After reviewing the briefs, the Court determines whether the case will be heard by the full Court or a three-justice panel. If requested by a party, the Court grants oral argument, although it may direct that a case will be considered on the briefs without oral argument.

Cases assigned to a three-justice panel generally involve fewer issues and/or issues in which the applicable law is settled. The decision of a three-justice panel must be unanimous and a short written decision is issued in each case, usually within 48 hours of argument. Oral argument in these cases is limited to five minutes per side. Oral argument in these cases is scheduled for remote participation by video or telephone.

Oral argument in cases heard by the full Court is generally for thirty minutes, fifteen minutes per side.  These cases are scheduled for in-person participation. These cases are decided after oral argument by written opinion.

The livestream of the oral arguments from the last year are available on the Court’s YouTube page.

Audio recordings of recent oral arguments are available below: