The Criminal Division Oversight Committee is an advisory board to the Vermont Supreme Court. This committee makes recommendations to the Supreme Court about administrative and judicial matters in the criminal division. Its work helps to promote the vision of the Vermont Judiciary for a fair, well-managed, and impartial court system. Some of the issues the committee reviews are:

  • Changes or additions to criminal statutes and rules
  • Efficiency in scheduling, calendaring, and case-flow management in the courthouses
  • Improvements to criminal division policy, procedures, and forms
  • Concerns about the division from members of the judiciary, legislature, the Judicial Rules Committee, and legal associations

The fifteen members on the committee serve three-year terms.

Committee Members

Honorable Timothy B. Tomasi

Superior Judge, Chair

Honorable Kevin W. Griffin

Superior Judge

Honorable Karen R. Carroll

Associate Justice, Liaison from Supreme Court

Kim Owens

Programs Manager, Court Administrator's Designee

Honorable Thomas A. Zonay

Chief Superior Judge

Honorable Alison S. Arms

Superior Judge

Honorable John R. Treadwell

Superior Judge

Honorable David Fenster

Superior Judge

Honorable John Pacht

Superior Judge

Gaye Paquette

Superior Court Clerk

Dawn Marie Hudson

Court Operations Manager

Laurie Canty

Court Administrator's Designee

Angela Anderson

Court Operations Manager

Sally J. Adams, Esq.

Deputy State’s Attorney

Joshua S. O'Hara, Esq.

Appellate Defender


Contact Information

Kelly Smith, Program Administrator
Office of Chief Superior Judge
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609