office of Chief Superior Judge
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609