Vermont Supreme Court Gallery LogoThe Vermont Supreme Court Gallery is curated by Associate Justice Marilyn Skoglund and Vermont State Curator David Schutz. Justice Skoglund has a B.A. in fine arts from Southern Illinois University and says that having an artist’s eye has helped her become a better judge.

Housed in the public lobby of 109 State Street, the Vermont Supreme Court Gallery was started shortly after Justice Skoglund's appointment in 1997. It was originally named Art in The Supreme Court. Justice Skoglund took one look at the large white walls and knew that it would make a perfect gallery to display large pieces. Justice Skoglund then convinced the other justices to turn the public lobby into an art gallery.

The Vermont Supreme Court Gallery hosts mostly Vermont artists, who are selected by Justice Skoglund. Mr. Schutz helps set up the displays, and works with the artists in showcasing their work. Mr. Schutz also pays attention to detail making sure the gallery runs smoothly. Every artist has a three month showing during normal business hours Monday - Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm.