About the Committee

The Standard Practices Committee is created within the Judiciary to make recommendations about and provide assistance with respect to the implementation and oversight of standard statewide business practices and procedures. The work of this Committee builds on a multi-year effort to improve Judiciary operations through the development and communication of standard business practices across the state by the Division of Trial Court Operations. In the spirit of continuous improvement, the Committee will make recommendations for proposed changes to currently established business standards and practices to the State Court Administrator and the Chief Superior Judge. The State Court Administrator has decision-making authority over court staff procedures, forms, reports, data collection, and the procurement or modification of technology. The Chief Superior Judge has decision-making authority over judicial officer procedures. The State Court Administrator and the Chief Superior Judge work collaboratively on these issues.

The Committee will include in its deliberations input from Rules Committees, Oversight Committees, internal stakeholders, external stakeholders and others with particular subject matter expertise or experience regarding matters under review.

Contact Information:

Scott Griffith, Committee Coordinator
Chief of Planning and Court Services
Court Administrator’s Office