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Legal Community

Board of Bar Examiners

Supreme Court Building


Board of Bar Examiners Forms

4 Year Law Office Study Forms

Bar Exam Results

§ 9 Application and FeesCostChecks Payable to
Administrative Fee for Filed Petition Withdrawn Pursuant to § 9(d)50.00Board of Bar Examiners
Filing a Petition for Admission Motion Without Examination600.00Board of Bar Examiners
Filing of Petition for Admission by Examination240.00Board of Bar Examiners
Filing of Petition for Admission by Examination After Filing Date Established in § 9(a)(2)290.00Board of Bar Examiners
First Time Registration of Three Month Clerkship25.00Board of Bar Examiners
Registration of Law Office Study Pursuant to § 6(g)(1) or § 6(j)200.00Board of Bar Examiners


Contact Information: 

111 State Street, Suite 9B
Montpelier, VT 05609-0701
Phone: 802-828-3281
Fax: 802-828-6550

Patricia Gabel, Court Administrator

Bar Examiners
Bridget Asay, Chair
Keith Kasper, Esq., Vice-Chair
Todd J.W. Daloz, Esq.
Patricia Killigrew, Esq.
Joshua Lobe, Esq.
Michael Marks, Esq.
Andrew Stein
Sophie Zdatny, Esq.

Character and Fitness Committee
Hon. Thomas Durkin, Chair
Martha O'Connor, Vice Chair
Herbert Downing, Esq.
David Tartter, Esq.
Neal Rodar

Associate Bar Examiners
Joshua S. O'Hara, Esq.
Eric Knudsen, Esq.
Sam Abel-Palmer, Esq.
Erin Gallivan, Esq.
Joslyn L. Wilschek, Esq.
Patricia Turley, Esq.
Brian Martin, Esq.