The information and reports found here are intended to serve as a detailed reference on the work of the Vermont Judiciary.

Guide for New Legislators

This guide outlines the role and structure of Vermont's Judicial Branch of state government. It also summarizes court programs and objectives.

The purpose of this Guide is to help legislators understand the Vermont court system so that they can better evaluate proposals that affect the Judiciary. The Guide includes descriptive summaries and charts that are organized as a quick reference document. A history of the Vermont Judiciary and contact information are also included.

Annual Statistical Reports

Each year, the Vermont Judiciary provides an overview of trial and appellate court caseloads. The purpose of this report is to highlight trends in the five divisions of the Superior Court, the Judicial Bureau, and the Supreme Court with respect to the filing and disposition of cases. The report also measures performance with respect to timeliness using the three performance measurements that are part of the National Center for State Courts’ CourTools:

  • Clearance rate
  • Age of active pending caseload
  • Time to disposition





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FY 2019


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FY 2015

Weighted Caseload Study

This assessment establishes a set of workload standards for the Vermont Superior Court and Judicial Bureau. The standards are designed to provide uniform and comparable measures of workload and help to determine the baseline number of judicial officers and court staff needed to provide effective case processing and case resolution.

Judicial Branch Overview
Budget Reports

The Judiciary strives to be transparent and accountable as a steward of public funds. Judges and court staff use innovative approaches to achieve greater efficiency and enhanced performance. These strategies include the use of technology, case management techniques, and standardization of processes.

Commission on Judicial Operation Report

The Commission on Judicial Operation was created by an act of the Vermont Legislature in May 2008 and charged with conducting a thorough review of Vermont’s court system, with the goal of providing for more efficient and effective delivery of judicial services. In May 2009, the Commission was further directed to identify at least $1 million in savings in the FY 2010 budget.

Town Traffic Ticket Reports

Find monthly town traffic ticket reports.