Applications for a new, corrected, amended or delayed birth certificate, or for a corrected or amended death certificate should be submitted to the State Registrar of Vital Records.

If the State Registrar denies your application, you may appeal the decision by filing a Notice of Appeal in the Probate Division of the Superior Court. 

The appeal is filed in the district in which the birth occurred (or is believed to have occurred), or where the death occurred (or where the body was found, if the location of death is unknown).

Documents can be taken to the court in person, sent by mail or email, or through the e-Filing system (using Odyssey File & Serve). See the Filing Procedures web page for more information about filing.

Your filing should include the following documents:

  • Notice of Appeal to the Probate Division (form below)
  • a copy of your application to the State Registrar
  • a copy of the State Registrar’s decision
  • any additional information you would like the judge to review
  • the filing fee. See the Fees web page for information about the fee for filing an appeal. If you can't afford the filing fees, you can ask the court to consider waiving them. See the Application to Waive Filing Fees and Service Costs web page for more information and forms.