The Chittenden Adult Drug Treatment Docket and Mental Health Court Docket work with defendants facing criminal charges as a result of their substance use disorder or mental health conditions.

The Chittenden Adult Treatment Court Docket and Chittenden Adult Mental Health Court Docket are voluntary, post-plea programs for defendants over 18 years old. They offer participants who complete the program the chance to have criminal charges dismissed or reduced.

Goals of the Dockets

The Chittenden Adult Treatment Court Docket tries to reduce drug-related crime, make communities safer, and help people recover from drug dependence. The Chittenden Adult Mental Health Court Docket helps connect defendants with mental illness with needed treatment and make communities safer.

How Cases Are Referred

Referrals to the program come from defense attorneys, the state’s attorney, the Department of Corrections, and law enforcement. Referred defendants meet with the regional treatment court coordinator to learn more about the program.

Who Is Eligible for the Dockets

Defendants who have committed crimes because of their substance use or mental health conditions and who are at high risk for reoffending are generally eligible for the program. Eligibility is decided following a legal review of the charges and a clinical evaluation. Disqualifying offenses include:

  • Violent crimes
  • Sexual assault crimes
  • Arson
How Dockets Help Participants

A judge leads the treatment court docket team, which includes attorneys and professionals from treatment providers, probation and parole officers, and law enforcement. The team helps connect defendants with the support they need to succeed in the treatment dockets. The team uses rewards and sanctions, community supervision, and random drug tests to support participants.

To graduate from the program, participants must take part in treatment, attend court hearings, and follow program guidelines.

For Further Information

To find out more, please contact:

Stephen Von Sitas
Regional Treatment Court Coordinator
Costello Courthouse
32 Cherry Street
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: 802–951–5716
Fax: 802-651-1759