The chief superior judge assigns a presiding judge to each unit of the Vermont Superior Court. The presiding judge for each county unit determines the allocation of judicial resources between Civil, Criminal, and Family Divisions within the unit and may specially assign a superior judge within a division of the unit to preside over one or more cases in a different division. Judicial assignments are for a specific length of time, usually one year. They are subject to the approval of the Supreme Court. Depending on the size of a unit, individual judges may sit in specific divisions. In smaller units the same judge may sit in all divisions. The Environmental Division has statewide jurisdiction. The Judicial Bureau also has statewide jurisdiction.

The following are the judicial assignments for September 6, 2016 through September 4, 2017.

Judge Rotation Schedule

Superior Judge Assignments

Note: (P) indicates the presiding judge.

  Primary Assignment Backup Assignments

Eastern Division

Orange Family, Criminal, Civil Timothy Tomasi Washington Unit
Windham Family Karen Carroll (P) Windsor Unit
Windham Civil Michael Kainen Caledonia and Essex Units
Windsor Family Thomas Devine (P) Washington Unit
Windsor Criminal Theresa DiMauro Rutland Unit
Windsor Civil Robert Gerety Caledonia and Essex Units

Western Division

Addison Family, Criminal, Civil Samuel Hoar (P) Chittenden Unit
Bennington Family David Howard (P) Rutland and Windham Units
Bennington Criminal William Cohen Rutland Unit
Bennington Civil John Valente Rutland and Addison Units
Chittenden Juvenile CHINS, Criminal and Family Alison Arms Franklin and Grand Isle Units
Chittenden Criminal James Crucitti (P) Franklin and Grand Isle Units
Chittenden Family Mary Morrissey Franklin Unit
Chittenden Criminal Dennis Pearson Lamoille Unit
Chittenden Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal and Family Kirstin Schoonover Washington Unit
Chittenden Float Nancy Waples Washington Unit
Chittenden Civil Robert Mello Franklin and Grand Isle Units
Rutland Family Nancy Corsones Addison, Bennington, Windsor Units
Rutland Criminal Cortland Corsones (P) Addison and Bennington Units
Rutland Civil Helen Toor Chittenden Unit

Northern Division

Caledonia/Essex Family, Criminal, Civil M. Kathleen Manley Windsor Unit
Caledonia/Orleans/Essex Juvenile and Relief from Abuse Robert Bent (P) Orleans Unit
Franklin Family Martin Maley (P) Chittenden and Grand Isle Units
Franklin Criminal A. Gregory Rainville Chittenden and Grand Isle Units
Franklin Civil/Grand Isle Family, Criminal, Civil Michael Harris Rutland Civil Division
Lamoille Family, Criminal, Civil Thomas Carlson (P) Franklin and Grand Isle Units
Orleans Family, Criminal, Civil Howard VanBenthuysen (P) Caledonia and Essex Units
Washington Family Kevin Griffin Orange Unit
Washington Criminal John Pacht Chittenden Unit
Washington Civil Mary Teachout (P) Windsor and Lamoille Units
Northern Float Thomas Zonay Washington and Rutland Units


Judicial Resources Within Units

  • The presiding judge establishes a schedule for hearing termination of parental rights cases that includes all judges within the unit.
  • Where there is a single presiding judge for multiple units (e.g., Caledonia/Orleans/Essex, Franklin/Grand Isle, Windsor/Orange), the presiding judge determines the appropriate allocation of judicial resources between the two units.

Shared Resources Between Units

  • The second judge assigned to the Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans units presides over the juvenile and relief from abuse dockets in the three counties.
  • The Chittenden unit and Franklin unit share a judge on a schedule as determined by the clerks with the assistance of the chief superior judge.
  • A judge with a home court of Rutland is assigned one day a week to the Addison unit.
  • The judge assigned to the Washington civil division is assigned 12 judge days per year to the Lamoille unit.
Probate Judge Assignments
Probate Judge Primary Unit In the Event of Unavailability, Case Assigned to the Judge in
Misse Smith Addison Chittenden, Rutland
D. Justine Scanlon Bennington Windham, Rutland, Addison
Toby Balivet Caledonia Orleans, Washington, Lamoille
Gregory Glennon Chittenden Addison, Franklin, Grand Isle
Allen Hodgdon Essex Caledonia, Orleans
Larry Bruce Franklin Chittenden, Addison, Grand Isle
Ned Spear Grand Isle Franklin, Chittenden
James Mahoney Lamoille Caledonia, Washington, Orleans
Bernie Lewis Orange Windsor, Washington
John Monette Orleans Caledonia, Essex, Lamoille
Kevin Candon Rutland Addison, Bennington
Jeffrey Kilgore Washington Lamoille, Orange, Caledonia
Joanne Ertel Windsor Orange, Windham
Robert Pu Windham Windsor, Bennington



Pursuant to 4 V.S.A. §§ 37(b)(1)(C) and 355 and Administrative Order 18 § 4(a)(3):

Whenever the judge for the unit where the case is filed is unavailable due to disqualification or disability, the case may be assigned to a judge with a backup assignment for the unit where the judge is unavailable. (By way of example, if Judge Smith is unavailable to hear a case filed in Addison, the case may be assigned to the probate judge sitting in Chittenden or Rutland.)