February 27, 2024

Judiciary Independent Network Project

The Judiciary is currently utilizing the Executive Branch’s Information Technology network. Thanks to one-time funding allocated by the Legislative Branch last year, the Judiciary is Implementing a new independent network that will not contend with traffic from the other statewide agencies, thus increasing the available bandwidth and speed of the network for the Branch’s work. The results of this will be significantly increased reliability and performance of the Judiciary’s computer applications.

The switchover is being conducted on a courthouse-by-courthouse basis during the months of February and March, then the locations in Montpelier will be converted in April. During this conversion, the Judiciary staff, judges, and justices will be migrating from a @vermont.gov to a @vtcourts.gov email account. To help facilitate the transition, all email sent to @vermont.gov will be automatically forwarded to @vtcourts.gov until May 31.

Bennington Civil2/1/2024 – 2/2/2024
Rutland Criminal2/5/2024-2/6/2024
Rutland Civil2/7/2024-2/8/2024
Windsor Civil2/9/2024
Bennington Criminal2/22/2024-2/23/2024
Franklin Criminal2/26/2024-2/27/2024
Washington Criminal (Civil temp)2/28/2024
Chittenden Criminal3/4/2024-3/6/2024
Windsor Criminal3/7/2024-3/8/2024
Windham Criminal3/11/2024-3/12/2024
Windham Civil3/13/2024
Orleans Criminal/Civil3/14/2024-3/15/2024
Chittenden Civil3/18/2024-3/19/2024
Grand Isle3/27/2024-3/28/2024
Franklin Civil3/29/2024