To file a document such as a brief, motion, or docketing statement, you must deliver it to the Supreme Court docket clerk.

You can deliver a document by:

Vermont Supreme Court
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609

You may not file documents by email or fax unless you receive permission from the court.

You should always "serve," meaning deliver, copies of documents you file to the other parties in your case.

Special rules apply to briefs and the printed case. Attorneys must file both paper and electronic copies of briefs and printed cases. You can send these documents in PDF format to If you are representing yourself, you must file the paper copies and must also either send an electronic copy or an unbound copy of your brief and printed case.

In some cases you must file more than one copy of your document. You should make sure to file the required number, as shown in the table below.

Number of Copies You Must File

DocumentNumber of CopiesApplicable Rule
Briefs8V.R.A.P. 31(b)
Briefs (in forma pauperis parties)6V.R.A.P. 31(b)
Printed case8V.R.A.P. 30(a)(3)
Motions and responses to motions2V.R.A.P. 27(d)
Docketing statement1V.R.A.P. 3(e)
Stipulation1V.R.A.P. 26(d)