Case Name Entry Order Date of Decision Trial Judge
  2020-083 3/5/2021 Thomas A. Zonay
  2020-146 3/5/2021 Michael J. Harris
  2020-158 3/5/2021

Thomas Z. Zonay,

David R. Fenster

  2020-202 3/5/2021 N/A
  2020-230 3/5/2021 Timothy B. Tomasi
  2020-235 3/5/2021 Cortland Corsones
  2020-282 3/5/2021 Barry D. Peterson
  2020-284 3/5/2021 Scot L. Kline
  2020-288 3/5/2021 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  2020-318 3/5/2021 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  2021-027 2/22/2021 Howard E. Van Benthuysen




Helen M. Toor,

Robert A. Mello

  2020-113 2/4/2021 Timothy B. Tomasi
  2020-203 2/4/2021 Helen M. Toor 
  2020-259 2/4/2021 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  2021-016 2/4/2021 A. Gregory Rainville
  2021-001  1/28/2021 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.
  2021-018 1/28/2021 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  2021-008 1/26/2021 Elizabeth D. Mann
  2020-320 1/12/2021 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  2020-014 1/8/2021 Karl C. Anderson
  2020-073 1/8/2021 Thomas A. Zonay
  2020-160 1/8/2021 John R. Treadwell
  2020-171 1/8/2021 Michael R. Kainen
  2020-185 1/8/2021 Thomas Carlson
  2020-187 1/8/2021 Robert A. Mello
  2020-221 1/8/2021 Michael R. Kainen  
  2020-233 1/8/2021 Mary Miles Teachout
  2020-237 1/8/2021 Alison S. Arms
  2020-243 1/8/2021 Robert A. Mello
  2020-251 1/8/2021 Alison S. Arms
  2020-316 1/4/2021 Kirstin K. Schoonover
Case Name Entry Order Date of Decision Trial Judge
  12/23/2020 David R. Fenster
  12/18/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  12/04/2020 Robert A. Mello

Robert P. Gerety, Jr.

  12/4/2020 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
  12/4/2020 Kirstin K. Schoonover
  12/4/2020 N/A
  12/4/2020 Helen M. Toor
  12/4/2020 Robert A. Mello

John R. Treadwell,

Katherine A. Hayes

  12/4/2020 David A. Barra
  11/12/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  11/6/2020 Timothy B. Tomasi
  11/6/2020 Alison S. Arms

Michael R. Kainen


Thomas Z. Zonay

  11/6/2020 N/A
  11/6/2020 N/A

Howard E. Van Benthuysen

  11/6/2020 Kerry A. McDonald-Cady
  11/5/2020 N/A
  10/9/2020 William D. Cohen
  10/9/2020 John R. Treadwell
  10/9/2020 Thomas Carlson
  10/9/2020 Thomas S. Durkin
  10/9/2020 Mary Miles Teachout
  10/9/2020 N/A
  10/9/2020 Helen M. Toor
  9/4/2020 Robert R. Bent
  9/4/2020 Timothy B. Tomasi
  9/4/2020 Helen M. Toor
  9/4/2020 Mary Miles Teachout


  9/4/2020 Robert A. Mello

Gregory J. Glennon,

Specially Assigned

  9/4/2020 Helen M. Toor
  9/4/2020 Thomas Carlson
  9/4/2020 Thomas J. Devine
  8/14/2020 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.
  8/14/2020 Mary L. Morrissey
  8/14/2020 Katherine A. Hayes

Howard E. Van Benthuysen

  8/14/2020 Helen M. Toor
  8/14/2020 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.
  8/14/2020 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.

Nancy J. Waples

  8/14/2020 Mary Miles Teachout
  7/31/2020 Thomas Carlson
  7/14/2020 Alison S. Arms
  7/14/2020 William D. Cohen
  7/14/2020 William D. Cohen
  7/14/2020 Timothy B. Tomasi
  7/14/2020 David A. Barra
  7/14/2020 Helen M. Toor
  7/14/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen

Robert R. Bent,

Mary Miles Teachout

  7/14/2020 Kirstin K. Schoonover
  7/14/2020 Mary Miles Teachout

Barry D. Peterson,

Specially Assigned

  7/14/2020 Megan J. Shafritz

Kirstin K. Schoonover

  7/10/2020 A. Gregory Rainville
  7/07/2020 A. Gregory Rainville
  6/5/2020 John R. Treadwell
  6/5/2020 Thomas Carlson
  6/5/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  6/5/2020 Helen M. Toor
  6/5/2020 David A. Barra
  6/5/2020 Megan J. Shafritz


  6/5/2020 Thomas Carlson  
  6/5/2020 Megan J. Shafritz
  6/5/2020 Thomas Carlson
  6/5/2020 Alison S. Arms
  6/5/2020 Michael R. Kainen
  6/5/2020 Robert A. Mello
  6/5/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  6/5/2020 Robert R. Bent
  6/5/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  6/5/2020 Kirstin K. Schoonover
  5/1/2020 A. Gregory Rainville
  5/1/2020 Robert R. Bent
  5/1/2020 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
  5/1/2020 Helen M. Toor
  5/1/2020 Robert A. Mello
  5/1/2020 David R. Fenster
  5/1/2020 Alison S. Arms
  5/1/2020 N/A
  5/1/2020 Amy M. Davenport (Ret.)
  5/1/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  5/1/2020 Katherine A. Hayes
  5/1/2020 Michael R. Kainen
  4/30/2020 N/A
  4/22/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  4/3/2020 Robert R. Bent

Megan J. Shafritz,

Howard A. Kalfus, Specially Assigned

  4/3/2020 Helen M. Toor
  4/3/2020 Mary Miles Teachout
  4/3/2020 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.
  4/3/2020 John R. Treadwell
  4/3/2020 John R. Treadwell
  4/3/2020 A. Gregory Rainville
  4/3/2020 Alison S. Arms
(2019-062; 2019-140)
  3/20/2020 A. Gregory Rainville
  3/20/2020 Helen M. Toor
  3/20/2020 Thomas A. Zonay
  3/20/2020 David A. Barra; William D. Cohen
  3/20/2020 Helen M. Toor
  3/20/2020 Thomas A. Zonay

Helen M. Toor; Mary Miles Teachout

  3/20/2020 Mary L. Morrissey
  3/20/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
  3/20/2020 Mary Miles Teachout
  3/20/2020 Kirstin K. Schoonover
  3/17/2020 John R. Treadwell

Thomas A. Zonay,

Michael S. Kupersmith (Ret.)

  2/7/2020 William D. Cohen
  2/7/2020 Kirstin K. Schoonover
  2/7/2020 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
  2/7/2020 Theresa S. DiMauro (Ret.)
  2/7/2020 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.
  2/7/2020 David A. Barra
  2/7/2020 Timothy B. Tomasi
  2/7/2020 Thomas J. Devine
  1/28/2020 Thomas A. Zonay
  1/17/2020 N/A
  1/6/2020 Megan J. Shafritz
  1/6/2020 Katherine A. Hayes
  1/6/2020 Megan J. Shafritz
  1/6/2020 Mary Miles Teachout
  1/6/2020 Mary Miles Teachout
  1/6/2020 David R. Fenster
  1/6/2020 John L. Pacht
  1/6/2020 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
Case Name Entry Order Date of Decision Trial Judge
2018-220 12/2/2019 Michael J. Harris, Samuel Hoar, Jr.
2018-316 12/2/2019 Martin A. Maley
2018-357 12/2/2019 Martin A. Maley
2018-364 12/2/2019 Timothy B. Tomasi
2018-395 12/2/2019 Martin A. Maley
2019-033 12/2/2019 Michael S. Kupersmith (Ret.), Specially Assigned
2019-080 12/2/2019 Cortland Corsones
2019-118 12/2/2019 N/A
2019-155 12/2/2019 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.
2019-171 12/2/2019 Helen M. Toor
2019-181 12/2/2019 Thomas Carlson
2019-187 12/2/2019 N/A
2019-267 12/2/2019 Nancy J. Waples
2018-053 11/14/2019 N/A
2018-385 11/14/2019 Thomas S. Durkin
2019-028 11/14/2019 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
2019-074 11/14/2019 David A. Barra
2019-107 11/14/2019 Robert A. Mello
2019-114 11/14/2019 David A. Barra
2019-153 11/14/2019 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.
2019-156 11/14/2019 John L. Pacht
2019-174 11/14/2019 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
2019-189 11/14/2019 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
2019-204 11/14/2019 John L. Pacht
2019-214 11/14/2019 John P. Wesley (Ret.), Specially Assigned
2019-220 11/14/2019 John R. Treadwell
2019-223 11/14/2019 Mary Miles Teachout
2019-225 11/14/2019 Thomas Carlson
2019-251 11/14/2019 Kirstin K. Schoonover
2019-258 11/14/2019 Howard A. Kalfus, Specially Assigned
2018-245 10/4/2019 Thomas A. Zonay
(2018-331, 2018-337, 2019-052)
2018-331 10/4/2019 A. Gregory Rainville (2018-331/2019-052) & Thomas Carlson (2018-337)
2018-336 10/4/2019 David R. Fenster
2019-059 10/4/2019 William D. Cohen
2019-066 10/4/2019 N/A
2019-084 10/4/2019 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
2019-088 10/4/2019 Katherine A. Hayes
2019-112 10/4/2019 Thomas S. Durkin
2019-126 10/4/2019 Mary Miles Teachout
2019-147 10/4/2019 Michael R. Kainen
2019-170 10/4/2019 Katherine A. Hayes
2019-176 10/4/2019 John L. Pacht
2019-177 10/4/2019 Martin A. Maley
2019-195 10/4/2019 Elizabeth D. Mann
2019-217 10/4/2019 John L. Pacht
2019-224 10/4/2019

Howard A. Kalfus,                           

Acting Superior Judge

2019-308 9/18/2019 A. Gregory Rainville
2018-302 8/7/2019 Robert R. Bent
2018-380 8/7/2019 Robert R. Bent
2018-381 8/7/2019 Robert A. Mello
2018-388 8/7/2019 Michael R. Kainen
2019-012 8/7/2019 A. Gregory Rainville
2019-031 8/7/2019 Barry D. Peterson, Acting Superior Judge
2019-079 8/7/2019 Alison S. Arms
2019-081 8/7/2019 John W. Valente
2019-102 8/7/2019 Alison S. Arms, Kirstin K. Schoonover, Thomas J. Devine
2019-117 8/7/2019 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
2019-133 8/7/2019 Cortland Corsones
2018-187 7/12/2019 Martin A. Maley
2018-238 7/12/2019 Helen M. Toor
2018-254 7/12/2019 Michael J. Harris
2018-349 7/12/2019 N/A
2018-353 7/12/2019 N/A
2018-360 7/12/2019 Michael R. Kainen
2018-382 7/12/2019 Megan J. Shafritz
2019-026 7/12/2019 Helen M. Toor
2019-041 7/12/2019 Nancy J. Waples
2019-042 7/12/2019 N/A
2019-050 7/12/2019 Thomas S. Durkin
2019-060 7/12/2019 N/A
2019-065 7/12/2019 Michael R. Kainen
2019-067 7/12/2019 Martin A. Maley
2019-109 7/12/2019 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
2019-113 7/12/2019 John L. Pacht
2018-234 6/3/2019 William D. Cohen
2018-248 6/3/2019 Timothy B. Tomasi
2018-301 6/3/2019 Michael J. Harris
2018-329 6/3/2019 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
2018-379 6/3/2019 David A. Barra
2018-396 6/3/2019 Katherine A. Hayes
2019-013 6/3/2019 Katherine A. Hayes
2019-038 6/3/2019 Katherine A. Hayes
2019-043 6/3/2019 Alison S. Arms
2019-046 6/3/2019 Elizabeth D. Mann
2019-053 6/3/2019 Cortland Corsones
2019-058 6/3/2019 Thomas J. Devine
2018-129 5/6/2019

John L. Pacht,

Howard E. Van Benthuysen

2018-195 5/6/2019 Helen M. Toor
2018-313 5/6/2019 Robert  A. Mello
2018-322 5/6/2019 A. Gregory Rainville
2019-017 5/6/2019 Thomas Carlson
State v. Miles E. Hoisington 2018-116 4/23/2019 Kevin W. Griffin
State v. Raymond Ritchie 2018-166 4/5/2019 Samuel Hoar, Jr.,                   Helen M. Toor
State v. Dennis Wright Emerson 2018-185 4/5/2019 Michael R. Kainen
Nicola Weaver v. David Weaver 2018-192 4/5/2019 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
State v. Ryan McCullough 2018-196 4/5/2019 Michael S. Kupersmith (Ret.)
In re Grievance of John Summa 2018-222 4/5/2019 N/A
Nicola Weaver v. David Weaver 2018-243 4/5/2019 Helen M. Toor
State v. Shane T. Goodrich 2018-267 4/5/2019 Cortland Corsones
James Geddes & Annie Geddes v. Town of Bolton Board of Civil Authority 2018-370 4/5/2019 Mary Miles Teachout
Caroline S. Lee v. Mark Ogilbee 2018-384 4/5/2019 Elizabeth D. Mann
State v. Douglas D. Potter 2017-366, 2019-076 3/21/2019 Nancy J. Waples
State v. Andrew R. Baird, IV 2018-017 3/8/2019 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
State v. Shawn Adam Collette 2018-039 3/8/2019 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
State v. William E. Nelson 2018-119 3/8/2019 Kevin W. Griffin
Samantha A. Loch v. Brett Loch 2018-184 3/8/2019 Katherine A. Hayes
State v. Shann M. Senese 2018-188 3/8/2019 David A. Howard
David Pariser-Gollon v. Melinda Pariser-Schmidt 2018-259 3/8/2019 Kirstin K. Schoonover
Aimee Raine v. David W. Cameron 2018-281 3/8/2019 Martin A. Maley
Paul Bremel v. Burr & Burton Seminary aka Burr & Burton Academy 2018-312 3/8/2019 David A. Barra
In re Gary R. Perkins 2018-325 3/8/2019 Robert R. Bent
Julie M. Allen v. Joshua Clayton 2018-343 3/8/2019 Barry D. Peterson, Acting Superior Judge
In re S.D., Juvenile 2018-373 3/8/2019 Michael S. Kupersmith (Ret.)
State v. Blake Pierce 2019-032 2/13/2019 John P. Wesley
State v. Randy A. West 2018-049 2/1/2019 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
State of Vermont v. Kyle Evans 2018-069 2/1/2019 Dennis R. Pearson
April D. Garrett v. Stepan O. Makukhov 2018-134 2/1/2019 Brian K. Valentine, Acting Superior Judge
In re Brian Shannon 2018-144 2/1/2019 Thomas J. Devine
State v. Michael S. Thomas 2018-221 2/1/2019 David A. Howard
2751 North Miami Avenue, LLC v. Chad Jaques & Trevor Jaques 2018-255 2/1/2019 Dennis R. Pearson
In re Jamie Bonnar Bright 2018-272 2/1/2019

Robert A. Mello,

Gregory J. Glennon

Troy Reynolds v. Meghan Forant 2018-279 2/1/2019 Barry D. Peterson
State v. Darren A. Defoe 2018-283 2/1/2019 Martin A. Maley
In re R.D.C., Juvenile 2018-292 2/1/2019 Alison S. Arms
In re J.S., Juvenile 2018-293 2/1/2019 Alison S. Arms
Brianne Gallagher v. Denel McIntire 2018-306 2/1/2019 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.
In re E.C. & B.C., Juveniles 2018-324 2/1/2019 Kirstin K. Schoonover
In re A.R., Juvenile 2018-338 2/1/2019

Mary L. Morrissey,

Thomas Carlson

State v. Evan Hart 2019-027 1/24/2019 Thomas A. Zonay
State v. Clayton Turner 2019-008 1/23/2019 John R. Treadwell
Case Name Entry Order Date of Decision Trial Judge
State v. Glenn H. Delpha, Sr. 2017-445 12/21/2018 Thomas A. Zonay
State v. Dakota Moretti 2018-099 12/21/2018 David A. Howard
Christian Cornelius v. North Country Health Systems, Inc. & North Country Hospital & Health Center 2018-143 12/21/2018 Robert R. Bent
Danielle Vardakas v. Scott Ducko 2018-159 12/21/2018 Kirstin K. Schoonover
Barbara Lalancette v. Richard Lalancette 2018-231 12/21/2018 Cortland Corsones
In re Brian Rock 2018-391 12/21/2018 N/A
In re Errol Tabacco, Esq. 2018-367 12/20/2018 N/A
In re PRB Docket No. 2017-029 2018-361 12/14/2018 N/A
In re Phyllis McCoy-Jacien, Esq. 2018-075 12/11/2018 N/A
State v. Eric G. Nagel 2018-354 12/11/2018 N/A
State v. Deipo D. Lewin 2018-376 12/11/2018 Nancy Waples /             David Fenster
In re Phyllis McCoy-Jacien, Esq. 2018-075 12/10/2018 N/A
State v. Kandeh Kebbie 2018-064 11/21/2018 Thomas A. Zonay
Robert E. Snelgrove v. Herman LeBlanc et al. 2018-104 11/21/2018 A. Gregory Rainville
Breanna Girard v. Daniel Brochu 2018-170 11/21/2018 Howard A. Kalfus, Acting Superior Judge, Specially Assigned
Town of Colchester v. Robert Andres 2018-219 11/21/2018 Thomas S. Durkin
In re L.D., Juvenile 2018-268 11/21/2018 Howard A. Kalfus, Acting Superior Judge, Specially Assigned
State v. Robert Bloom 2018-359 11/21/2018 William D. Cohen
Kneebinding, Inc. v. Richard Howell 2018-203 11/9/2018 Alden T. Bryan (Ret.), Specially Assigned
State v. Douglas Parker 2018-352 11/9/2018 Thomas A. Zonay
In re Randy M. Webster 2017-198 11/2/2018 Helen M. Toor
In re John A. Haskins 2017-354 11/2/2018 John W. Valente
In re Cody L. Morrill 2017-356 11/2/2018 Helen M. Toor
State v. John Kipp 2018-024, 2018-070 11/2/2018 A. Gregory Rainville
State v. John D. Justice 2018-034 11/2/2018 A. Gregory Rainville
State v. Eric McGuire 2018-098 11/2/2018 David A. Howard
Stephen J. Craddock Trustee v. Birger Heffermehl, Sr. et al. 2018-126 11/2/2018 Michael J. Harris
David Buckley, Administrator c.t.a. of the Estate of John J. Fanelli v. Stetson Enterprises, Inc. 2018-142 11/2/2018 Michael R. Kainen
David Palumbo v. Thomas L. Merritt, Elizabeth W. Merritt, Randall B. Haskell, Rebecca A. Haskell 2018-150 11/2/2018 Robert P. Gerety, Jr.
In re M.P., Juvenile 2018-163 11/2/2018 Michael J. Harris
Jeffrey Michael Brandt v. Lisa Menard & Corrections Corporation of America 2018-173 11/2/2018 Mary Miles Teachout
In re M.W. & W.P., Juveniles 2018-178 11/2/2018 Howard A. Kalfus
In re A.B., Juvenile 2018-194 11/2/2018 David Fenster
In re V.B. & A.B., Juveniles 2018-217 11/2/2018 Martin A. Maley
In re B.C., Juvenile 2018-218 11/2/2018 Mary L. Morrissey
In re M.M. & J.M., Juveniles 2018-228 11/2/2018 Katherine A. Hayes
In re L.S., Juvenile 2018-172 10/31/2018 Elizabeth D. Mann
In re Phyllis McCoy-Jacien, Esq. 2018-075 10/18/2018 N/A
State v. John Washek 2018-009 10/3/2018 A. Gregory Rainville, Martin A. Maley
In re A.C. / In re Guardianship of A.C. 2018-308, 2018-309 10/3/2018 Mary Miles Teachout
Joie Morris v. Zachary Morris 2018-122 9/28/2018 Elizabeth D. Mann
 In re Robert Boule 2018-124 9/28/2018 Michael J. Harris
In re Frank Fellows 2018-130 9/28/2018 Thomas A. Zonay
In re J.W., Juvenile 2018-137 9/28/2018 Mary L. Morrissey  
In re M.S., Juvenile 2018-145 9/28/2018 John W. Valente
Albert J. Gionet v. Rutland Regional Medical Center and Dr. John Louras 2018-176 9/28/2018 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
In re S.L., Juvenile 2018-186 9/28/2018 Nancy J. Waples
State v. Steven A. Sweet 2018-295 9/27/2018 John W. Valente
In re Phyllis McCoy-Jacien, Esq. 2018-075 9/12/2018 N/A
State v. Sheldon G. Rheaume 2018-269 8/15/2018 David Fenster
Kirk Wool v. Andrew Pallito et al. 2017-363 8/6/2018 Mary Miles Teachout
State v. Jacob Banis 2017-373 8/6/2018 Michael R. Kainen
In re E.F. & O.F., Juveniles 2018-036 8/6/2018 Alison S. Arms
State v. Francis G. Fielder 2018-038 8/6/2018 Cortland Corsones
Charles Leamy v. Denise M. Leamy 2018-047 8/6/2018 Howard E. Van Benthuysen
In re T.M. & A.M., Juveniles 2018-073 8/6/2018 Thomas J. Devine
In re G.L.C., Juvenile 2018-091 8/6/2018 John W. Valente, David A. Howard
In re I.A., Juvenile 2018-113 8/6/2018 Mary L. Morrissey
State v. Joseph R. Casey 2017-237 7/16/2018 Dennis R. Pearson
In re Guardianship of A.S. 2017-256 7/16/2018 Samuel Hoar, Jr., Cortland Corsones
In re Victor G. Hall 2017-260 7/16/2018 Robert A. Mello
Mary Feeny v. Gregory Spear & Mitzi Spear 2017-423 7/16/2018 Thomas Z. Carlson
Mollie Gray v. Elliot Gray 2017-441 7/16/2018 Kirstin K. Schoonover
Jim Sheldon d/b/a Jim Sheldon Excavating & Concrete v. Donald S. Schwarzkopf & Margaret Schwarzkopf 2018-019 7/16/2018 Helen M. Toor
In re C.G., Juvenile 2018-037 7/16/2018 Thomas J. Devine
In re 109-111 Shelburne St./97 Locust St. Conditional Use (Margaret Murray, Appellant) 2018-046 7/16/2018 Thomas S. Durkin
In re C.S., Juvenile 2018-062 7/16/2018 Alison S. Arms
In re D.M., Juvenile 2018-077 7/16/2018 Kirstin K. Schoonover
In re K.B., Juvenile 2018-081 7/16/2018 Elizabeth D. Mann
In re H.D., Juvenile 2018-083 7/16/2018 M. Kathleen Manley (Ret.)
In re J.F., Juvenile 2018-107 7/16/2018 Helen M. Toor
In re Rusty Brooks 2017-253 6/15/2018 John W. Valente
State v. Andrew J. Benson 2017-275 6/15/2018 Michael J. Harris
State v. Henry K. Foster 2017-327 6/15/2018 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
Nga Willey v. Jesse Willey 2017-382 6/15/2018 Michael R. Kainen
Nancy Kotsull v. Raymond E. Knutsen and Raymond E. Knutsen, PC 2017-385 6/15/2018 Helen M. Toor
State v. Louis M. Cacopardo 2017-392 6/15/2018 M. Kathleen Manley
State v. Edward Carrasquillo 2017-401 6/15/2018 Dennis R. Pearson
Jennifer Eccles v. Jason Eccles 2018-028 6/15/2018 John L. Pacht
In re A.D., Juvenile 2018-078 6/15/2018 Kevin W. Griffin
In re B.W., Juvenile 2018-084 6/15/2018 Howard A. Kalfus
State v. Walter Taylor III 2018-191 6/12/2018 Michael R. Kainen
State v. Raymond Bilodeau 2018-141 5/14/2018 Thomas A. Zonay
Leslye W. Kenney v. Lawrence Kenney 2017-233 5/7/2018 Mary L. Morrissey
In re Paul Bryan Thibodeau O'Connor 2017-169 5/4/2018 Michael R. Kainen
Brian K. Bannister v. David Graves 2017-380 5/4/2018 A. Gregory Rainville
Nicola Weaver v. David Weaver 2017-414 5/4/2018 Samuel Hoar, Jr.
Michael Deuso v. Department of Labor (Shelburne Limestone Corporation, Employer) 2017-425 5/4/2018 N/A
Nicholas Jones v. Gretchen Stern 2017-448 5/4/2018 Thomas A. Zonay
In re R.B., Juvenile 2018-015 5/4/2018 Kirstin K. Schoonover
In re A.W., Juvenile 2018-043 5/4/2018 Katherine A. Hayes
State v. Zachariah A. McAllister 2018-117 4/12/2018 Michael R. Kainen 
In re M.K. 2017-173 4/6/2018 John P. Wesley (Ret.)
State v. Dennis Dundas 2017-230 4/6/2018 Theresa S. DiMauro
State v. Kimberly Love 2017-316 4/6/2018 A. Gregory Rainville
State v. Jason P. Morse 2017-335 4/6/2018 William D. Cohen
Scott B. Naylor, et al. v. Michael Wood / Colleen Sylvester v. Michael Wood 2017-350 4/6/2018 Timothy B. Tomasi
Stevens Law Office v. Clifford C. Heyer, Michael Lane, Union Bank, Lyndall Heyer 2017-400 4/6/2018 Thomas Carlson
In re Charles Trowell 2017-405 4/6/2018 Michael R. Kainen
In re S.H. & T.H., Juveniles 2017-430 4/6/2018 Robert R. Bent

Cheyanne Pugliese v. Department of Labor (Fire Tower, LLC)



Stephen Taran v. Heather Holcomb 2017-308 3/2/2018  
Joshua Tuck v. Amanda Tuck 2017-322 3/2/2018  
Vera P. Mikhailova v. Andrei V. Babyuk 2017-325 3/2/2018  
Penny Sheehan v. Thomas Sheehan 2017-359 3/2/2018  
In re K.C. & J.R., Juveniles 2017-370 3/2/2018  
Marjorie Johnston v. City of Rutland 2017-047 2/2/2018  
Marthanne G. Carver v. Marcel A. Dionne 2017-139 2/2/2018  
State v. Alan R. Osgood, Jr. 2017-214 2/2/2018  
Leander A. Decato v. Jean A. Decato 2017-244 2/2/2018  
Claude Ammons, Jr. v. MVM, Inc., Martin Novia & Michael Rand 2017-245 2/2/2018  
David & Peggy Howrigan v. Ronald & Lynn Paradis 2017-286 2/2/2018  
In re A.L., Juvenile 2017-319 2/2/2018  
Mirela Pasic v. University of Vermont Medical Center 2017-332 2/2/2018  
Henry B. Shipman v. Town of Plymouth 2017-351 2/2/2018  
State v. Russell Hulst 2018-010 1/18/2018  
Joseph L. Bruyette v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner 2017-105 1/8/2018  
State v. Claude Harrington 2017-116 1/8/2018  
In re Jason Naylor 2017-145 1/8/2018  
Honie M. Glabach v. Christopher Glabach 2017-210 1/8/2018  
Mark A. Dilley v. Molly Rafferty 2017-211 1/8/2018  
In re C.W., Juvenile 2017-221 1/8/2018  
Michael Bandler, MB & Co, Ltd a/k/a Michael Bandler & Company v. Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer, LLP 2017-222 1/8/2018  
Christian Noll v. Department of Labor (Junior's Pizza Inc., Employer) 2017-232 1/8/2018  
Robert W. Boule v. Lisa Menard, Commissioner 2017-242 1/8/2018  

Fabio Piccoletti V. Germano Fogale & Industrial Space Realty LLC / Frederico Fogale v. Industrial Space Realty LLC & Vermont Milk Caramel LLC

2017-251 1/8/2018  
In re J.G., Juvenile 2017-252 1/8/2018  
In re P.K. 2017-272 1/8/2018  
Sandy Gordon Rounds v. Malletts Bay Club, Inc. & James McGarry 2017-290 1/8/2018  
In re D.S., Juvenile 2017-293 1/8/2018  
In re A.H. & K.H., Juveniles 2017-295 1/8/2018  
In re A.K. & D.T., Juveniles 2017-318 1/8/2018  
State v. Jennifer Cote 2018-001 1/2/2018  
Brian D. Littlefield v. Jennifer (Moody) Littlefield 2017-168 12/5/2017  
State v. Dylan Lawrence 2017-034 12/1/2017  
State v. David Lauderbach 2017-067 12/1/2017  
State v. Laurie McKee 2017-097 12/1/2017  
Robert W. Boule v. Lisa Menard, Commissioner & Centurion 2017-128 12/1/2017  
Cathy L. Russell v. Joshua P. Lemieux 2017-161 12/1/2017  
Gordon Bock v. William S. Smith & Northfield News Publishing, LLC 2017-176 12/1/2017  
Joann Blaney (Bergeron) v. John T. Blaney 2017-202 12/1/2017  
Saint Mary's Press v. Joseph Roche 2017-231 12/1/2017  
In re X.B. and A.B., Juveniles 2017-247 12/1/2017  
Irene F. Kim v. John G. Kim 2017-249 12/1/2017  
In re Application of Gaines Farm Community Solar, LLC 2017-263 12/1/2017  
In re K.T., Juvenile 2017-265 12/1/2017  
In re A.S. and D.N., Juveniles 2017-266 12/1/2017  
In re C.N., Juvenile 2017-296 12/1/2017  
In re R.D.C., Juvenile 2017-323 12/1/2017  
State v. David Hodges 2017-404 11/22/2017  
State v. Brian K. LeClair 2017-357 11/17/2017  
Michael Rinaldo v. Shaftsbury All Season Self Storage 2016-436 10/27/2017  
Jordan L. Many Fox King v. Eric C. King 2016-437 10/27/2017  
In re Z.L., Juvenile 2017-059 10/27/2017  
In re Petition of Pequot Energy Development LLC 2017-109 10/27/2017  
In re Fuad Ndibalema/SNF Fresh Start, LLC 2017-125 10/27/2017  

Wanda Abbey and Marc Abbey, Sr. v. Casey Smith and Jessica Smith

2017-148 10/27/2017  
Douglas Cavett v. Thomas Donovan 2017-167 10/27/2017  
Grace Jones v. Department of Labor (Mack Molding Company, Inc., Employer) 2017-182 10/27/2017  
Gary Francis v. Department of Labor (J & L Snack Shop Enterprises, Employer) 2017-183 10/27/2017  
In re Mitchell Bowen 2017-191 10/27/2017  
Carol Ann Patenaude v. Eugene Ladd 2017-199 10/27/2017  
In re R.R. and K.H., Juveniles 2017-241 10/27/2017  
In re A.T., Juvenile 2017-268 10/27/2017  
Lynn Pelkey-Mahler v. Kenneth A. Mahler 2017-124 10/10/2017  
State v. Ashley Geoffroy 2017-021 10/5/2017  
Jeffrey and Kristen Trudeau v. Eric Vitali, Jeremy Peters and State of Vermont 2017-078 10/5/2017  
State v. Van V. Thomas 2017-317 10/4/2017  
William Engels v. Richard A. Lane M.D., P.C. 2017-005 10/2/2017  
Johnny Aldermann v. Rhonda S. Camley, Stanley Howard Machia II and Breanne Earlene Machia 2017-045 10/2/2017  
State v. Nicole VanGuilder 2017-054 10/2/2017  
BAI Rutland, LLC v. Copper Bottom Entertainment Group, LLC and Kent Liker 2017-085 10/2/2017  
Walter Zorn and Arthur B. Zorn v. Robert Zorn 2017-086 10/2/2017  
Misty Foster v. Chad Eddy 2017-096 10/2/2017  
In re C.D., Juvenile 2017-119 10/2/2017  
In re A.B., C.L., C.L. and L.L., Juveniles 2017-120 10/2/2017  
State v. Joseph A. Beaton 2017-155 10/2/2017  
In re Z.R. and J.R., Juveniles 2017-179 10/2/2017  
In re K.H., Juvenile 2017-197 10/2/2017  
In re J.H. and K.H., Juveniles 2017-200 10/2/2017  
State v. Dylan Boulet 2017-298 9/29/2017  
State v. Glenn Boule 2016-356 8/21/2017  
Cheryl Pelton v. Gary Pelton 2017-040 8/21/2017  
Sarah Parrott v. Michael Gaylord 2017-041 8/21/2017  
In re M.H. and K.H., Juveniles 2017-070 8/21/2017  
In re Thomas Gauthier 2017-074 8/21/2017  
All Seasons Excavating, Inc. v. Town of Colchester and Colchester Fire District #2 2017-093 8/21/2017  
In re Q.B., Juvenile 2017-106 8/21/2017  
In re C.D., Juvenile 2017-175 8/21/2017  
In re J.R., Juvenile 2017-178 8/21/2017  
State v. Van V. Thomas 2017-226 8/1/2017  
In re A.M., Juvenile 2017-163 7/24/2017  
In re H.P., Juvenile 2017-138 7/24/2017  
In re A.M. and O.M., Juveniles 2017-087 7/24/2017  
Yorkmont Auctions, Inc. v. Department of Labor (Mark Rogers) 2017-043 7/24/2017  
Sara Benoure v. Brad Benoure 2017-036 7/24/2017  
Royce A. Dendler v. Olga B. Dendler 2017-008 7/24/2017  
Nathan Dunavin v. Lisa Menard, Commissioner 2016-370 7/24/2017  
State v. Jennifer Ploof 2016-218 7/24/2017  
Sidmond C. Williams & Barbara B. Williams v. Town of North Hero 2017-216 7/17/2017  
State v. Kenneth Atwood 2016-203 6/26/2017  
John Moyers v. Sheun Lai Poon & Brenda Lee Poon 2016-432 6/26/2017  
In re Michael Lee NOV Town of New Haven v. Michael Lee 2017-004 6/26/2017  
Jeffrey Michael Brandt v. Lisa Menard, Commissioner, David Turner and Dominic Damato 2017-017 6/26/2017  
In re John Robert Large 2017-042 6/26/2017  
Katherine Roberts v. Mark Roberts 2017-061 6/26/2017  
In re A.D., Juvenile 2017-066 6/26/2017  
In re S.S., N.S., S.P. and Z.A., Juveniles 2017-081 6/26/2017  
Eric Resnick v. Susan Resnick 2017-149 06/12/2017  
State v. Theodore Farnham 2017-137 05/31/2017  
In re O.K., Juvenile 2017-073 05/30/2017  
In re A.M., Juvenile 2017-027 05/30/2017  
State v. Timothy D. Wiley 2017-025 05/30/2017  
In re G.B., Juvenile 2017-012 05/30/2017  
Fatu Kankolongo v. Fuad Ndibalema 2017-010 05/30/2017  
Gail Manning v. Department of Labor (TLC Nursing Associates, LLC) 2017-009 05/30/2017  
Ashley Bennett v. Lex Berezhny 2016-433 05/30/2017  
In re Z.L., Juvenile 2016-405 05/30/2017  
Sherry Snyder v. Timothy Snyder 2016-404 05/30/2017  
John H. Moulton and Christina M. Myers v. Barbara Ernst, Barbara Supeno, Rodney Haggart and Mary L. Haggart 2016-388 05/30/2017  
William J. McDonald, D.M.D. v. Office of Professional Regulation 2016-352 05/30/2017  
Kevin Barrup v. Tammy Barrup 2016-341 05/30/2017  
In re William Nichols, Jr. 2016-320 05/30/2017  
State v. Douglas S. Cavett 2016-243 05/30/2017  
State v. Peggy L. Shores 2017-108 5/4/2017  
In re A.K., Juvenile eo17-019 4/24/2017  
In re M.J., M.J. and M.J., Juveniles eo17-011 4/24/2017  
In re B.G., Juvenile eo17-001 4/24/2017  
In re W.S. and J.S., Juveniles eo16-435 4/24/2017  
In re G.M., Juvenile eo16-431 4/24/2017  
In re M.S., M.K. and C.S., Juveniles eo16-429 4/24/2017  
In re N.C. and A.F., Juveniles eo16-425 4/24/2017  
John Lupien v. Graham Taylor, and Catalyst Design Ltd, d/b/a Catalyst Design and Vermont Screen Printing eo16-419 4/24/2017  
Debra Munson v. Department of Labor (LCB Personnel LLC t/a Residence at Shelburne Bay, Employer) eo16-411 4/24/2017  
Sarah (Whitaker) Kessler v. David Whitaker eo16-383 4/24/2017  
Alan and Judith Davis v. Margaret Maxwell and Town of Charleston eo16-381 4/24/2017  
Britini Trainer v. Darren Couture eo16-377 4/24/2017  
Daniel D. Sweet v. Heather Sweet eo16-374 4/24/2017  
Denise McCarty v. Michael McCarty eo16-348 4/24/2017  
State v. Paul J. Washburn eo16-325 4/24/2017  
State v. Roberto Miranda eo16-275 4/24/2017  
State v. Alexis David Rodriguez eo17-088.bail 4/6/2017  
State v. Garrett Cornelius eo17-055.bail 4/6/2017  
Lillian E. Billewicz v. Estate of John J. Fanelli eo17-028 3/28/2017  
In re K.G., Juvenile eo17-013 3/24/2017  
In re I.K. and J.K., Juveniles eo16-400 3/24/2017  
In re D.H. and A.H. Juveniles eo16-395 3/24/2017  
Lisa Mangini v. Richard Hardie eo16-375 3/24/2017  
In re Kirk Wool eo16-344 3/24/2017  
In re Appeal of Debra Waite eo16-329 3/24/2017  
Michael Bandler and Michael Bandler and Company, Inc. n/k/a MB & Co., Inc. v. Charter One Bank n/k/a Citizens Bank eo16-308 3/24/2017  
State v. George A. Murphy eo16-247 3/24/2017  
State v. Miles Otis Dow, Jr. eo16-232 3/24/2017  
State v. Jeffrey Giknis eo16-153 3/24/2017  
State v. James Parker, Jr. eo17-072.bail 3/20/2017  
In re A.L., D. L. and D.L., Juveniles eo16-362 2/9/2017  
In re C.R., Juvenile eo16-361 2/9/2017  
In re C.N. and D.N., Juveniles eo16-358 2/9/2017  
State v. Mark W. Pomerantz eo16-322 2/9/2017  
State v. Spencer Durham eo16-252 2/9/2017  
Robert Grundstein v. Miriam Levin and Greg Sargeant eo16-242 2/9/2017  
State v. Andrew Stevens eo16-219 2/9/2017  
Eric Gracie v. Department of Labor (George Wohlgemuth Landscape, Employer) eo16-211 2/9/2017  
Frederick E. Murray v. Kairie Murray eo16-193 2/9/2017  
Marcus Rawls v. Laluni Rawls eo16-147 2/9/2017  
The Bank of New York Mellon v. Marjorie Johnston and Kamberleigh Johnston eo16-143 2/9/2017  
State v. George A. Mannoia eo16-116 2/9/2017  
In re Douglas Cavett eo16-055  1/2017  
In re I.B., Juvenile eo16-330  1/2017  
In re M,T, and T.T., Juveniles eo16-318  1/2017  
In re Mary E. Hackett eo16-271  1/2017  
In re W.C., R.C., B.C. and B.C., Juveniles eo16-324  1/2017  
John Tansey v. Dept. of Labor (Mount Snow Ltd., Employer) eo16-171  1/2017  
Ronald W. Bryan, Jr. v. State eo16-267  1/2017  
State v. Matthew L. Fidler eo16-423.bail  1/2017  
Vera P. Mikhailova v. Andrei V. Babyuk eo16-272  1/2017  
In re A.H., Juvenile eo16-260  12/2016  
In re C.R., Juvenile eo16-245  12/2016  
In re Gordon Campbell eo16-054  12/2016  
In re John (Jack) Parda eo15-474  12/2016  
In re L.L., Juvenile eo16-191  12/2016  
In re Michael Carpenter eo15-325  12/2016  
In re S.D., D.D., M.D. and Z.D., Juveniles eo16-287  12/2016  
In re T.H. eo16-006  12/2016  
Louis Ray Gilbeau, Jr. v. Dept. of Corrections and Centurion Medical Services eo16-236  12/2016  
St. Ambroise Azagoh-Kouadio v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington eo16-266  12/2016  
State v. Brian Kendall eo16-179  12/2016  
State v. George Woods, Jr. eo16-333.bail  12/2016  
State v. Russell Goodell eo16-041  12/2016  
State v. Sarah M. Rabtoy eo16-403.bail  12/2016  
Thomas Schildkamp v. Feed Commodities International, LLC; Germain Bourdeau; Remi Bourdeau; James Bushey eo16-205  12/2016  
Donald Bishop v. Town of Springfield eo16-128  11/2016  
Donna Mannings v. Charles Mannings eo16-066  11/2016  
Douglas Cavett v. Andrew Pallito eo15-475  11/2016  
Douglas Cavett v. Andrew Pallito, et al. eo15-383  11/2016  
In re A.E., Juvenile eo16-217  11/2016  
In re Allen Rheaume eo16-220  11/2016  
In re C.H. and J.H., Juveniles eo16-184  11/2016  
In re K.C., Juvenile eo16-204  11/2016  
James Manning v. Andrew Pallito eo16-225  11/2016  
Joseph Clough v. Olga Arapina eo16-127  11/2016  
Katherine Roberts v. Mark Roberts eo16-154  11/2016  
State v. Tyler James Raymond eo16-187  11/2016  
Cynthia Day v. Department of Labor eo16-131  10/2016  
In re Appeal of D.G. eo16-058  10/2016  
In re Fuad Ndibalema SNF Freshstart, LLC d/b/a Samosaman Natural Foods eo16-049  10/2016  
In re H.P., Juvenile eo16-209.Amended  10/2016  
In re J.B. & J.B., Juveniles eo16-165  10/2016  
In re R.L., Juvenile eo16-188  10/2016  
In re Raymond G. Earle eo16-180  10/2016  
State v. Jeremy D. Ward eo16-048  10/2016  
William Newton v. Gregory Mack, Casey Mack, Jon Templeton, Larkin Realty eo16-156  10/2016  
Agency of Natural Resources v. Ken Davis d/b/a Davis Contracting Service eo16-101  9/2016  
Crystal Schipper v. Paul D. Sullivan eo16-037  9/2016  
David and Dorothy Maunsell v. Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co., Joshua B. Lobe, Esq. and Lobe, Fortin & Rees, PLC. eo16-100  9/2016  
Frank Fellows v. Andrew Pallito eo16-088  9/2016  
In re B.M. & K.M., Juveniles eo16-208  9/2016  
In re M.K., Juvenile eo16-212  9/2016  
In re N.R. & L.B., Juveniles eo16-177  9/2016  
State v. Ashley Nutbrown-Covey eo15-378  9/2016  
State v. Brenda Wright eo15-427  9/2016  
State v. Cyrus M. Gould eo16-304.bail  9/2016  
State v. Dzina Brakarenka eo15-315  9/2016  
State v. Matthew Pape eo16-313.bail  9/2016  
State v. Ocean Chance eo15-361  9/2016  
State v. Patricia Kane eo16-289.bail  9/2016  
Charles Chandler v. Rutland Herald Publishing, et al. eo16-136  8/2016  
Gloria Hobson v. Edwin Hobson eo16-038  8/2016  
In re C.C., Juvenile eo16-235  8/2016  
In re C.D., Juvenile eo16-132  8/2016  
In re C.R., Juvenile eo16-108  8/2016  
In re D.I., Juvenile eo16-102  8/2016  
In re J.Y., Juvenile eo16-114  8/2016  
Jamie Wool v. Douglas Cavett eo15-384  8/2016  
Jeremiah Bindrum v. American Home Assurance Company, Chartis Insurance Company, NuQuest Bridge Pointe eo16-042  8/2016  
Karla Riendeau v. Department of Labor, State of Vermont eo16-056  8/2016  
Unleaded Software, Inc. v. TNF Gear, Inc. eo16-046  8/2016  
Charles Jackson, III v. Town of West Haven eo16-029  7/2016  
In re Andrew Dashno, Jr. eo15-266  7/2016  
In re C.W. and K.Z., Juveniles eo16-076  7/2016  
In re J.M. and J.M., Juveniles eo16-083  7/2016  
In re K.N. & K.K., Juveniles eo16-103  7/2016  
In re O.C., Juvenile eo16-096  7/2016  
Larry Fenter v. Rebecca Brown eo16-026  7/2016  
Michael Cornish v. Town of Brookline eo16-031  7/2016  
Michael Francis Favreau v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner, Department of Corrections eo15-418  7/2016  
State v. Constance Erikssen eo15-464  7/2016  
In re A.M., Juvenile eo16-068  6/2016  
In re D.B., Juvenile eo16-069  6/2016  
In re James E. Hicks, Jr. eo14-443  6/2016  
In re Joseph Bruyette eo15-181  6/2016  
In re W.B., Juvenile eo16-045  6/2016  
Jennifer Johnson v. Gregory Johnson eo16-015  6/2016  
JoAnn Taft-Blakely v. Reinhart Foodservice, LLC, Charles Beal and Ronald Yates eo15-314  6/2016  
State v. Anthony Davey eo14-387  6/2016  
State v. Justin Barrell eo15-461, eo15-470  6/2016  
State v. Keith Baird eo15-147  6/2016  
State v. Michael S. Thomas eo15-367  6/2016  
In re C.B., Juvenile eo16-014  5/2016  
In re E.H., Juvenile eo15-452  5/2016  
In re Joseph Bruyette eo15-141  5/2016  
In re N.D., Juvenile eo16-020  5/2016  
In re R.S. and C.S., Juveniles eo16-008  5/2016  
State v. Chad Spencer eo15-223  5/2016  
Timothy Farr v. Dept. of Labor (SL Uno of Burlington, Inc., t/a Pizzeria Uno, Employer) eo15-468  5/2016  
US Bank National Association v. Marjorie Johnston eo15-262  5/2016  
Dawn M. Dow v. Miles Otis Dow, Jr. eo15-065  4/2016  
In re Dougals Walker eo15-312  4/2016  
In re J.C., Jr. & O.T., Juveniles eo15-473  4/2016  
In re J.M., A.M., E.M. & G.M., Juveniles eo16-009  4/2016  
In re O.S., Juvenile eo16-001  4/2016  
In re T.P. and D.P., Juveniles eo15-459  4/2016  
Jennifer Johnson v. Gregory Johnson eo15-371  4/2016  
Michael Rinaldo v. Green Mountain Self Storage and Jim O'Dell eo15-235  4/2016  
Office of Child Support/Ashley Potwin eo15-333  4/2016  
Sherry Snyder v. Timothy Snyder eo15-240  4/2016  
State v. Kevin W. Cook eo16-065.bail  4/2016  
State v. Nathan Purich eo15-343  4/2016  
State v. Zachary Grant eo15-200  4/2016  
Stephen Zeno v. Veronica Brusca eo16-005  4/2016  
Thomas E. Powell v. Sharon Powell eo16-097  4/2016  
Abigail Gilson v. Jeremy Hrbek eo15-338  3/2016  
Charles Chandler v. Matthew Branchaud a/k/a Abatiell Associates & Mark Furlan a/k/a Furlan Associates eo15-423  3/2016  
In re Ellen Ducharme eo15-304  3/2016  
In re Guardianship of A.S. eo15-220, eo15-413  3/2016  
In re J.S., Juvenile eo15-457  3/2016  
In re K.F., Juvenile eo15-385  3/2016  
In re T.B., Juvenile eo15-456  3/2016  
Lindsey Hunter v. Kevin David Moffit eo15-351  3/2016  
State v. Benjamin Earle eo16-080.bail  3/2016  
State v. Frederick Sheldon eo15-117  3/2016  
State v. Mark Bergquist eo16-022.bail  3/2016  
State v. Patricia Kane eo16-050.bail  3/2016  
Stephanie Busha (Tyler) v. Peter Busha eo15-380  3/2016  
Emily Walker (McRae) v. Samuel McRae eo15-271  2/2016  
In re Moody Subdivision Appeal (Morris Silver and Torrin Silver, Appellants eo15-341  2/2016  
In re Nikolay Gergov eo15-016  2/2016  
Maya Kucij v. Mark Hauser eo15-216,15-328  2/2016  
Nicola Weaver v. David Weaver eo15-326  2/2016  
State v. Dorothy Fuller eo15-335  2/2016  
State v. Elliot Russell eo14-425  2/2016  
State v. Milo Surdam eo15-180,15-231  2/2016  
State v. Ray McKinstry eo15-177  2/2016  
State v. Steven Stone eo15-153  2/2016  
State v. William Lanzetta eo15-188,15-336  2/2016  
Betty Atkins d/b/a Westbury Park v. Erin Witham and Robert Witham eo15-300  1/2016  
Erica Van Alstyne v. Colby Martin eo15-347  1/2016  
In re Allen Rheaume eo15-078  1/2016  
In re F.B., Juvenile eo15-349  1/2016  
In re K.M., E.M. and C.M., Juveniles eo15-364  1/2016  
In re L.C., Juvenile eo15-344  1/2016  
Lisa Mangini v. Richard Hardie eo15-255  1/2016  
State v. Skyler Masse eo15-173  1/2016  
State, Agency of Natural Resources v. Kenneth Davis, d/b/a Davis Contracting Service eo15-185  1/2016  
Falcon Management Company, Inc. eo15-210  12/2015  
Hartford Pizza, Inc. v. Alexandros Galanis eo15-198  12/2015  
In re H.M., Juvenile eo15-354  12/2015  
In re K.L. and Z.M., Juveniles eo15-302  12/2015  
Jason Fisher v. Valerie Coolidge eo15-225  12/2015  
Kenneth Felis v. Vicki-Lee Felis eo15-261  12/2015  
Patricia Coughlin v. Johannes Mol eo15-191  12/2015  
Shawn Foster v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Corrections eo15-305  12/2015  
State v. Adam Lebert eo15-120  12/2015  
State v. Cory B. LaPlant eo14-210  12/2015  
State v. Matthew Nunn eo14-447  12/2015  
State v. Raphael Colucci eo15-242  12/2015  
State v. Spencer Durham eo15-196, 15-197  12/2015  
Charles Chandler v. Rutland Herald Publishing, et al. eo15-265  11/2015  
In re Gregory Hovey Act 250 Permit (Robert and Toni Flanigan, Appellants) eo15-205  11/2015  
In re L.D., Juvenile eo15-283  11/2015  
In re M.J., Z.A., T.J., N.J. and N.A., Juveniles eo15-285  11/2015  
In re PRB No. 2016-045 eo15-362  11/2015  
In re Roger Clinton Brown eo15-084  11/2015  
In re Two Bad Cats Conditional Use Permit eo15-238  11/2015  
Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP v. Kenneth Felis eo15-174  11/2015  
Marjorie Johnston v. City of Rutland eo14-380  11/2015  
Rikkie Kane v. Andrew Pallito eo15-203  11/2015  
State v. David Piquette eo14-476  11/2015  
State v. John Dunbar/State v. Kelly Taylor eo15-206,15-207  11/2015  
State v. Maegan Trapani eo15-046  11/2015  
State v. Mario Foley eo15-145  11/2015  
State v. Sara Ennis eo15-095  11/2015  
Alfred Lunde v. Bonnie Batchelder & Batchelder Associates, P.C. eo15-193  10/2015  
Allan Leavitt v. Town of Brandon eo15-052  10/2015  
Charles Chandler v. Concord Group Insurance Co., et al. eo15-236  10/2015  
Douglas Cavett v. Andrew Pallito, Comm of Dept of Corrections eo15-047  10/2015  
George Zarcadoolas v. Dept of Labor (Scully Corporation, Employer) eo15-199  10/2015  
In re A.G., Juvenile eo15-239  10/2015  
In re J.L., Juvenile eo15-243  10/2015  
In re John Rishar eo15-232  10/2015  
In re K.B., Juvenile eo15-244  10/2015  
Merle Van Gieson and Linda Van Gieson v. Town of Montgomery eo15-241  10/2015  
Ronald Covey v. Andrea Covey eo15-072  10/2015  
State v. Joseph Smith eo14-422  10/2015  
State v. Levi Davis eo15-015  10/2015  
State v. Timothy Snyder eo15-056  10/2015  
State v. Tyler Nolan eo15-373.bail  10/2015  
William Sawyer-Overlake II, LLC v. Gregory Jones and Jessica Jones eo15-209  10/2015  
Alexander Leveille v. Gyan Baird and Gyan Baird v. Alexander Leveille eo15-024  9/2015  
David Massey v. Town of Greensboro eo15-034  9/2015  
Eugene Ladd v. Andrew Pallito, et al. eo15-043  9/2015  
In re A.W., T.W. and D.W., Juveniles eo15-227  9/2015  
In re B.S., Juvenile eo15-229  9/2015  
In re C.A. and S.A., Juveniles eo15-166  9/2015  
In re J.P. eo14-123  9/2015  
In re M.G., Juvenile eo15-190  9/2015  
In re M.T., R.T. and D.T., Juveniles eo15-213  9/2015  
John Rishar, Jr. v. Kinney Drugs, et al. eo15-187  9/2015  
Kirk Wool v. Andrew Pallito eo15-186  9/2015  
Qurban Khalsa a/k/a Kieran Gallagher v, Inder Khalsa eo15-109  9/2015  
Sheryl Tepper and Stephen Kesman v. Patricia Garcia eo15-150  9/2015  
State v. Alec Morse eo15-103  9/2015  
State v. Brian M. Barrow eo15-330.bail  9/2015  
State v. Bruce Bona eo14-448  9/2015  
State v. Millard Waite eo15-096  9/2015  
State v. Zachary Ware eo15-346.bail  9/2015  
Bruce Willette v. Dept. of Labor (Washington County Youth Services, Inc., Employer) eo14-474  8/2015  
Clark and Maura Pierson and James and Sarah Pierson v. M'nt Maple, LLC eo15-030  8/2015  
Dylan Cady v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner, Dept. of Corrections eo15-138  8/2015  
In re Anthony John Palubicki eo15-127  8/2015  
In re S.P., Juvenile eo15-113  8/2015  
John Norton-Griffiths and Marilyn Norton-Griffiths v. Wells Fargo & Co., Downs, Rachlin & Martin PLLC, et al. eo14-482  8/2015  
Michael Cornish v. Town of Brookline eo15-059  8/2015  
Pamela Washburn v. Mark Fowlkes eo15-089  8/2015  
Rosemary Noel v. Andre Noel eo15-042  8/2015  
State v. Brien Daignault eo14-333  8/2015  
Stephen and Margaret Conant v. Chris Khamnei eo15-130  8/2015  
Tammy Shaw v. Dept. of Labor eo14-238  8/2015  
Bernard Carter v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner, Dept of Corrections eo15-050  7/2015  
In re B.H., Juvenile eo15-104  7/2015  
In re B.R., Juvenile eo15-143  7/2015  
In re B.S., Juvenile eo15-155  7/2015  
In re Barry Babson eo14-344  7/2015  
In re C.L. and S.L., Juveniles eo15-124  7/2015  
In re Craig Yandow eo15-074  7/2015  
In re Guardianships of D.B., T.B. and B.B. eo14-444  7/2015  
In re J.P. eo14-294  7/2015  
In re S.K. and Z.K., Juveniles eo15-126  7/2015  
People's United Bank v. Michael Cornish eo15-245  7/2015  
State v. Anthony Morabito eo14-401  7/2015  
State v. Brian Shannon eo14-404, 14-405  7/2015  
State v. Christina Allcock eo14-290  7/2015  
State v. Katie Benware eo14-415  7/2015  
State v. Spencer Durham eo15-106  7/2015  
Adam Hubacz v. The Village of Waterbury, Vermont and William Shepeluk eo15-032  6/2015  
Brian Farr-Maccione v. Dept. of Labor eo15-063  6/2015  
Brian Farr-Maccione v. Dept. of Labor (Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Appellee) eo15-064  6/2015  
In re D.S., Juvenile eo15-029  6/2015  
In re L.W., D.M.S., R.S. & A.S., Juveniles eo15-028  6/2015  
In re Marvin Waldman eo14-403  6/2015  
In re Zaremba Group Dollar General CU Permit eo15-027  6/2015  
Jennifer Johnson v. Gregory Johnson eo14-479  6/2015  
Jill Rinehart, M.D. v. Eroc Svensson eo15-025  6/2015  
Megan Boyle v. Kevin O'Neill eo14-477  6/2015  
Robert Magee v. Dept. of Labor (Chittenden East Supervisory Union, Employer) eo14-256  6/2015  
State v. Caitlyn Fregeau eo15-189.bail  6/2015  
State v. Dustin LaFountain eo15-215.bail  6/2015  
State v. Frank Highley eo14-220  6/2015  
State v. George Mannoia eo14-306  6/2015  
State v. Julio Davila eo14-164  6/2015  
State v. Mariusz Curylo eo14-429  6/2015  
State v. Matthew Fay eo14-332  6/2015  
Victor Hall v. Michael Vinton eo15-048  6/2015  
Adam George (Office of Child Support) v. Bahji Adams eo14-424  5/2015  
Albert Alpine Bingham v. Town of Middlebury eo14-478  5/2015  
Alice Ann O'Brien v. William Henkel eo14-480  5/2015  
Charles Chandler v. State eo14-375  5/2015  
Charles Chandler v. Town of Newfane and Doris Knechtel, Individually and as Employee of Town of Newfane eo14-409  5/2015  
In re C.M., Juvenile eo15-018  5/2015  
In re J.T. and A.T., Juveniles eo15-051  5/2015  
In re K.S., Juvenile eo14-426  5/2015  
In re Town Highway 26, Town of Underhill eo14-386  5/2015  
Nina Darling v. Theodore Crow eo14-431  5/2015  
Pieter Heydenrych v. Nicole Heydenrych eo14-345  5/2015  
State v. Christopher P. Sullivan eo15-149.bail  5/2015  
State v. Hillary Lumbra eo14-454  5/2015  
State v. Unnamed Defendant eo14-308  5/2015  
State v. Ralph N. Morale eo14-302  5/2015  
State v. Scott Manfredi eo14-167  5/2015  
Tammy Schey v. Daniel Fuller eo14-377  5/2015  
Timothy S. Johnson v. Green Mountain Power Corportion eo14-438  5/2015  
David Smalley v. Stowe Mountain Club, LLC eo14-433  4/2015  
In re B.H. and A.H.B., Juveniles eo14-464  4/2015  
In re D.G. and D.G., Juveniles eo14-475  4/2015  
In re D.M., Juvenile eo14-360  4/2015  
In re Estate of Herman Venheim eo14-297  4/2015  
In re K.B., Juvenile eo15-006  4/2015  
In re M.H. and B.H., Juveniles eo15-004  4/2015  
In re M.S., Juvenile eo14-449  4/2015  
In re N.R. and L.B., Juveniles eo14-446  4/2015  
In re R.A., Juvenile eo14-418  4/2015  
Kayla Eaton v. Leroy Prior, Prior Polygraph, Matthew Bellmay and Vermont State Police eo14-235  4/2015  
Kristin Brosnahan v. William Brosnahan eo14-316  4/2015  
May Chiles (May Mantell) v. John Vaughan Chiles eo14-319  4/2015  
Nicole Little v. Kym Blaisdell eo14-248  4/2015  
Omar Rodriguez v. Philisha Rodriguez eo14-176  4/2015  
Prentice Weitman v. Johanna Staudinger Weitman eo14-366  4/2015  
State v. Carroll Sparks, Jr. eo14-176.bail  4/2015  
Colby Cheever v. Crystal Merrick eo14-305  3/2015  
Donald Bishop v. Town of Springfield eo14-348  3/2015  
George Kingston III v. Montpelier Public School System eo14-406  3/2015  
In re L.W. and J.W., Juveniles eo14-376  3/2015  
Ricky Curtis, Jr. v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of Dept. of Corrections, Robert Berthiaume and Scott Morley eo14-334  3/2015  
State v. Harvey Epps eo14-179  3/2015  
State v. John Haskins eo14-154  3/2015  
State v. Joshua Hayes eo13-471  3/2015  
State v. Mark Snow eo14-358  3/2015  
State v. Thomas Tatro eo14-105  3/2015  
In re A.H., Juvenile eo14-391  2/2015  
In re A.N., Juvenile eo14-371  2/2015  
In re B.K., Juvenile eo14-293  2/2015  
In re T.M., Juvenile eo14-314  2/2015  
Jennifer Doyle v. Joseph Lourenco, Jr. eo14-168  2/2015  
Mark Macha v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner eo14-402  2/2015  
Michael Hanson-Metayer v. Elizabeth Hanson-Metayer eo14-200  2/2015  
State v. James King eo14-331  2/2015  
State v. Michael Hughes eo14-174  2/2015  
State v. Robert Mongeon eo14-204  2/2015  
Susan Moraska v. Albert Moraska eo14-372  2/2015  
Town of Colchester v. Robert Andres eo14-365  2/2015  
David Finlayson v. Linda Finlayson eo14-253  1/2015  
In re D.C. eo14-241  1/2015  
In re Darrell Day eo14-134  1/2015  
In re Donald R. O'Dell, Jr. eo14-051  1/2015  
In re G.W., Juvenile eo14-361  1/2015  
In re J.D., Juvenile eo14-342  1/2015  
In re S.G., Juvenile eo14-315  1/2015  
J. Herbert Dahm, Jr. and Arlene L. Dahm v. Town of Charleston eo14-231  1/2015  
Michael Rinaldo v. Green Mountain Self Storage and Jim O'Dell eo14-223  1/2015  
Nadihusska Leon v. Eugenio Leon eo13-474  1/2015  
Peggy List v. Paul List eo14-214  1/2015  
State v. Bruce Bona eo14-258  1/2015  
State v. Chad Morris eo14-462.bail  1/2015  
State v. Kyle Doyle eo14-148  1/2015  
State v. Miguel Francisco eo14-027  1/2015  
Tracey Bushey v. William Bushey eo14-310  1/2015  
Andrew Mayer v. Veronica Boord eo14-122  12/2014  
In re A.M., Juvenile eo14-266  12/2014  
In re B.R., Juvenile eo14-287  12/2014  
In re B.S., Juvenile eo14-272  12/2014  
In re C.C., C.C. and B.C., Juveniles eo14-295  12/2014  
In re Castleton Expansion Renovation Permit eo14-193  12/2014  
In re D.C., Juvenile eo14-237  12/2014  
In re J.P., J.J., A.J. & A.J., Juveniles eo14-257  12/2014  
In re Joseph Bruyette eo12-471  12/2014  
In re O.D., Juvenile eo14-343  12/2014  
John Stokes v. State eo13-467  12/2014  
Karen Hecht v. Department of Labor (Fletcher Allen Health Care, Employer) eo14-177  12/2014  
Robert Jones, Janet Jones and Jean Bombard v. James Hart eo14-153  12/2014  
State v. Joshua Laraway eo14-052  12/2014  
Tony Taylor v. Department of Labor (Mastaler Cleaning Service Co. Inc., Employer) eo14-198  12/2014  
Howard Wilkinson v. Westminster Board of Abatement eo14-093  11/2014  
City of Burlington v. Bilmar Team Cleaners, A Vermont Partnership, et al. eo14-054  10/2014  
Donald Matteson v. Dept. of Labor (Charbonneau Design and Construction LLC, Employer) eo14-155  10/2014  
Edward Johnson v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of the Dept. of Corrections eo14-017  10/2014  
In re D.D., Juvenile eo14-263  10/2014  
In re Fuller Building Permit eo14-050  10/2014  
In re H.B., Juvenile eo14-208  10/2014  
In re M.M., Juvenile eo14-209  10/2014  
In re Roger Clinton Brown eo14-028  10/2014  
In re T.D. and B.D., Juveniles eo14-262  10/2014  
Jesse deVos v. Kimberly Volk eo14-043  10/2014  
Jonathan H. Dodge v. Governor Peter Shumlin eo14-007  10/2014  
Julia Dixon v. Geoffrey Dixon eo14-137  10/2014  
Katherine Amy O'Neil v. Shawn O'Neil eo14-118  10/2014  
Kayla Eaton and Robert Eaton v. Norman Watts and Watts Law Firm, P.C. eo13-453  10/2014  
Kayla Herrick v. Edmund Vigneault eo14-080  10/2014  
Kelley O'Brien v. Andrew Pallito, et al. eo13-401  10/2014  
Kevin Barrup v. Tammy Barrup eo14-152  10/2014  
Mark White v. Denise White eo13-056  10/2014  
State v. Eric Edson eo13-112  10/2014  
State v. Jay Allard eo13-462  10/2014  
Bryan E. Jones and Bryan E. Jones Trust v. Town of Proctor eo14-126  9/2014  
In re A.S. and E.S., Juveniles eo14-094  9/2014  
In re B.C.N. and N.C.N., Juveniles eo14-150  9/2014  
In re B.G. and B.G., Juveniles eo14-187  9/2014  
In re M.R. and J.D., Juveniles eo14-136  9/2014  
In re M.W. and C.W., Juveniles eo14-189  9/2014  
In re R.S., C.S., J.S., D.S., B.S., S.S. and Z.S., Juveniles eo14-115  9/2014  
Jay Moody v. Wendy Moody eo14-038  9/2014  
Joseph Lloyd Bertrand v. Stephanie Murray eo14-008  9/2014  
State v. Brian M. Thomes eo14-329.bail  9/2014  
State v. Mark A. Delude eo14-328.bail  9/2014  
State v. Thomas King eo13-380  9/2014  
State v. Timothy Perley eo13-356  9/2014  
Thomas Chase, Harold Chase & Ralph Chase v. Taft Hill Tree Farm, Inc., Eric Scott & Patricia Scott eo14-092  9/2014  
Victor Chaumont v. Dept. of Labor (The Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc., Employer) eo14-101  9/2014  
State v. Christopher Monatukwa eo14-254.bail  8/2014  
Alan Tsefrekas v. Nancy Tsefrekas eo13-459  7/2014  
American Express Centurion Bank v. Aaron Stine eo13-475  7/2014  
Edward Johnson v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of Dept of Corrections and Carl Davis, Superintendent of NSCF eo14-018  7/2014  
In re H.D., Juvenile eo14-040  7/2014  
In re K.B., Juvenile eo14-114  7/2014  
In re K.P., S.P. and A.P., Juveniles eo14-097  7/2014  
In re Stanley Mayo eo13-330  7/2014  
Lauren Peterson v. Chad Brown eo13-416  7/2014  
Ronald Geraw v. Pamela Geraw eo14-044  7/2014  
State v. DaJuan Williams eo14-211.bail  7/2014  
State v. David Leo Edson eo13-328  7/2014  
State v. David Piquette eo13-329  7/2014  
State v. John Swan eo14-064  7/2014  
State v. Joseph Castegnaro eo13-378, 13-379  7/2014  
State v. Ralph Bailey eo13-457  7/2014  
State v. Spencer Durham eo13-309  7/2014  
State v. Spencer Durham eo14-003, 14-004  7/2014  
State v. Timothy Cousino eo14-242.bail  7/2014  
Eejipp Ala v. Andrew Pallito, Comm of Dept of Corrections eo13-434  6/2014  
In re J.S.A., Juvenile eo14-068  6/2014  
In re Williamson Third Tier Application eo13-426  6/2014  
Jeffrey-Michael Brandt v. Andrew Pallito, Greg Hale, Glenn Puridy and Brian Reed eo13-402  6/2014  
Kristen Port v. Michael Port eo13-483  6/2014  
Michael Cornish v. Town of Brookline eo13-443  6/2014  
Rebecca Spaulding v. Dept of Labor (U.S. Precision, Employer) eo14-053  6/2014  
State v. Gregory McKirryher, Jr. eo13-279  6/2014  
State v. Whalen Goucher eo14-180.bail  6/2014  
Thomas and Ann Edwards v. Town of Stowe eo13-439  6/2014  
Timothy Miller v. Andrew Pallito, Comm of Dept of Corrections eo13-170,13-197  6/2014  
Charles Chandler v. Vermont Mutual Insurance Co. and Ronald Gifford, Individually eo14-030  5/2014  
Diane Levin v. Douglas C. Walker eo13-393  5/2014  
In re R.M., R-C.M. and C.M., Juveniles eo14-034  5/2014  
Kenneth P. Felis v. Vicki-Lee Felis eo13-448  5/2014  
Memphremagog Rentals v. Daniel Kelley eo13-464  5/2014  
Roy H.A. Watson III v. The Village at Northshore I Association, Inc. eo13-451  5/2014  
State v. Daniel Dunn eo14-113  5/2014  
State v. Kyle Bolaski eo14-158.bail  5/2014  
State v. Luke Theriault eo14-169.bail  5/2014  
Suzanne E. Blanchard v. Nancy DeLuca eo13-415  5/2014  
Heidi Lague v. Lawrence T. Lyons eo14-015  4/2014  
In re A.M., Juvenile eo14-013  4/2014  
In re Adoption of T.S.B. eo13-397  4/2014  
In re J.W., J.W. and G.W., Juveniles eo14-022  4/2014  
Jennifer Brooks (Bjurling) v. William Brooks eo14-076  4/2014  
Judith Meyncke v. Robert Meyncke eo13-202  4/2014  
Leroy Goodwin v. Andrew Pallito eo13-236  4/2014  
Lisa Mangini v. Richard E. Hardie eo12-362  4/2014  
Ronald Wood v. Suzen Wood eo13-376  4/2014  
State v. Christopher Cerutti eo13-177  4/2014  
State v. Jess Taylor eo13-322  4/2014  
State v. Ryan J. McCauley eo14-091.bail  4/2014  
Catherine Heller v. Bast and Rood Architechts eo13-217  3/2014  
Christopher Webb v. Andrew Pallito, Charles E. Samuels, Jr. and Tamyra Jarvis eo13-399  3/2014  
Eejipp Ala v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of Dept of Corrections eo13-450  3/2014  
In re C.L., M.L., D.L. & C.L., Juveniles eo13-417  3/2014  
In re E.C., Juvenile eo13-476  3/2014  
In re J.R. eo13-339  3/2014  
In re S.C., Juvenile eo13-278  3/2014  
In re T.F. and B.F., Juveniles eo13-440  3/2014  
Isabella Oehry v. Christopher Mangini eo13-383  3/2014  
State v. Derrick D. Jones eo14-070.bail  3/2014  
State v. Kevin Terrance Shea a/k/a Eejipp Ala eo13-429  3/2014  
David Berrie d/b/a David Berrie Real Estate v. Robin O'Neill eo13-296  2/2014  
Henry Richmond v. Sheila Richmond eo13-403  2/2014  
Holly Nichols v. John Nichols eo13-395  2/2014  
In re A.W. and A.W., Juveniles eo13-382  2/2014  
In re Wallace Nolen eo13-304  2/2014  
Matthew Stevens v. Andrew Pallito, Tammy Osbourne, Shay Mitchell, ARNP and Derrick Hamilton, M.D. eo13-405  2/2014  
State v. John Kunhardt eo13-233  2/2014  
State v. Perry Lowell eo13-298  2/2014  
State v. Zachariah McAllister eo13-266  2/2014  
Vermont Federal Credit Union v. Drew Richter and Russell Richter eo13-354  2/2014  
Walsh Electric Supply, LLC v. All Seasons Excavating & Landscaping, Inc. and Robby Mazza eo13-359  2/2014  
Bethany Drum v. Ricky Henry Dodge/Bethany Drum v. Leon Timothy Colbeth eo13-341,13-342  1/2014  
In re Bradford Trucking, Inc. eo13-203  1/2014  
In re I.B., Juvenile eo13-351  1/2014  
In re Isaac Faham eo13-133  1/2014  
In re J.P., C.P., N.P. & T.W., Juveniles eo13-353  1/2014  
In re S.B., Juvenile eo13-352  1/2014  
In re S.L., Juvenile eo13-412  1/2014  
In re UVM Certificate of Appropriateness eo13-301  1/2014  
Joseph Hall, Mary Hall, Scott Maguire and Mary Maguire v. Christopher Denio and Holland Co., Inc. eo13-276  1/2014  
Sheila Boyer v. Armand Niquette eo13-428.mo  1/2014  
State v. Jeffrey Powers eo13-221  1/2014  
Susan Meredith v. Mark Meredith eo13-259  1/2014  
In re C.C., S.C. & A.C., Juveniles eo13-265  12/2013  
In re E.B., Juvenile eo13-255  12/2013  
In re J.F., Juvenile eo13-381  12/2013  
In re J.G. and A.G., Juveniles eo13-289  12/2013  
In re J.T. and E.T., Juveniles eo13-340  12/2013  
In re John Davis Buckley, Esq. eo13-256.prb  12/2013  
In re Victor Hall eo13-062  12/2013  
Kimberly Tillotson v. John Kidder eo13-283  12/2013  
Kristen Chambers (Anton) v. George Chambers eo13-307  12/2013  
Michael Bandler v. Majestic Car Rental Group, Inc. eo13-212  12/2013  
Misty Bowen v. Terrel Spearman eo13-282  12/2013  
Stacy Hoechner v. Ernest Hoechner eo13-166  12/2013  
State v. Jason DeGreenia eo13-023  12/2013  
State v. Joshua J. Parizo eo13-126  12/2013  
Albert Gionet v. Bernadette Bousquet eo13-190  11/2013  
Amy Gibbons v. Bradley Burns eo13-272  11/2013  
Dwayne Calloway v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of Dept. of Corrections eo13-058  11/2013  
Gordon E. Campbell eo13-305 11/2013  
In re A.L. and A.L., Juveniles eo13-313  11/2013  
In re C.G., Juvenile eo13-087  11/2013  
In re Robert Jones eo13-148  11/2013  
In re Ryan Brink eo13-034  11/2013  
Jennifer Brooks v. William Brooks eo11-334  11/2013  
Keri Streeter v. Trevor James eo13-299  11/2013  
Mark Brady & Mary Brady v. Addison Broadcasting Co., Inc., Radio Broadcasting, Inc. & Steven Silberberg eo13-163  11/2013  
Michael Vereline v. Marybeth Vereline eo13-199  11/2013  
State v. Donald Shepherd eo13-098  11/2013  
State v. Vincent D. Costantino eo13-447.bail  11/2013  
Town of Colchester v. Robert K. Andres eo13-081  11/2013  
Valerie Zimmerman & PopXue America, LLC v. Bruce Bjornlund, Esq. eo13-267  11/2013  
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Bruce Merritt, Gloria King Merritt and Indymac Bank eo13-122  10/2013  
Emmanuel Riby-Williams v. Mary Riby-Williams eo12-379  10/2013  
In re A.T. and T.T., Juveniles eo13-227  10/2013  
In re A.W., Juvenile eo13-188  10/2013  
In re C.B., Juvenile eo12-430  10/2013  
In re Estate of Danielle Morin eo13-131  10/2013  
In re J.H., Juvenile eo13-262  10/2013  
In re J.R. eo13-260  10/2013  
John Uckele v. Johana Harris, Thomas Harris and Allstate Insurance eo13-099  10/2013  
Kayla Eaton and Robert Eaton v. Cleary, Shahi & Aicher, Attorneys and David Cleary and Thomas Aicher, Individually eo13-172  10/2013  
Lonnie Chester, Administrator of the Estate of Philomena Weingarten v. Albert Weingarten a/k/a Albert Von Weingarten and Mary Weingarten a/k/a Mary Von Weingarten eo12-313  10/2013  
Nicole Williams v. James McMillan eo13-025  10/2013  
Peter Dernier v. Town of Weston eo13-082  10/2013  
State v. Jack Wallace eo13-129  10/2013  
State v. Tiffany Marcotte eo13-130  10/2013  
Timothy Miller v. Mortimer Kaufman, Mary Ann Bovat, & Clyde Bovat eo13-154  10/2013  
Amanda Mallette v. George Lafontaine III eo13-041  9/2013  
Donald L. Bletz Sr. & Bruce Van Guilder v. John J. Welch, Jr., Esq. eo12-432  9/2013  
Edward Johnson v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of Dept. of Corrections, Dr. Abigail Hager and Dr. Westinghouse eo12-419  9/2013  
In re A.H., Juvenile eo13-054  9/2013  
In re A.P., Juvenile eo13-075  9/2013  
In re L.Z., Juvenile eo13-020  9/2013  
In re Leonard & Sayour Permitted Use Zoning Permit eo13-080  9/2013  
Keith Judd v. Secretary of State, et al. eo13-162  9/2013  
Margaret Murray v. CIty of Burlington eo13-164  9/2013  
Office of Child Support/Phyliss Trout (Brady) v. Daniel Quinn eo13-006  9/2013  
State of Vermont v. Jonathan Houle eo13-331  9/2013  
State of Vermont v. Jonathan Houle eo13-363.bail  9/2013  
State v. Scott Manfredi eo12-458  9/2013  
Whitney Calkins v. Kenneth Smith eo13-072  9/2013  
In re A.M. and A.M., Juveniles eo13-074  7/2013  
In re A.N., Juvenile eo13-107  7/2013  
In re B.S., R.M. and D.W., Juveniles eo13-136  7/2013  
In re I.L., Juvenile eo12-293  7/2013  
In re M.A., Juvenile / In re J.A., Juvenile eo13-052, 13-053  7/2013  
In re Rosemary A. Macero eo13-284.prb  7/2013  
In re S.S., A.S. and L.S., Juveniles eo13-124  7/2013  
In re T.G., Juvenile eo13-016  7/2013  
Juanita Belleville v. John N. Young eo12-401  7/2013  
Laurie A. Cenate v. Randy Martelle eo12-451  7/2013  
Mary Duggan v. Dept. of Labor (Addison-Rutland Supervisory Union, Employer) eo13-002  7/2013  
Troy D. Rainey v. Tania Rainey eo12-468  7/2013  
Zohara Zarfati v. Clinton Eirmann eo12-410  7/2013  
Anthony Deyo v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of the Dept. of Corrections, et al. eo12-397  6/2013  
Donald D. Dorr d/b/a D. Door Septic v. Paul M. LaCoste & Debra J. LaCoste eo12-408  6/2013  
Holly Johnson v. Peter Johnson eo12-450  6/2013  
In re H.B. & A.B., Juveniles eo13-076  6/2013  
In re I.W., Juvenile eo13-021  6/2013  
In re Richard Laws eo13-022  6/2013  
In re T.A.Z., A.M., B.M. & J.M., Juveniles / In re B.M. & J.M., Juveniles eo13-036  6/2013  
John Viskup v. Juliane L. Hegle (Viskup) eo13-024  6/2013  
Kaitlin Barry v. Chris C. Khamnei eo12-421  6/2013  
Logan Nutter v. Charles R. Fenoff, Jr. eo12-476  6/2013  
Merchants Bank v. Ann M. Furey eo12-478  6/2013  
Michele Tattoli v. Christopher Colm eo13-012  6/2013  
Misty Bowen v. Terrel Spearman eo12-446  6/2013  
State v. Floyd A. Amidon eo12-291  6/2013  
State v. Frank Berard eo12-232  6/2013  
Alan and Rachel Yeager v. Jack and Dawn Menard eo12-356  5/2013  
In re B.P. and K.P., Juveniles eo13-046  5/2013  
In re Ronald D. Combs eo12-440  5/2013  
In re T.P., Juvenile eo13-047  5/2013  
Isaac Faham v. Department of Corrections eo12-326  5/2013  
Matthew Aldrich v. Jennifer Aldrich Haselman eo12-329  5/2013  
State of Vermont v. Stephen Messier eo13-192  5/2013  
State v. Corey Richardson eo12-238  5/2013  
State v. Scott W. Whitney eo12-282  5/2013  
State v. Spencer Durham eo13-096  5/2013  
Warren Vail, III v. Agency of Transportation, et al. eo12-339  5/2013  
William B. Birch v. Alan G. Jesseman eo12-271  5/2013  
Becky Nystrom, Scott Nystrom and Laurie Nystrom v. Casey J. Hafford eo12-469  4/2013  
Carol Sinchak v. John Sinchak eo12-311  4/2013  
In re Allen Rheaume eo12-354  4/2013  
In re Appeal of Susan and Joseph Tropeano eo12-350  4/2013  
In re J.D. eo12-299  4/2013  
In re J.S., Juvenile eo12-477  4/2013  
In re. A.W. and J.W., Juveniles eo12-321  4/2013  
Joel Langlois v. Mary Langlois eo12-427  4/2013  
Julie Proia v. Julius Proia , Jr. eo12-269  4/2013  
Mark Bilodeau v. Cristina Bilodeau eo12-361  4/2013  
Miriam Levin, Margaret Grundstein and Leon Grundstein v. Robert Grundstein eo11-201  4/2013  
State v. Charles Muldowney eo13-138.bail  4/2013  
State v. Jeffrey Brandt eo12-175  4/2013  
Christopher M. Wurster v. Karen Wurster-Sinex eo12-262  3/2013  
In re Carrie Newton eo12-230  3/2013  
In re I.H., J.H. and D.G., Juveniles eo12-429  3/2013  
In re T.S., Juvenile eo12-142  3/2013  
Jermaine Holder v. Andrew Pallito eo12-375  3/2013  
Lorrie Tetreault v. David Tetreault eo12-193  3/2013  
Marcia Ratner v. Village Square at Pico Condominium Owners Association, Richard Fowler, David Crossman and Matthew "Bud" Solano eo12-357  3/2013  
Peter Vieta v. Dept. of Labor (Med Associates, Inc., Employer) eo12-336.pdf  3/2013  
Richard J. Fleming, Jr. v. Joni Fleming eo12-289  3/2013  
Rickey Thibodeau v. Ashley Blanchard eo12-290  3/2013  
Ronald E. Pollock and Milton R. Pollock v. Douglas Butler eo12-464  3/2013  
State of Vermont v. Michael Rinaldo eo12-214  3/2013  
State v. David C. Boglioli eo12-217  3/2013  
State v. Zak Winston eo12-244  3/2013  
Allen Rheaume v. Robert Ide Robert Ide, Commissioner of Department of Motor Vehicles, Daniel Porter, Carl Roberts and Brian Quinn eo12-377  2/2013  
Allison Gould v. Stuart Robinson eo12-312  2/2013  
Bobbi Jo Stellato v. McCurtis Anthony Williams eo12-273  2/2013  
Herman LeBlanc v. Glen Brown eo12-197  2/2013  
In re Bernice C. Billewicz Guardianship eo12-275.amended  2/2013  
In re D.D., Juvenile eo12-349  2/2013  
In re S.M., Juvenile eo12-323  2/2013  
In re T.T., Juvenile eo12-324  2/2013  
Kashka Orlow v. Erika Dinkel eo12-260  2/2013  
Kimberly Kim v. Larry Hone eo12-283  2/2013  
Krista Greenstein v. Bret Greenstein eo12-256  2/2013  
Lisa Crown v. Jeffrey Lawson eo12-268  2/2013  
Maurice Connary v. Off. Callie Field, VT State Police and State of Vermont eo12-276  2/2013  
Showntie Dobrynski v. Gerald Dobrynski eo12-199  2/2013  
State v. Dennis Rose eo12-132  2/2013  
State v. Frank Fellows eo12-176  2/2013  
State v. Ladarris Tunstall eo12-028  2/2013  
State v. Quondell Knight eo12-473  1/2013  
Ashley Smith v. Stephen Rawson eo12-243  12/2012  
Bernice Singley v. Department of Labor (World Learning, Inc., Employer) eo12-155  12/2012  
Dawn Adamson v. Jeffrey Dodge eo12-157  12/2012  
Dayco, Inc v. Al Bergeron and Paula Bergeron d/b/a Bergeron’s Service Center eo12-265  12/2012  
In re A.E., Juvenile eo12-189  12/2012  
In re I.R., S.R. and A.D., Juveniles eo12-223  12/2012  
In re L.O. and M.M., Juveniles eo12-242  12/2012  
Linda Birkenbach and Timothy James v. Tamar Bouchard eo12-245  12/2012  
State of Vermont v. Cecil Vivian eo12-051  12/2012  
State of Vermont v. Darrell F. Day eo12-222  12/2012  
State of Vermont v. James T. Burke eo12-111  12/2012  
State of Vermont v. Leo Corbeil eo12-194  12/2012  
Todd Swim a/k/a Todd C. Swim v. Margaret (Swim) O'Neill eo12-126  12/2012  
Allen Rheaume v. Andrew A. Pallito, Commissioner of the Dept of Corrections eo12-180  11/2012  
Christine Castro v. Robert Doyle eo12-181  11/2012  
Diane LeFebvre v. Corey LeFebvre and Sarah LeFebvre eo12-127  11/2012  
In re H.F., Juvenile eo12-064  11/2012  
In re J.L., Juvenile eo12-241  11/2012  
In re K.B., Juvenile eo12-215  11/2012  
In re Ryan Brink eo12-029  11/2012  
State v. Daniel John Guyette eo11-323  11/2012  
State v. Joseph Bruyette eo12-188  11/2012  
State v. Leanne Gorman eo12-007  11/2012  
State v. Michael T. LaMotte eo12-035  11/2012  
State v. Misty Smith eo12-044  11/2012  
State v. Shawna Thorpe eo12-014  11/2012  
Stephan L. Petrie v. Town of Colchester eo12-216  11/2012  
State v. Nebuchadnezzar Watson eo12-308.bail  10/2012  
Allen Rheaume v. Daniel Maguire eo12-040  9/2012  
In re C.B., Juvenile eo12-063  9/2012  
In re D.B., C.B., N.B. and T.B., Juveniles eo12-005  9/2012  
In re E.C., Juvenile eo12-187  9/2012  
In re G.B., Juvenile eo12-148  9/2012  
In re H.R., Juvenile eo12-020  9/2012  
In re M.W., Juvenile eo12-204  9/2012  
In re N.L. and K.S., Juveniles eo12-198  9/2012  
In re R.M., Juvenile eo12-047  9/2012  
In re S.T., B.T. and S.T., Juveniles eo12-046  9/2012  
Jessica Woodward v. Richard Woodward eo12-113  9/2012  
Jonathan Lasek v. Laurie Celik eo12-160  9/2012  
Nina Keus v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of the Department of Corrections eo12-225  9/2012  
St. Albans Electric d/b/a Total Home Center v. John Burgess and Virginia Burgess eo12-082  9/2012  
State of Vermont v. James Menize, Jr. eo11-287  9/2012  
State of Vermont v. Jeffrey M. Brandt eo11-109  9/2012  
State of Vermont v. Matthew Voog eo12-124  9/2012  
In re Ronald Combs eo12-027  7/2012  
Andrew Zoito, Jr. v. Town of Stamford eo11-308  5/2012  
In re M.A., Juvenile eo12-024  5/2012  
In re Verizon Wireless Barton Act 250 Permit eo11-204  5/2012  
Jeffrey Lamothe v. Cohen & Rice Law Firm and Julie Lamothe, Rebecca Rice, Esq. eo12-079, 12-080  5/2012  
Mark Ashline v. Donella Ashline eo11-297  5/2012  
Martin Webster v. Steve Anderson eo11-271  5/2012  
State v. Arthur C. Bigelow eo11-282  5/2012  
State v. Benjamin Willoughby eo11-340  5/2012  
State v. Norman J. Lizotte eo11-198  5/2012  
In re Appeal of J.P. eo11-289  4/2012  
In re B.H., Juvenile eo12-010  4/2012  
In re Grievance of Clint Glover eo11-338  4/2012  
In re M.V. eo11-394  4/2012  
Lucas Ashley v. Agency of Transportation eo11-330  4/2012  
Robert Christian v. Karen Lawton eo11-222  4/2012  
State v. Matthew McGrath eo11-167  4/2012  
State v. Paul Bryan Thibodeau-O'Connor eo11-171  4/2012  
Stephen Bain v. Peter Potanas, William Lawhorn and Andrew Pallito eo11-401  4/2012  
Victor Calhoun v. Dawn Calhoun eo11-358  4/2012  
Derek Allen and Melinda Allen v. James Moorcroft eo11-275  3/2012  
In re C.P., Juvenile eo11-321  3/2012  
In re L.B., G.B. & L.B., Juveniles eo11-320  3/2012  
In re Paul Miglorie eo11-219  3/2012  
In re S.M. & C.M., Juveniles eo11-418  3/2012  
In re X.L. and N.L., Juveniles eo11-353  3/2012  
Keith Russell Judd v. Secretary of State eo11-350  3/2012  
Michael Rinaldo v. Bennington Self Storage eo11-240  3/2012  
State v. Edwin Herbert Martin eo11-199  3/2012  
State v. Mark Abair eo11-089  3/2012  
State v. Michael Williams eo11-143  3/2012  
Stephanie Foster v. Darren Brady eo11-243  3/2012  
Tara (Carter) Trappaso v. Jamie Carter eo11-325  3/2012  
Gerald Gugino v. National Grange Mutual Insurance eo11-268  2/2012  
Joseph Franz v. Judith Franz eo11-285  2/2012  
Kit (Farrand) Slayton/OCS v. Jeffrey Hill eo11-230  2/2012  
Lisa Patnode v. Garrison Urette eo11-315  2/2012  
Michael Branch Electrical v. Adam Wagner, Christine Wagner and August & Sterling, LLC eo11-141  2/2012  
Allison Lary v. Richard Goldsborough eo10-467  1/2012  
David Holcomb v. Andrew Pallito eo11-316  1/2012  
In re A.M., G.M., J.M. & M.M., Juveniles eo11-363  1/2012  
In re I.C., M.C., A.C. and A.H., Juveniles eo11-313  1/2012  
In re M.B. and K.B., Juveniles eo11-347  1/2012  
In re Richard's Site Plan Amendment Application eo11-245  1/2012  
James Ghia v. Town of Ludlow eo11-298  1/2012  
Kaser USA, LLC v. Seabreeze Trading Corp. eo11-261  1/2012  
Mark Bean v. Herbert Bickford eo11-017  1/2012  
State v. Stephen Bain eo11-288  1/2012  
State v. William Mogerley eo11-202  1/2012  
In re D. McD. eo11-258  12/2011  
In re Dwight Tester eo11-136  12/2011  
In re K.C., Juvenile eo11-279  12/2011  
James Hicks v. Robert Hofmann eo11-024  12/2011  
Jennifer Weiss v. Jonathan Weiss eo11-190  12/2011  
John Demgard v. Keith Masseroni and KAM Services, Inc. eo11-142  12/2011  
Josef Knoff v. Josef Knoff Illuminating eo11-239  12/2011  
Kellie Olio v. David Schurman eo11-225  12/2011  
M.M. v. S.L. eo11-301  12/2011  
Randi May Steeves v. Helen Venheim eo11-214  12/2011  
Rodney Mayo v. Kevin Scott eo11-193  12/2011  
State v. Cynthia Winston/State v. Rudolph Winston eo11-411.bail  12/2011  
State v. Mark Kriskov eo11-150  12/2011  
State v. Matthew Trudeau eo11-148  12/2011  
State v. Nathan Berres eo11-091  12/2011  
State v. Robert Gilman eo11-194  12/2011  
State v. Rudolph Winston/State v. Cynthia Winston eo11-410.bail  12/2011  
Suzanne Davis v. Sean Davis eo11-269  12/2011  
Anchor Foundations, Inc. v. R. Scott Ingalls d/b/a Ingalls & Ingalls Builders, Inc. and Casing Development, Inc. eo11-062  11/2011  
Anne-Marie Matthews v. Thomas Matthews eo11-160  11/2011  
Brenda Shores v. Owen Jenkins eo11-125  11/2011  
Catamount/Riverside Co. v. The Kea Group, LLC eo11-037  11/2011  
Cheryl Letourneau and Christopher Letourneau v. Joseph M. Salomone, M.D. eo11-217  11/2011  
David de Grasse v. Renee de Grasse eo11-260  11/2011  
Deborah Clark v. Kevin Clark eo11-157  11/2011  
In re A.C., Juvenile eo11-209  11/2011  
In re A.P. eo11-147  11/2011  
In re A.R. and A.R., Juveniles eo11-281  11/2011  
Kalah Gharouni v. Lorenzo de Coninck eo11-187  11/2011  
Mary Riby-Williams v. Emmanuel Riby Williams eo11-212  11/2011  
Milton Marasch v. Karissa Trepanier eo11-066  11/2011  
State v. Douglas Bedell eo11-069  11/2011  
State v. Edward Everett eo10-461  11/2011  
State v. Edward Johnson eo10-480  11/2011  
Town of Windham v. Sean Reese and Elizabeth Reese eo11-053  11/2011  
Elizabeth Crawford v. Patricia Farrington and Honora Winery & Vineyard, Inc. eo11-131  9/2011  
Francelle Bourgault-Zajac v. Jeffrey Zajac eo11-077  9/2011  
Frederick Bashara and Mary Bashara v. John Caton and Gloria Caton eo11-026  9/2011  
In re F.S., J.S., E.S., W.S., X.S. and K.S., Juveniles eo11-138  9/2011  
State v. Janette Johnson eo11-324  9/2011  
State v. Jason Gorman eo11-314.bail  9/2011  
Stephen Albrecht v. Town of Sunderland eo11-052  9/2011  
Christine Lamothe v. Christopher LeBlanc eo11-144  8/2011  
Highridge Condominium Owners Assn. v. James Haff, et al. eo11-012  8/2011  
In re Grievance of Lawrence Rosenberger eo10-473  8/2011  
In re M.A.V. eo11-120  8/2011  
In re T.B. and S.B., Juveniles eo11-163  8/2011  
John Muir v. Andre Thibault, Matthew Gonyo and Dept of Liquor Control eo11-061  8/2011  
John Viskup v. Juliane Viskup eo11-098  8/2011  
Linda Mavilla v. Ralph Mavilla 2011-095  8/2011  
Melissa Dame v. Victor Hall eo11-096  8/2011  
State v. Paul Mason eo10-384  8/2011  
State v. Richard Parah eo10-420  8/2011  
Edward Kadunc v. Dept of Labor (East Burke School, Employer) eo11-040  7/2011  
George Brott v. Department of Labor (J.A. McDonald, Inc.) eo11-019  7/2011  
Gordon Campbell, Jr. v. Ellen McWard, Brian Kearns, et al. eo10-291  7/2011  
In re Bowen Conditional Use Application After Remand eo11-112  7/2011  
In re Chris Khamnei eo10-470  7/2011  
In re D.L.S., Juvenile eo11-107  7/2011  
In re Keith Russell Judd eo11-108  7/2011  
Jane Krochmalny and Office of Child Support v. Wayne Mills eo10-360  7/2011  
Lisa Force v. Erik Schmitt eo10-313  7/2011  
Marion Sibley v. Dept of Labor (Eric Seyferth, M.D., Employer) eo11-043  7/2011  
Melody Corcoran v. James Walters, Jr. eo10-435  7/2011  
State v. Cynthia Cameron eo10-321  7/2011  
State v. Gregory Penn a/k/a David Smith eo10-450  7/2011  
State v. James Eastman eo11-259  7/2011  
Catherine Heller v. Bast & Rood Architects and Kemper Insurance eo10-405  6/2011  
Clinton Bedell v. State eo10-474  6/2011  
Connie Holmes v. Victor Allen Holmes eo11-005  6/2011  
Donald Sinex v. Christopher Wurster eo10-407  6/2011  
Hanson Homestead, Inc. v. Chad Woodard and Jaska Hill eo10-096  6/2011  
In re C.G., Juvenile eo11-049  6/2011  
In re W.M. eo10-417  6/2011  
Laura Love Vollbrecht v. Kris Vollbrecht eo10-342  6/2011  
Lee Boisvert v. Jacques Boisvert eo10-268  6/2011  
Luke Perry, Sr. v. Julie Perry eo11-023  6/2011  
Robert Winchell v. Robert Hofmann eo10-142  6/2011  
State v. Jessica Stone eo10-346  6/2011  
State v. Peter Mertens eo10-290  6/2011  
State v. Sulaiman Jadallah eo10-368  6/2011  
State v. Taylor James eo10-224  6/2011  
State v. Christopher Crowningshield eo11-174.bail  5/2011  
In re B.M. eo10-478  4/2011  
In re K.G. and A.G., Juveniles eo10-428  4/2011  
In re Marvin Waldman eo10-266  4/2011  
In re Scott Beyor eo10-421  4/2011  
In re T.A., D.A., A.A., A.A., B.A. and A.A., Juveniles eo10-465  4/2011  
John Burgess and Virginia Burgess v. Lamoille Housing Project & Town of Morristown eo10-396  4/2011  
Kelly VanZile v. Department of Labor eo10-367  4/2011  
State v. Adam Brouillard eo10-358  4/2011  
State v. Andrew Jimmo eo10-318  4/2011  
State v. Brittain Shorter eo10-379  4/2011  
State v. Cameron Wood eo10-350  4/2011  
State v. Corey Price eo10-363  4/2011  
State v. Donald O'Dell, Jr. eo10-172  4/2011  
State v. Terry Doe eo10-364  4/2011  
State v. Wallace Nolen eo10-319  4/2011  
Thomas Keefe v. Jessica Howard eo10-451  4/2011  
Valerie Gadreault v. Raymond Gadreault eo10-391  4/2011  
Amon Sylvester v. Andrew Pallito, Comm., Dept. of Corrections eo10-277  3/2011  
Amy Stevens v. Vito Russo eo10-275  3/2011  
In re Edmund Bills eo10-311  3/2011  
In re M.C., Juvenile eo10-449  3/2011  
In re S.M. and A.M., Juveniles eo10-445  3/2011  
Jodi Milko v. James Milko eo10-197  3/2011  
Katheryn "Kitty" Garcia v. Alpine Glen Farm/Broadspire eo10-310  3/2011  
Lee Chapman, Sr. v. Robert Spaulding Enterprises, Inc., et al. eo10-340  3/2011  
Robert Merriam v. Department of Labor eo10-327  3/2011  
State v. Charles Madigan eo11-103.bail  3/2011  
State v. Richard Harrington eo10-248  3/2011  
State v. Ronald McGivern eo10-208  3/2011  
State v. Vincent Brown eo10-365  3/2011  
Timothy Clodgo v. Dept. of Labor (Petropreneurs, LLC, Employer) eo10-418  3/2011  
Tyrone Byrd v. Andrew Pallito, Bob E. Arkley, Jonathan Bruce and Dept. of Corrections eo10-393  3/2011  
Albert Gionet v. Dartmouth Medical Center, Dr. William Rosen & Dr. Rosen's Assistant Nurse/Nurse Practitioner eo10-339  1/2011  
Floyd Kilburn v. Dept. of Labor (Jolley Associates, Employer) eo10-305  1/2011  
In re A.S., Juvenile eo10-375  1/2011  
In re D.F. and A.F., Juveniles eo10-335  1/2011  
In re L.B. and M.B., Juveniles eo10-357  1/2011  
In re Losier Variance Application eo10-309  1/2011  
In re N. H., Juvenile eo10-324  1/2011  
In re T.H., Juvenile eo10-386  1/2011  
Judith Pizzagalli v. Town of Shelburne eo10-146  1/2011  
State v. Aaron Todd eo10-173  1/2011  
State v. Charles Chandler eo10-135  1/2011  
State v. Frederick Hunter eo10-159  1/2011  
State v. Kaseen Smith eo10-033  1/2011  
State v. Michael Witter eo10-232  1/2011  
State v. Robert Gilman eo10-210  1/2011  
State v. Todd Maddox, Sr. eo10-194  1/2011  
Tejasinha Sivalingam v. Dept. of Labor (Hunger Mountain Cooperative, Inc., Employer) eo10-343  1/2011  
Anne Irish v. Alan Irish eo09-440 12/2010  
Brenda Shores v. Owen Jenkins eo10-337 12/2010  
Bruce Lisman v. Town of Shelburne eo10-251 12/2010  
Charles Gundlah v. Andrew Pallito eo10-121 12/2010  
David Shaddy v. Department of Labor (Brattleboro Retreat, Empoloyer) eo10-231 12/2010  
Harry Norway v. Andrew Pallito eo10-166 12/2010  
In re C.C. and M.C., Juveniles eo10-243 12/2010  
In re C.G., C.G. and C.G., Juveniles eo10-302 12/2010  
In re J.M. and A.M., Juveniles eo10-300 12/2010  
John Malcovsky v. Kevin Corcoran eo10-140 12/2010  
Kristin Luce v. Ark Lemal eo10-190 12/2010  
Paula Pahnke (Office of Child Support, Appellee) v. Jonathan Pahnke eo10-032 12/2010  
State of Vermont v. Gary O'Brien eo09-289 12/2010  
State v. Allen Rheaume eo10-156 12/2010  
State v. Mehmed Devac eo10-458.bail 12/2010  
State v. Michael Myers eo10-004 12/2010  
State v. Stephen Marsh eo10-014 12/2010  
State v. Timothy LaFlam eo10-132 12/2010  
State v. William Snow eo10-273 12/2010  
State v. Jeffrey Gay II eo10-429.bail 11/2010  
Dale Merritt & Brenda Merritt v. Steven Daiello, Sandra Daiello, etc. eo10-171 10/2010  
Fatema (Jamil) Sultana v. Taifoor Jamil eo10-062 10/2010  
Herrick Hurlburt v. Town of Monkton eo10-036 10/2010  
In re B.B., Juvenile eo10-114 10/2010  
In re Yasin Mouliert eo09-463 10/2010  
Jessica Morway v. Patrick Rayta eo09-464 10/2010  
John LaCroix and Marcia LaCroix v. Leah Pleason Mueller eo10-235 10/2010  
Marcia J. Nichols OBO Erin Nichols v. Marc Newton eo10-160 10/2010  
Maura Breslin v. James Synnott eo10-134 10/2010  
Michael Bashaw v. Betty Ann (Jones) Bashaw eo09-465 10/2010  
Michael Bott v. Lori Castro eo10-137 10/2010  
Robin Blouin v. Peter Clayton Blouin eo09-460 10/2010  
State v. Charles Waters eo10-044 10/2010  
State v. Cynthia Wilson eo10-073 10/2010  
State v. Jorge Delaoz eo09-470 10/2010  
State v. Julie Perry eo10-072 10/2010  
State v. Mark Mumley eo09-413 10/2010  
State v. Michael Rollins eo09-482 10/2010  
State v. Patrick Walsh eo10-046 10/2010  
Thomas Reynolds v. Daryl Snader, Dale Snader & Darlene Snader eo09-279 10/2010  
State v. Wyndham Lee eo10-320.bail 9/2010  
Adams Family Properties v. Shawn Michael Tomasi eo09-480 8/2010  
Agency of Natural Resources v. Roger Lussier & Emily Lussier eo09-322 8/2010  
Charles Perkins and Janet Perkins v. Euro-Dec, Inc. eo10-095 8/2010  
Christine West v. Christopher Glaser eo10-063 8/2010  
David Roy v. Betsy Jo Green (Roy) eo09-429 8/2010  
In re Estate of Leslie Larrow eo09-451 8/2010  
In re J.H., Juvenile eo10-123 8/2010  
In re M.R., D.R. and I.R., Juveniles eo10-139 8/2010  
In re T.C., Juvenile eo10-179 8/2010  
Jasmine Silver v. Trevor Ayer eo10-039 8/2010  
Kevin Barrup v. Tammy Barrup eo10-018 8/2010  
Leigh Isaacs v. Richard Rossi, et al. eo10-124 8/2010  
State v. John Winn eo09-283 8/2010  
State v. Stephen Dufresne eo09-317 8/2010  
State v. Webb MacJarrett eo09-373 8/2010  
Stephen Bain v. Robert Hofmann eo09-479 8/2010  
In re B.K., S.C. and K.C., Juveniles eo10-126 7/2010  
In re Beliveau Notice of Violation (Burlington) eo10-070 7/2010  
In re Beliveau Notice of Violation/Town of Fairfax v. Leon Beliveau eo10-064 7/2010  
In re Eejipp Ala eo09-476 7/2010  
In re J.V., Jr., Juvenile eo10-101 7/2010  
In re Kenneth Bailey, Sr. eo07-454 7/2010  
In re S.B. and H.B., Juveniles eo10-111 7/2010  
In re S.L., Juvenile eo10-038 7/2010  
Karen Paris, Individually, and as Guardian for Thomas McNelley v. Leonard Lussier & Cynthia Lussier eo10-034 7/2010  
Kenneth Conley v. Deparment of Labor (Formula Nissan, Inc., Employer) eo10-027 7/2010  
Randy Oakley & Jennifer Oakley v. Victory in Jesus Ministries, Inc., & David Lund eo09-295 7/2010  
State v. R.A.-S eo10-028 7/2010  
State v. William Steve Bostwick eo09-352 7/2010  
Union School District #45 v. Wright & Morrisey, Inc. eo09-369 7/2010  
Anthony Deyo v. Andrew Pollito eo10-023 6/2010  
David Sloterbeck v. Town of Landgrove eo09-318 6/2010  
In re A.H., Juvenile eo10-093 6/2010  
In re T.A., Juvenile eo10-019 6/2010  
John Uckele v. Town of Shelburne eo10-002 6/2010  
Robert Rotax v. Jodi Rotax eo10-025 6/2010  
State v. Kasandra Cole/State v. Ronald Coble eo09-363 6/2010  
State v. Rene Verge eo09-478 6/2010  
Arthur Curcillo v. Town of Eden eo09-445 5/2010  
In re A.G.-K., Juvenile eo09-412 5/2010  
In re D.H. eo09-224 5/2010  
In re H.D., Juvenile eo09-481 5/2010  
In re S.M. and A.M., Juveniles eo10-010 5/2010  
In re T.B. eo09-238 5/2010  
In re T.R., Juvenile eo10-076 5/2010  
Jennifer Dziadul v. Scott Dziadul eo09-405 5/2010  
Kristin Juel v. Kai Trevor Brost eo09-358 5/2010  
Michael Chickanosky v. Margaret Chickanosky eo09-094 5/2010  
New England Rail Service, Inc. v. Daniel Braman eo09-296 5/2010  
Robyn Levy v. Estate of Peter J. McKenna and Linda McKenna eo09-431 5/2010  
State v. Daniel Burnor eo09-156 5/2010  
State v. Lenny Gauthier eo09-234 5/2010  
Willard Buell eo09-310 5/2010  
Abatiell Associates, PC v. Deborah Nicholas eo09-339 4/2010  
Burlington Housing Authority v. Kelly Raymond eo09-454 4/2010  
David Benoit v. Dept. of Labor (Joatmon Entp., Employer) eo09-372 4/2010  
Gail Latuch v. William Marshall eo09-277 4/2010  
In re C.S., Juvenile eo09-457 4/2010  
In re J.B. and M.B., Juveniles eo09-443 4/2010  
In re Leon Beliveau eo09-399 4/2010  
John Boyer v. Dept of Labor (Honeytree Foods, LLC Cheese Outlet/Fresh Market, Employer) eo09-337 4/2010  
John Bugbee & Jennifer Bugbee v. Tri-State Flooring, Inc. eo09-427 4/2010  
Johnnie Cordell Breed, Trustee eo09-263 4/2010  
Linda Hill v. William Hill eo09-342 4/2010  
Miriam Levin, Margaret and Leon Grundstein v. Robert Grundstein eo09-254 4/2010  
Robert Veverka v. Dept of Labor (U.S. Postal Service, Employer) eo09-335 4/2010  
Ronald Davis v. Byron Gabaree and Jennifer Babcock eo09-180 4/2010  
State v. Charles Chandler eo10-135.bail 4/2010  
State v. Guillermo Vargas eo09-298 4/2010  
State v. Terry Putnam eo09-387 4/2010  
State v. Trevor Parizo eo09-099 4/2010  
State v. Eric Kurtz eo10-113.bail 3/2010  
State v. Griffith Mahoney eo10-104.bail 3/2010  
State v. Mary Ashline eo10-108 3/2010  
Ana Martinez-Lage v. David Herren eo09-377 2/2010  
Betsy Dittman v. Dept. of Labor (Green Mountain Messenger, Employer) / Francis Dittman v. Dept. of Labor (Green Mountain Messenger, Employer) eo09-240 2/2010  
Clinton Bedell v. Washington County State's Attorney and Jeff Percy eo09-341 2/2010  
Francis Dittman v. Dept. of Labor (Green Mountain Messenger, Employer) / Betsty Dittman v. Dept. of Labor (Green Mountain Messenger, Employer) eo09-239 2/2010  
Henry Brislin v. Wendy Wilton, Treasurer of City of Rutland, and City of Rutland eo09-236 2/2010  
In re A.P., A.P. and A.P., Juveniles eo09-400 2/2010  
In re E.H., Juvenile eo09-401 2/2010  
In re I.G., Juvenile eo09-437 2/2010  
In re King Garage Construction Permit eo09-282 2/2010  
In re Richard Laws eo08-245 2/2010  
Jill Manley-Gaydo v. Ronald Nye eo09-164 2/2010  
Kevin St. Marie v. Jean St. Marie eo09-243 2/2010  
State v. Alphonso Williams eo09-195 2/2010  
State v. Christopher Bower eo10-042 2/2010  
State v. Christopher Corley eo09-313 2/2010  
State v. Markell Barnes eo09-187 2/2010  
State v. Richard Barber eo09-274 2/2010  
Thomas Michelson v. Rhoda Mae Dunster, Misty Graham, et al. eo09-198 2/2010  
Trevor Evans v. Gerard Cote eo09-326 2/2010  
April Streeter/Office of Child Support v. Brian Rooney eo09-047 1/2010  
Bruce Paynter v. Town of Pittsford Planning Commission and Selectboard eo09-307 1/2010  
In re Allianz Life Ins. Co. of North America eo09-441 1/2010  
In re B.M., Juvenile eo09-327 1/2010  
In re C.H. and M.H., Juveniles eo09-275 1/2010  
In re Snelgrove Permit eo09-162 1/2010  
Lynden Thurber v. Washington Electric Cooperative and Town of Plainfield eo09-178 1/2010  
Marion Lamothe v. Town of St. Albans eo09-111 1/2010  
Robert Lefebvre v. Richard Cawley eo09-194 1/2010  
State v. Amos Wallen eo09-175 1/2010  
State v. Dorothy Szwaja eo09-268 1/2010  
State v. James Hutchins eo09-041 1/2010  
State v. Kyle Winnie eo09-214 1/2010  
State v. Matthew Stevens eo08-451 1/2010  
State v. Raymond Mills eo09-091 1/2010  
State v. Solomon Griffin eo09-098 1/2010  
State v. Stephen Bain eo09-235 1/2010  
Town of Irasburg v. Harold Rock, Sr., et al. eo09-053 1/2010  
Crystal Bessette v. Freeman Patten eo09-154 12/2009  
State v. Carlos Castillo-Vasquez eo09-442 12/2009  
State v. Clark Salmon, III eo09-456 12/2009  
Agency of Natural Resources v. John Wellman eo09-087 11/2009  
Crystal Carter v. Eric Carter eo09-183 11/2009  
David Camara, Sr. v. Town of Pawlet eo09-135 11/2009  
Donald Richard v. City of Winooski eo09-028 11/2009  
In re Daniel Valentine eo09-044 11/2009  
In re Dodge Farm Community eo08-356 11/2009  
In re F.E. eo09-172 11/2009  
In re J.B., C.B. and K.W., Juveniles eo09-249 11/2009  
In re J.G. eo09-193 11/2009  
Jean Carpenter v. Thomas Carpenter eo09-138 11/2009  
Joyce Tenney v. Town of Athens, et al. eo09-166 11/2009  
Margaret Tassey v. Trevor Ayer eo09-144 11/2009  
Richard Davis v. Robert Hofmann eo09-212 11/2009  
State v. Kyle Reynolds eo08-452 11/2009  
State v. Michelle Checklick eo09-157 11/2009  
State v. Thomas Lafayette eo09-043 11/2009  
State v. Todd Galipeau eo09-189 11/2009  
Agency of Transportation & Agency of Natural Resouces v. Harold Rock, Sr., et al. eo09-052 10/2009  
Brian Bowles v. Aimee Hanson eo09-088 10/2009  
Herby Heath, Jr. & Tina Heath v. Bonnie Orr eo09-085 10/2009  
Howard Loso & Hazel Loso v. Yankee Medical, Inc. eo09-027 10/2009  
In re A.L.-D., Juvenile eo09-197 10/2009  
In re J.J., Juvenile eo09-174 10/2009  
In re N.B., Juvenile eo09-203 10/2009  
Karen Shappy v. Dana Shappy eo09-071 10/2009  
Michael Montgomery, et al. v. Cheshire Handling d/b/a Riverside Reload Center, et al. eo09-112 10/2009  
State v. David Chicoine eo09-065 10/2009  
State v. Ray Hurlburt eo09-379 10/2009  
State v. Robert Jones eo09-116 10/2009  
State v. Rondelle Esters eo08-522 10/2009  
State v. Victor Hall eo09-122 10/2009  
Town of Brookfield v. James Moorcroft eo09-107 10/2009  
David Bushika v. Dept. of Labor (North Branch Landscape, Employer) eo09-046 9/2009  
Desmond Willey and Kelly Willey v. Town of Averill eo08-528 9/2009  
Donald Sinex v. Christopher Wurster eo09-048 9/2009  
In re A.M. & E.M., Juveniles eo09-029 9/2009  
In re Adoption of B.L.R. eo09-284 9/2009  
In re K.L., Juvenile eo09-160 9/2009  
In re Mastelli Construction Application eo09-072 9/2009  
In re R.D. & T.D., Juveniles eo09-161 9/2009  
Leslie Richardson v. Regular Veteran's Association Post No. 514 & St. Paul's Travelers Insurance Company eo08-427 9/2009  
Michael Barrows v. Dept. of Labor (Mactaw Inc. Pete's RV Center, Employer) eo09-096 9/2009  
Nine1165084 Quebec, Inc. v. State eo09-062 9/2009  
State v. Aaron Congdon eo08-367 9/2009  
State v. Merrill Bashaw, Sr. eo08-513 9/2009  
Leesa Callahan v. James Callahan eo09-127 8/2009  
State v. Jabari Peterson eo09-266 8/2009  
Amy Godbout v. Jeffrey Godbout eo08-515 7/2009  
Carol Irons v. Kim Nova and Leslie Hook eo08-512 7/2009  
Gwen Hart v. Michael Hart eo08-410 7/2009  
In re B.B., Juvenile eo09-069 7/2009  
In re K.B., S.B. and H.B., Juveniles eo09-082 7/2009  
In re K.S./State v. K.S. eo08-402 7/2009  
In re Nate Peatman eo08-448 7/2009  
Janet Cote v. Town of St. Albans/Town of St. Albans v. Janet Cote eo08-011 7/2009  
Jennifer Zeno v. Eric Zeno eo09-037 7/2009  
Larry Drown v. Marion Ballou and Catherine Boardman eo08-240 7/2009  
Shawn Pontbriand v. Jessica Bascomb, Edward Dionne, Robert Hofmann et al. eo09-042 7/2009  
Soo Schonbachler, Constantine Schonbachler and Stanti's, Ltd. v. John Canney eo08-486 7/2009  
State v. Arthur Bruce eo09-217 7/2009  
State v. David Reynolds eo08-380 7/2009  
State v. Jabari Peterson eo09-226 7/2009  
State v. James Creller eo08-438 7/2009  
State v. John Galanes eo09-210.bail 7/2009  
State v. K.S./In re K.S. eo08-425 7/2009  
State v. Michael Naples eo09-066 7/2009  
State v. Muriel Belway eo08-475 7/2009  
State v. Stephen Griggs eo09-218 7/2009  
State v. Stephen Synnott eo08-440 7/2009  
Town of St. Albans v. Janet Cote/Janet Cote v. Town of St. Albans eo08-393 7/2009  
State v. Adrienne Fortin eo09-159 6/2009  
David Heide v. Ying Ji a/k/a Heide eo08-270 5/2009  
Doug Haser v. Jessie Graham eo08-461 5/2009  
Harold Coughlin v. James Reynolds, individually, O'Brien, Shortle, et al. eo08-441 5/2009  
Ida Robertson d/b/a Locust Creek Country Store v. State eo08-364 5/2009  
In re D.B., M.B. and N.B., Juveniles eo09-010 5/2009  
In re D.T.-S., Juvenile eo09-070 5/2009  
In re H.C., M.C., M.C. and C.C., Juveniles eo08-492 5/2009  
In re J.M. and A.M., Juveniles eo09-031 5/2009  
In re Patricia and Fred Stewart eo08-361 5/2009  
John McGarry v. Town of Pittsford Board of Civil Authority eo08-503 5/2009  
State v. Clifford Russin eo08-313 5/2009  
State v. Matthew Verno eo08-198 5/2009  
State v. Michael Brillon eo09-114 5/2009  
State v. Stacy Silva eo08-266 5/2009  
State v. Thomas Pinney eo08-371 5/2009  
State v. Timothy Casey eo08-369 5/2009  
Virginia Vermette v. H & M Enterprises, Inc.: Mary's Restaurant/DOL eo08-495 5/2009  
Wallace Nolen v. State, William Sorrell, Jeb Spaulding & Elizabeth Pearce eo08-131 5/2009  
April DaSilva v. Brian Prim, Sr. eo08-454 4/2009  
Edward Coulstring v. Dept of Labor eo08-449 4/2009  
Estate of Laurenza Leduc DeVoyd v. Roger Lanoue d/b/a RL Marine, Carmen Lanoue, et. al. eo08-465 4/2009  
In re J.B., Juvenile eo08-514 4/2009  
In re J.B., Juvenile eo09-004 4/2009  
In re Roy Girouard eo08-408 4/2009  
Janet Lafoe (Pearce) v. David Lafoe eo08-340 4/2009  
Kristen Place v. Larkin Forney eo08-472 4/2009  
Nicole Cormier v. Robert Cormier eo08-376 4/2009  
Ocean Chance v. Joanne Brown eo08-419 4/2009  
Robert Zorn v. Mary Ryan, Estate of Thomas Ryan and James Brown eo08-445 4/2009  
State v. Brian Sanford eo08-386 4/2009  
State v. Bubba Lake eo08-136 4/2009  
State v. Larkin Forney eo09-005 4/2009  
State v. Michael Rinaldo eo08-196 4/2009  
Stephen Bain v. Robert Hofmann eo08-341 4/2009  
Chris Khamnei d/b/a Green Mountain Real Estate v. Jay Behrman eo08-342 3/2009  
David Neylon & Janet Kling-Neylon v. Hildegard Gay Bethea eo08-343 3/2009  
In re Anne C. Rose Revocable Trust eo08-450 3/2009  
In re C.P., Juvenile eo08-397 3/2009  
Kimberlee Herring v. Lee Herring eo08-204 3/2009  
Michael Garbitelli, Joseph Garbitelli, Steven Garbitelli, Elizabeth Garbitelli and Thomas Garbitelli v. Central Vermont Public Service eo08-375 3/2009  
Michael Rinaldo v. Edward Doucette eo08-150 3/2009  
Miriam Levin, Margaret Grundstein & Leon Grundstein v. Robert Grundstein eo08-417 3/2009  
Raymond Gallipo v. City of Rutland & VLCT PACIF eo08-416 3/2009  
Robert Phillips II v. Peter Noel Duhamel and W.J. Heney & Sons, d/b/a Coldwell Banker Heney Realtors eo08-263 3/2009  
Robin Menzel v. Donald Schmidt eo08-310 3/2009  
State v. Anthony Bray eo09-049 3/2009  
State v. David Holcomb eo08-379 3/2009  
State v. Lennie Bushey eo08-120 3/2009  
Union School District #45 v. Wright & Morrisey, Inc. v. Banwell White Arnold Hemberger & Partners, et al. eo08-289 3/2009  
Clarence Bishop, Gloria Bishop, Peter Lawrence and Susan Lawrence v. Robert Raeder and Wendy Raeder eo08-278 2/2009  
Daniel Quinn v. State of Vermont, Agency of Human Services, Office of Child Support eo08-331 2/2009  
In re C.E. and N.E., Juveniles eo08-431 2/2009  
In re Fred LaTour eo08-242 2/2009  
In re Glenn Prior eo08-094 2/2009  
In re Richard Gero eo08-246 2/2009  
In re S.T., B.T. and S.T., Juveniles eo08-394 2/2009  
In re Walter LeClaire eo08-028 2/2009  
James Naylor d/b/a Naylor Construction eo08-327 2/2009  
Kimberly VoganSchneider v. Earle Chaffee III eo08-283 2/2009  
Larkin Forney v. Ashley Meek eo08-372 2/2009  
State v. Gary Francis eo08-146 2/2009  
State v. William Burdick eo08-158 2/2009  
Stephen Howard and Jerri Howard v. David Curtis & Vermont Modular Homes, Inc. eo08-248 2/2009  
Suzanne Amon v. Department of Labor eo08-333 2/2009  
Timic Corporation and McLean Enterprises Corporation v. Arleen Boyle and William Boyle eo08-265 2/2009  
Bruce Laforce v. Jeffrey Billado and Paul Billado eo08-210 1/2009  
Edward Gyukeri, Jr. v. Jeanette Gyukeri eo08-193 1/2009  
In re A.K., Juvenile eo08-314 1/2009  
In re B.K., S.C. and K.C., Juveniles eo-08-271 1/2009  
In re C.G., Juvenile eo08-285 1/2009  
In re C.P.P., Juvenile eo08-318 1/2009  
In re D.M., Juvenile eo08-337 1/2009  
In re J.B., Juvenile eo08-391 1/2009  
In re K.S.-M., Juvenile eo08-328 1/2009  
In re L.W., Juvenile eo08-300 1/2009  
In re Olde Orchard Realty Partnership eo08-288 1/2009  
State v. Antonio Delgado eo08-516 1/2009  
State v. Jeffrey Smith eo08-033 1/2009  
State v. Ryan Dauphin eo08-197 1/2009  
State v. Stephen Robert Bain eo08-286 1/2009  
State v. Thomas Pushee eo08-081 1/2009  
State of Vermont v. John Winn eo08-463.bail 12/2008  
Alex Leonenko & Alla Dzugaeva v. Gerhard Ebner & Pagona Brady v. Barbara Walowit & Walowit Realty eo08-160 11/2008  
Billings Mobile Manor Residence Assn., et al. v. Billings Mobile Manor eo08-119 11/2008  
David McGee v. Robert Hofmann, Commissioner of Dept of Corrections eo08-130 11/2008  
David Tower, Jr. v. Criminal Information Center eo08-143 11/2008  
Edward Deptula v. Paula Kane eo08-139 11/2008  
George Dunbar eo08-056 11/2008  
In re K.L. & B.L., Juveniles eo08-277 11/2008  
In re R.D.W., Juvenile eo08-281 11/2008  
John Cronin v. Marie Cronin eo08-226 11/2008  
Laura Brueckner v. Town of Morristown eo08-054 11/2008  
Melissa Gray v. Douglas Gray eo08-209 11/2008  
Perry Green and Sheila Green v. Brent Peacock & Brent Peacock Construction Company eo08-232 11/2008  
State v. Elliott Turcotte eo08-090 11/2008  
State v. Eric Patch eo08-109 11/2008  
State v. Steven Gerber eo08-039 11/2008  
State v. Victor Hall eo08-086 11/2008  
Stephen Robert Bain v. Keith Clark eo08-183 11/2008  
Thomas Berno v. Dept of Labor eo08-175 11/2008  
Andrew Scott v. Dept of Taxes eo08-190 10/2008  
Christopher DiLello & Rhonda DiLello v. Mary E. Parker Trust, Joyce Cromie, Trustee, et al. eo08-025 10/2008  
David Papazoni v. Dept for Children and Families eo08-238 10/2008  
In re D.H., Juvenile eo08-255 10/2008  
In re D.L. and W.L.S., Juveniles eo08-205 10/2008  
In re Harold Thompson eo08-176 10/2008  
In re M.C., Juvenile eo08-227 10/2008  
In re P.D., Juvenile eo08-220 10/2008  
In re T.M. and E.S., Juveniles eo08-225 10/2008  
Philip Pugliese III v. Town of Bennington eo08-156 10/2008  
Robert Miller v. Robert Hofmann, Commissioner of Dept of Corrections eo08-102 10/2008  
State v. Edward Charbonneau eo08-388.bail 10/2008  
State v. Gary Vincent eo07-393 10/2008  
State v. Joseph Gill eo08-009 10/2008  
State v. Peter Nelson eo08-012 10/2008  
State v. Richard Lizzie eo08-047 10/2008  
State v. Shawn Harper eo08-426.bail 10/2008  
Sylvie Valois v. Paul Valois eo08-082 10/2008  
William Hoyt v. Mary Hoyt eo08-106 10/2008  
Zdenek Fatka v. Lesley Evon eo08-063 10/2008  
Paul Murphy v. Prison Health Services eo08-061 9/2008  
State v. Dennis Rooney, Jr. eo08-346.bail 9/2008  
State v. Peter Quist eo08-336.bail 9/2008  
Diane Tallant v. Peter Quist eo08-031 8/2008  
Edwin A. Towne, Jr. v. Robert Hofmann, Commissioner of Department of Corrections eo08-095 8/2008  
Eric Mayhew v. Christine Mayhew eo08-020 8/2008  
Housing Foundation, Inc. v. Yolanda Beagle eo07-474 8/2008  
In re A.R. & C.R., Juveniles eo08-154 8/2008  
In re D.G. & I.G., Juveniles eo08-140 8/2008  
In re D.S., Juvenile eo08-174 8/2008  
In re E.D. & J.D., Juveniles eo08-137 8/2008  
In re P.S., Jr. eo08-042 8/2008  
In re Shawn Gibney eo08-105 8/2008  
James E. Pietrangelo, II v. AMI-Burlington, Inc. d/b/a Anchorage Inn, et al. eo08-115 8/2008  
Kevin Barrup v. Tammy Barrup eo08-036 8/2008  
Lynn Hedges v. Christopher Hedges eo07-452 8/2008  
Marianne Lisenko v. Boris Osadchuk eo07-487 8/2008  
State v. Adam Florentine eo08-010 8/2008  
State v. Dennis Drew eo07-465 8/2008  
NRC v. Expanded Downtown Board eo07-482.mo 7/2008  
State v. Daniel Peters eo08-268.bail 7/2008  
State v. Randy Francis eo08-272.bail 7/2008  
State v. William Bostwick eo08-251.bail 7/2008  
Bryan Lafayette v. Robert Hofmann, Commissioner, Dept of Corrections eo08-043 6/2008  
In re K.B., S.B., J.C. & H.B., Juveniles eo08-108 6/2008  
In re M.B., Juvenile eo08-083 6/2008  
In re S.S., Juvenile eo08-049 6/2008  
In re T.C., Juvenile eo08-073 6/2008  
Kimberly VoganSchneider v. Earle Chaffee, III eo07-377 6/2008  
Le Borofsky v. David Dennis Cardill eo07-175 6/2008  
Leslie Kevin Kozaczek & Kathryn Wallace v. Jessica Ellicott, Jeanine Dumont, MBNA America Bank, Howard Lee Schiff, PC, National Arbitration Forum & Wolpoff & Abramson eo08-045 6/2008  
Stacy Hill v. Dept of Labor eo07-490 6/2008  
State v. Alan Charland eo07-470 6/2008  
State v. David Judd eo07-171 6/2008  
State v. Gordon Kidder eo07-410 6/2008  
State v. Michael LaPlante eo08-239.bail 6/2008  
State v. Philip Bessette eo07-279 6/2008  
State v. Robert Somers eo07-413 6/2008  
State v. William Ryan eo07-449 6/2008  
Bridget Shover v. Gregory Shover eo07-341 5/2008  
Christine Thompson v. Michael Thompson eo07-344 5/2008  
Deborah Fleischman v. John Pandolfo eo07-431 5/2008  
Frank Huard & Karen Huard v. Michael Henry, Melinda Henry, Joel Prive & Lisa Prive eo07-417 5/2008  
In re Beverly Richardson eo07-134 5/2008  
In re Crystal Hudson eo07-283 5/2008  
In re Guardianship of E.E. eo07-233 5/2008  
In re L.P.-M. eo07-469 5/2008  
In re Lee Tucker eo07-268 5/2008  
In re R.J., Juvenile eo08-005 5/2008  
Judy Foregger, Trustee for the Russell F. Foregger Trust v. Elizabeth Gadbois d/b/a The Body Lounge eo07-419 5/2008  
Karen Morrison v. James Morrison eo07-414 5/2008  
State v. Darrin Bourdeau eo07-222 5/2008  
State v. Eric Daley eo07-210 5/2008  
State v. James Burke eo07-002 5/2008  
State v. Jeffrey Prior eo08-253 5/2008  
State v. Thomas Gleason, Jr. eo07-346 5/2008  
Thomas Davis v. Debra Davis eo07-422 5/2008  
William Cashin & Elaine Cashin v. Charles Nichols & Candace Moot eo07-355 5/2008  
Heide Scheurer v. Leon Shabott eo07-388 4/2008  
Herbert Childs and Isabel Childs v. Steven Valente eo07-333 4/2008  
In re Boutin PRD Amendment (Appeal of Boutin) eo07-259 4/2008  
In re Kenneth Bailey, Sr. eo06-386 4/2008  
In re S.G. and A.G., Juveniles eo07-485 4/2008  
In re T.C. and C.B., Juveniles eo07-477 4/2008  
Margaret Coyle (Herrington) v. Mark Coyle eo07-380 4/2008  
Matthew Burgess v. Thomas Salmon eo07-411 4/2008  
Robert Kest v. Willis Manges, Jr. & Darcy Manges eo07-308 4/2008  
State v. Corey Mott eo07-111 4/2008  
State v. George Dean Martin eo08-111.bail 4/2008  
State v. Kim Willis eo07-172 4/2008  
State v. Larkin Forney eo07-392 4/2008  
State v. Larry Mason eo06-511 4/2008  
State v. Michael Lee eo07-269 4/2008  
State v. Michael Myers eo08-112.bail 4/2008  
State v. Paul Graham eo07-105 4/2008  
State v. Terry Putnam eo08-123.bail 4/2008  
State v. Timothy Hilliker eo07-148 4/2008  
State v. Vito Russo eo08-066.bail 4/2008  
Tawnya Manosh v. Howard Steven Manosh eo07-325 4/2008  
The Nature Conservancy v. Harland Cantin, Dorothy Cantin, Maudetta Taylor, Nancy Ouelette, Kathaleen Ames & Glenn Towne eo07-323 4/2008  
Amy Stevens-Russo v. Vito Russo eo07-312 3/2008  
Bernadette Bousquet eo07-342 3/2008  
Carl Wetherby & Marina Wetherby v. Leland Vincent eo07-276 3/2008  
Celeste Puppolo, Executor of the Estate of Eva Puppolo v. CSR Corp., d/b/a Crescent Manor Care Centers, et al. eo07-354.mo 3/2008  
In re James Ingerson eo07-161 3/2008  
Irina Assur v. Central Vermont Hospital eo07-309 3/2008  
Katherine Whitmore v. Town of Greensboro eo07-418.mo 3/2008  
Kathy Murphy v. Ursula Landry eo07-289 3/2008  
Lisa Miller-Jenkins v. Janet Miller-Jenkins eo07-271 3/2008  
Scott Percey v. Dept of Labor eo07-257 3/2008  
Shelly Murphy v. George Murphy, Jr. eo07-327 3/2008  
State v. Arthur Blouin eo07-130 3/2008  
State v. Danny Davis eo07-065 3/2008  
State v. Franklin Driscoll eo07-339 3/2008  
State v. Kevin Lee Duby eo07-275 3/2008  
Byron Martin v. Joshua Rutherford eo07-263 2/2008  
Byron Martin v. Robert Hofmann, Commissioner of Dept of Corrections eo07-181 2/2008  
Carroll Noyes v. Richard Gagnon, M.D. eo07-311 2/2008  
Franklin Volvovitz v. High Ridge Owners Association, Killington, Ltd., Richard Chappo and James Odorisio, Jr. eo07-272 2/2008  
In re Anthony LaFlamme eo07-298 2/2008  
In re Kinney Drug and Pomerleau Real Estate Application eo07-230 2/2008  
In re T.G., Juvenile eo07-401 2/2008  
In re Travis Lang eo07-373 2/2008  
James Paqua d/b/a J.P. General Contracting and Construction v. Mark & Lisa Shea eo07-315 2/2008  
Jeffrey Sullivan v. Liza Sullivan (McSwain) eo07-389 2/2008  
State v. Erika Katz eo07-173 2/2008  
State v. Jason Douglas eo06-533 2/2008  
State v. John Corsano eo07-131 2/2008  
State v. John Howard eo07-316 2/2008  
State v. Jonathan Raser eo07-138 2/2008  
Susan Cresenzi v. Francis Cresenzi, Jr. eo07-166 2/2008  
State v. Francis Lampman eo08-002.bail 1/2008  
State v. Jamel Scott eo07-489.bail 1/2008  
State v. Jonathan Hoyt eo08-014.bail 1/2008  
State v. Roger Howard eo08-004.bail 1/2008  
Christine Grele v. Mitchell Estrin eo07-220 12/2007  
Christopher Khamnei & Holly Zanes v. Mara Coven eo07-200 12/2007  
Dominic Solemno v. Jimmie Phillips eo07-243 12/2007  
Gary Thomas v. Susan Thomas eo07-160 12/2007  
In re Donald Cleary eo06-513 12/2007  
In re S.T., S.T., & B.T., Juveniles eo07-369 12/2007  
Janet Jennings v. Robert Jennings eo06-534 12/2007  
Peter Noel Duhamel v. Donald Donnelly, Marjorie Donnelly, Christopher John Flynn & Kristi Ann Flynn eo07-227 12/2007  
Robert Maguire, et al. v. Samuel Gorruso & Sammy G. Media Corporation, et al. eo07-186 12/2007  
State v. Carey Eastman eo07-034 12/2007  
State v. Jahaad Williams eo07-466.bail 12/2007  
State v. Jeffrey Amidon eo07-008 12/2007  
State v. Raymond Bowley eo07-045 12/2007  
State v. Robert Lussier eo07-158 12/2007  
Timic Corporation & McLean Enterprises Corporation v. Arleen Boyle & William Boyle eo07-154 12/2007  
Vito Russo v. John McKay eo07-152 12/2007  
Anthony Cote v. Candy Sue Cote eo07-139 11/2007  
Barbara Cowles v. David Sunshine, et al. eo07-036 11/2007  
Eugene Ladd v. Richard Plank, Randy Porter, Michael McGurl & Susan Blair eo07-164 11/2007  
Gerald Prosch v. Gordon Ware, Jr., Doria Ware, Gordon Ware, Sr. & Lillian Ware eo07-153 11/2007  
In re A.A. & M.A., Juveniles eo07-296 11/2007  
In re Appeal of James/Paul Erena eo07-162 11/2007  
In re E.S. & D.S., Juveniles eo07-277 11/2007  
In re S.R.T., T.R.F. & J.R., Juveniles eo07-287 11/2007  
Joseph Bruyette v. Steven Gold, Commissioner of Dept. of Corrections eo07-151 11/2007  
Laura Billado v. James Billado eo07-099 11/2007  
State v. Alfred Poutre eo07-149 11/2007  
State v. Kevin Williams eo06-522 11/2007  
State v. Michael Baer eo07-013 11/2007  
State v. Raymond Normandy eo06-520 11/2007  
State v. Scott Huminski eo07-223 11/2007  
State v. Scott Morey eo07-421.bail 11/2007  
Terry Hopper Wilcox v. William Wilcox, Jr. eo07-096 11/2007  
Thomas Mansfield & Sumiko Mansfield v. Joseph Famolare, Jr. & Sandra Famolare eo06-428 11/2007  
Catherine Miele v. Floyd Miele, Jr. eo07-093 10/2007  
Ellen Flaherty v. Anthony Flaherty eo07-064 10/2007  
Garrett Brown, Jennifer Brown & Larry Rowe v. Charles Mulcahy, Sr., Barbara Mulcahy, Charles Mulcahy, Jr., Robert Mulcahy & Robert Rojecki eo06-361 10/2007  
In re Chandler Shed & Dwelling Applications eo07-003 10/2007  
In re D.P., D.P. & S.P., Juveniles eo07-201 10/2007  
In re L.L., Juvenile eo07-248 10/2007  
In re M.K. & J.K., Juveniles eo07-053 10/2007  
In re S.M. eo07-150 10/2007  
In re S.W., Juvenile eo07-218 10/2007  
Larkin Forney v. Ashley Terjelian eo07-058 10/2007  
Lisa Levesque v. David Kaczynski eo07-022 10/2007  
Michelle Tatro v. Michael Brillon eo07-071 10/2007  
Patricia Church v. Roger Church, Jr. eo06-535 10/2007  
Peter Clark v. Michelle Witte eo07-128 10/2007  
State v. Baron Watson eo07-352.bail 10/2007  
State v. Kevin Hoyt eo07-371.bail 10/2007  
State v. Misty Peck eo07-080 10/2007  
State v. Nathan Hazlett eo06-521 10/2007  
State v. Sean McTigue eo06-407 10/2007  
State v. David Taylor eo07-353.bail 9/2007  
State v. Noah Morrison eo07-350.bail 9/2007  
Glenn Myer v. Office of Professional Regulation eo07-063 8/2007  
In re A. Johnson Company Conditional Use Permit eo07-113 8/2007  
In re Appeal of Kathleen Lanctot eo06-473 8/2007  
In re Appeal of Nowicki Building Permit and Appeal of Nowicki NOV Appeal eo06-283 8/2007  
In re Appeal of Ross eo06-430 8/2007  
In re B.T., K.T. & T.T., Juveniles eo07-133 8/2007  
In re N.B. & A.B., Juveniles eo07-052 8/2007  
In re N.R., F.R. & D.R., Juveniles eo07-050 8/2007  
Leon Beliveau v. City of Burlington eo07-146 8/2007  
Linda Nordlund v. Ronald Van Nostrand & Elizabeth Van Nostrand eo07-027 8/2007  
Nancy Colleran v. Harold Colleran eo06-499 8/2007  
Nelson Barney, Jr. v. Robert Hofmann, Commissioner of Corrections eo07-081 8/2007  
Patricia McCormick v. Michael McCormick eo06-453 8/2007  
Sierra Fiata v. Department of Labor eo07-062 8/2007  
State v. Anthony Bray eo06-515 8/2007  
State v. Anthony Perkins eo06-543 8/2007  
State v. James Shappy III eo07-290.bail 8/2007  
State v. Larkin Forney eo06-500 8/2007  
State v. Timothy Heath eo06-380 8/2007  
Deborah Moody v. Perry Lessing eo07-011 7/2007  
State v. John Winn eo07-274.bailamendcond 7/2007  
Amy Stevens-Russo v. Vito Russo eo06-471 6/2007  
Barbara Donnelly v. Anna McNiffe eo06-518 6/2007  
Gyna Poulin Hutchins v. Benjamin Doran eo06-280 6/2007  
In re Appeal of Licausi, et al. eo06-311 6/2007  
In re C.M., Juvenile eo07-051 6/2007  
In re D.H., Juvenile eo07-076 6/2007  
In re Eugene Ladd eo07-061 6/2007  
In re M.E., Juvenile eo07-042 6/2007  
In re N.H., Juvenile eo07-059 6/2007  
In re Randolph Town Office Zoning Application eo06-185 6/2007  
Lawrence Miller v. Karen Smith eo06-525 6/2007  
Paul Murphy v. Sister Janice Ryan, Ray Flum and Superintendent Michael O'Malley eo07-056 6/2007  
State v. Cynthia Guyette eo06-427 6/2007  
State v. Jack McGuire eo06-532 6/2007  
State v. Peter Chicoine eo06-121 6/2007  
Wendy Donahue v. Town of St. Johnsbury eo07-015 6/2007  
Donelle Morin v. Pene Morin eo06-418 5/2007  
Gary Hodges v. John Wolfe eo06-441 5/2007  
George Eisenhardt v. Linda Anderson eo06-389 5/2007  
In re Appeal of Patricia Baker & Yvonne Johns and In re Chipman Hill Estates PUD eo06-364 5/2007  
In re C.S., Juvenile eo07-019 5/2007  
In re Clinton Bedell eo06-519 5/2007  
In re Jeffrey Whitcomb eo06-414 5/2007  
In re Joseph Stocker eo06-505 5/2007  
In re T.G., Juvenile eo07-028 5/2007  
Joanne Foley v. Mad River Internal Medicine, Occupational Health & Rehabilitation, Green Mountain Physical Sports Therapy & Dr. Karen Endacott eo06-331 5/2007  
John Casey v. Robert Hofmann, Commissioner of Dept of Corrections & Raymond Flum, Assistant Director eo06-549 5/2007  
Joyce Emery v. Raoul Emery eo06-299 5/2007  
Jules Chatot, Jr. & Kathleen Chatot v. Ronald Forant, Sr. & Carmel Allaire v. Andrew Leinoff & Gwenyth Jones eo06-353 5/2007  
Marie Thompson, Frank Lawrence Thompson, Frank Larry Thompson & Patrick Thompson v. Katherine Ryan & Pamela Ryan eo06-286 5/2007  
Michael Diemer, Jill Diemer & Diemer Holdings, LLC v. Kevin E. Sleeper, Margaret Sleeper, Kevin Sleeper, James Wick, Doug Fisher & Debi Fisher eo06-452 5/2007  
Michael Mayotte v. Robert Hofmann eo06-356 5/2007  
Nane Rubaud v. Gerard Rubaud eo06-122 5/2007  
Patricia Thibodeau v. Timothy Thibodeau eo07-004 5/2007  
Paul Bidgood v. Town of Cavendish eo06-426 5/2007  
State v. Luis Colon eo06-202 5/2007  
State v. Matthew Waterman-Danyow eo07-182.bail 5/2007  
Wanda Ehlert v. Carl Ehlert eo06-209 5/2007  
Anthony DeLuca v. Dept of Taxes eo06-397 4/2007  
Armond Brisson & Ramona Brisson v. Elizabeth Call eo06-455 4/2007  
Dawn Adamson (Dodge) v. Jeffrey Dodge eo06-207 4/2007  
Donarae Cook v. Bradford Cook eo06-310 4/2007  
Homer Durkee & Ruth Durkee v. Sherri McMahon & Craig Murray eo06-465 4/2007  
In re Appeal of Byron Martin eo07-114 4/2007  
In re B.F. eo06-338 4/2007  
In re J.L., Juvenile eo06-388 4/2007  
Lindy (Bettis) Hatcher v. Alan Paul Bettis eo06-247 4/2007  
Main Street Landing, Co. v. Lake Street Associates eo06-340 4/2007  
Michele Rose v. Kevin Rose eo06-262 4/2007  
Norma Poulenkill v. Tammy Bell eo06-323 4/2007  
State v. Camille Deslandes eo06-294 4/2007  
State v. Jeffrey Bellville eo06-318 4/2007  
State v. John Connelly eo06-237 4/2007  
State v. Michael Wheeler eo06-348 4/2007  
State v. Paul West eo06-078 4/2007  
State v. Stanley Beauregard eo06-148 4/2007  
Tina Tyminski v. Joseph Bizon eo06-254 4/2007  
Angelo Piizzagalli v. Town of Shelburne eo06-315 3/2007  
Braylyn Ovitt v. Richard White, M.D. & Fletcher Allen Health Care, Inc. eo06-355 3/2007  
Bruce Youngbluth v. Elisabeth Youngbluth eo06-083 3/2007  
Catamount/Infill Springfield, LLC v. UPS Capital Business Credit f/k/a First International Bank eo06-296 3/2007  
Edward Brady & Rosemary Brady v. CU York Insurance Co., One Baeacon Insurance Co., & J.W. & D.E. Ryan Inc. eo06-369 3/2007  
In re Appeal of Terry Varga eo06-424 3/2007  
In re H.R., J.R. & K.R., Juveniles eo06-528 3/2007  
In re W.E., Juvenile eo06-476 3/2007  
John Brumsted v. Nicole Murtha (Brumsted) eo06-217 3/2007  
Katharine Furney v. David Furney eo06-284 3/2007  
Lauren Tetta-Parham (Office of Child Support, Appellee) v. George Malico eo06-390 3/2007  
Louis Colasanti v. Dept of Labor (State of Vermont, Appellee) eo06-372 3/2007  
Lynn Burton v. Craig Burton eo06-373 3/2007  
Ronald Saldi, Sr. v. M. Jerome Diamond eo06-341 3/2007  
State v. Jerry Williams eo07-067.bail 3/2007  
State v. Jonas Dixon eo07-066.bail 3/2007  
State v. Langmaid eo06-391 3/2007  
State v. Randy Howe eo06-429 3/2007  
Thomas Corbett & North American Hockey Academy, Inc. v. Dept of Labor eo06-292 3/2007  
Angelo Pizzagalli v. Town of Shelburne eo06-315 2/2007  
Charles Crannell v. Pam Pederson, M.D. and Pat Lewis Nurse N.S.C.F. eo06-230 2/2007  
In re Appeal of Jolley Associates d/b/a Short Stop #124 eo06-265 2/2007  
In re Grievance of Valinda Sileski eo06-180 2/2007  
In re H.W. & I.W., Juveniles eo06-444 2/2007  
In re K.O., Juvenile eo06-398 2/2007  
In re Louis Medina eo06-226 2/2007  
In re T.C., Juvenile eo06-485 2/2007  
In re William Lyons eo06-291 2/2007  
Randy Degraff v. Pizzagalli Construction eo06-244 2/2007  
State v. Craig Silloway eo06-249 2/2007  
State v. Jesse-Lynn Gentlewolf eo06-231 2/2007  
State v. Matthew Springer eo06-433 2/2007  
State v. Ricky Wilkinson eo06-216 2/2007  
State v. Vito Russo eo06-258 2/2007  
Byron Martin v. Dept of Corrections eo06-176 1/2007  
George & Carole Trickett v. Peter & Carla Ochs eo05-547 1/2007  
In re A.M. and J.M., Juveniles eo06-347 1/2007  
In re Bostwick Road - 2 Lot Subdivision & Final Plan Application (Appeal of Senesac) eo06-128 1/2007  
In re C.C. and E.M., Juveniles eo06-333 1/2007  
In re C.C. and N.M., Juveniles eo06-370 1/2007  
In re C.K. and M.K., Juveniles eo06-368 1/2007  
In re K.D., Juvenile eo06-394 1/2007  
In re N.W. and H.W., Juveniles eo06-319 1/2007  
Mark Mumley v. John Mumley eo06-271 1/2007  
Michael Gregoire v. Armand Gregoire & Janet Gregoire eo06-137 1/2007  
Scott Orselet v. Betsy Orselet eo06-135 1/2007  
State v. Devon Fraser eo06-213 1/2007  
State v. Robert Meacham eo06-009 1/2007  
Vermont Earth Resources v. Town of Shrewsbury, Board of Civil Authority & Town of Clarendon, Board of Civil Authority eo05-535 1/2007  
Anna St. Clair v. Human Rights Commission, Intervenor, and Lisbeth Arbour and Christopher Tanner eo05-476 12/2006  
Corey D'Avignon v. Laurey Avignon eo06-044 12/2006  
Gerald Kitonis v. Sonya Fee-Doran eo06-170 12/2006  
In re A.C., A.C. & D.J., Juveniles eo06-301 12/2006  
In re Appeal of Richard Bailey eo06-192 12/2006  
In re McLean Enterprises, Corp. eo05-521 12/2006  
Irina Assur v. Central Vermont Hospital eo06-106 12/2006  
Jean Moss v. Bread & Chocolate, Inc. eo06-104 12/2006  
Joan Reilly v. Patrick Reilly eo06-067 12/2006  
Joanne Prior v. Glenn Prior eo06-263 12/2006  
Mary Morrissey v. Rhoda Carroll & Timothy Carroll eo06-074 12/2006  
Pownal Mobil Homes v. Jessica Caron eo06-080 12/2006  
Real Daigle v. Town of Eden eo06-169 12/2006  
State v. Anthony Henry eo05-301 12/2006  
State v. Jeffrey Whitcomb eo05-479 12/2006  
State v. Jeremy Seerveld eo06-070 12/2006  
State v. Stephen Bolesky eo06-478.bail 12/2006  
State v. Timothy LaFlam eo06-188 12/2006  
Terri Hamilton v. Albert Hamilton, Jr. eo06-103 12/2006  
Ott Rutland, LLC v. Dept. of Taxes eo06-308 11/2006  
Pamela Blesh v. David Johnson eo05-508 11/2006  
State v. Charles Chandler eo06-469 11/2006  
State v. David Bussieres eo06-457.bail 11/2006  
Chittenden Trust Company d/b/a Mortgage Service Center v. Harald T. Holm eo05-298 10/2006  
In re A.C. and A.C., Juveniles eo06-282 10/2006  
In re Appeal of Frederick LeBlanc eo06-168 10/2006  
In re Appeal of Lisa Green eo05-553 10/2006  
In re C.W. and C.W., Juveniles eo06-223 10/2006  
In re Pierre Capron eo06-199 10/2006  
John O'Brien v. Elizabeth O'Brien eo05-451 10/2006  
Joseph Mahr v. American Flatbread, LLC and Dept of Labor eo06-100 10/2006  
Julie Robare v. William J. Rock eo05-543 10/2006  
Michele Rose v. Kevin Rose eo06-111 10/2006  
Nina Badger v. Krista Bragg eo06-055 10/2006  
Paul Bouchard, Marsha Leete, Elizabeth Yates and Milton Yates v. Cioffi Real Estate, Robert Cioffi, Robert Cioffi II, Nancy Cioffi, Town of St. Albans, and Eastview Planned Residential Development, Inc. eo06-139 10/2006  
Ram Sinha v. Christopher Kina, et al. eo06-022 10/2006  
State v. Charles Crannell eo05-291 10/2006  
State v. Robert Bushey eo05-305 10/2006  
State v. Robert K. Andres eo06-038 10/2006  
State v. Scott Perreault eo06-204 10/2006  
State v. Steven C. Klunder eo06-065 10/2006  
Carl Wetherby and Marina Wetherby v. Leland Vincent eo05-417 9/2006  
Chester HOA, Inc. d/b/a Chester Knoll Home Owner Assoc. v. Deborah Federhen eo06-043 9/2006  
David Atkins & Betty Atkins eo06-164 9/2006  
Edwin A. Towne, Jr. v. State eo06-172 9/2006  
G. Lewis Hotaling, Barbara Hotaling & June K. Wells v. Town of Castleton eo05-540 9/2006  
In re Appeal of T & M Construction and Development Corporation eo05-393 9/2006  
In re Kenneth Harbec eo06-187 9/2006  
In re S.M. & E.M., Juveniles eo06-251 9/2006  
Laura Ladd v. Eugene Ladd eo05-458 9/2006  
Melissa M. Dunk v. David C. Dwyer eo06-077 9/2006  
Mery Breslin-Synnott v. James Synnott III eo05-432 9/2006  
Penny Shaw v. Ethan Allen, Inc. eo06-320 9/2006  
Sheila Selden v. Edward F. Johnson eo05-514 9/2006  
State v. Anthony Phillips eo05-257 9/2006  
State v. Demetrius Manassa eo06-367.bail 9/2006  
State v. Jeffrey Scott Bacon eo05-381 9/2006  
State v. Lonnie Francis eo06-401.bail 9/2006  
State v. Minh Nguyen eo06-113 9/2006  
State v. Paul Corey eo05-371 9/2006  
State v. Steven Martin eo06-385.bail 9/2006  
State v. Vito R. Russo eo05-502 9/2006  
Beth Ranzona v. Michael Ranzona eo05-485 8/2006  
Charles Crannell v. James Mongeon eo05-516 8/2006  
In re A.S., Juvenile eo06-163 8/2006  
In re I.B. and E.B., Juveniles eo06-109 8/2006  
In re James Hicks eo06-015 8/2006  
In re K.M., Juvenile eo06-136 8/2006  
In re K.R. eo06-084 8/2006  
James Daignault v. Fletcher Allen Health Care, Kathleen Manley and Robert Gelb eo06-017 8/2006  
Leon Beliveau v. City of Burlington eo05-404 8/2006  
Sandra L. LeBarron v. Scott J. Spence eo05-576 8/2006  
Sandra Raymond v. Bobby J. Desrochers eo05-405 8/2006  
Stanley Okin d/b/a Stan Okin Properties v. Stratton Buyer Brokerage, LTD eo06-053 8/2006  
State v. Bradford Cook eo06-332 8/2006  
State v. Vicky Mott and Arthur Mullen eo05-533 8/2006  
Texann Benjamin v. Kirk Allen Benjamin eo05-389 8/2006  
Charles Crannell v. Matthew F. Valerio, Defender General eo06-061 7/2006  
In re Daren Austin eo06-034 7/2006  
Independent Rehabilitation Resources, Inc. v. Norman Watts eo05-531 7/2006  
Jane P. Heal v. John A. Hirsch eo05-388 7/2006  
Jeffrey & Tina Glosser v. Thomas & Eileen Cihocki v. Robert Harrington & Leeann Martin eo05-345 7/2006  
Kellie Coakley v. Kent Wright eo05-555 7/2006  
Kellie Coakley v. William Wright eo05-512 7/2006  
Michael Montgomery, Meagan Maria Clapp & Aaron Joy Montgomery v. Cheshire Handling dba Riverside Reload Center, Green Mtn Railroad dba Green Mtn Intermodal, VT Railway Tracking & VT Railway eo05-401 7/2006  
Norman Rainville v. Douglas Keith, Kathleen Keith, Tom Gardner and David M. Dion Real Estate eo05-548 7/2006  
State v. Michael Deloreto eo05-420 7/2006  
State v. Rod Ilges eo05-456 7/2006  
State v. Sean P. Tremblay eo05-250 7/2006  
Steven & Tammy Howard v. Mary Mattell eo05-465 7/2006  
Citibank, S. Dakota v. David Timson eo05-294 6/2006  
In re Appeal of John Cito Hardy eo05-422 6/2006  
In re M.B. and M.B., Juveniles eo06-085 6/2006  
In re N.T., Juvenile eo06-018 6/2006  
Karen Gagne v. Verdelle Village, Inc. eo05-415 6/2006  
Lawrence Miller v. Karen Smith eo05-423 6/2006  
Mary Jane Paquette v. Lionel & Francine Charbonneau eo05-302 6/2006  
Samantha Britt v. Dept of Labor eo05-427 6/2006  
State v. Eejipp Ala a/k/a Kevin Shea eo05-156 6/2006  
State v. Frank Highley eo05-248 6/2006  
State v. Garrick B. Johnson eo05-364 6/2006  
State v. James C. Emery eo05-473 6/2006  
State v. Jessica Johnston eo05-410 6/2006  
State v. Leroy Goodwin eo06-259.bail 6/2006  
State v. Michael Medeiros eo05-352 6/2006  
Stowe Highlands v. Stowe Club Owners Assoc., Inc., et al. eo05-406 6/2006  
William R. Temple v. Monica King eo05-366 6/2006  
Ann Johnston & Charlotte Rancourt eo05-211 5/2006  
Blue Ridge Construction v. Dept of Employment and Training eo05-356 5/2006  
Daniel & Linda Coughlin, Glenn & Claudine Myer v. T.N. Assoc. eo05-195 5/2006  
Daniel Muller v. Dept of Corrections eo06-072 5/2006  
In re I.M., Juvenile eo06-016 5/2006  
In re K.A. eo05-419 5/2006  
In re K.C.S., Juvenile eo06-006 5/2006  
In re S.H., Juvenile eo05-284 5/2006  
Randy Francis v. Robert Hofmann eo05-464 5/2006  
Robert J. Somers v. Rob Hofmann, Commissioner of Dept of Corrections eo05-213 5/2006  
State v. Aaron Hall eo05-424 5/2006  
Stephanie Zalot v. Eric Bianchi eo05-411 5/2006  
Trudy Manning v. Louis LaFountain eo05-313 5/2006  
William & Sandra Dixon v. Vincent Zimmitti eo05-395 5/2006  
Worcester Condominiums, Inc. v. Bruno Roulleux eo05-446 5/2006  
State v. Dennis Tribble eo06-102 4/2006  
State v. John Barbera eo05-256 4/2006  
State v. Robert J. Berard eo06-156 4/2006  
State v. Stephen P. Bryant eo05-556 4/2006  
Byron Martin v. Steven Gold, Keith Tallon, Superintendent and Michael Kitchen Foisy, Supervisor eo05-283 3/2006  
Edward Brady and Rosemary Brady v. CU York Insurance Co., One Beacon Ins. Group and J.W. & D.E. Ryan, Inc. eo05-323 3/2006  
In re A.M., Juvenile eo05-491 3/2006  
In re Anthony Kinoian eo05-232 3/2006  
In re Appeal of Eric and Geraldine Cota eo05-120 3/2006  
In re Appeal of Mad River Pizza, Inc. dba Manhattan Pizza & Wings eo05-080 3/2006  
In re Appeal of Wesco, Inc. eo05-277 3/2006  
In re L.N., Juvenile eo05-487 3/2006  
Kirk Wool v. John Gorczyk, Commissioner of Dept. of Corrections eo04-535 3/2006  
Lamoille Valley Property Owners' Association v. Thomas Fuss and Christina Fuss eo05-362 3/2006  
Patricia Richards v. Donald Richards eo05-053 3/2006  
SMM Realty, Inc. v. Sisters and Brothers Investment eo05-348 3/2006  
State v. Bernard Curtis eo05-132 3/2006  
State v. Christopher Tobin eo06-118.bail 3/2006  
State v. Dale Porter eo06-110.bail 3/2006  
State v. Justin Killeen eo05-293 3/2006  
State v. Richard A. Boles eo06-066.bail 3/2006  
State v. Todd R. Merrow eo05-143 3/2006  
232511 Investments, Ltd. d/b/a Stowe Highlands v. Town of Stowe Dev. Review Board eo05-403 2/2006  
Emily Raymond v. Patrick Tinkel eo05-270 2/2006  
Grethe Luman v. Philip E. Luman eo05-185 2/2006  
In re A.R., A.R., and A.A., Juveniles eo05-325 2/2006  
In re B.M., Juvenile eo05-402 2/2006  
In re D.W., Juvenile eo05-434 2/2006  
In re Estate of Catherine Williams eo05-258 2/2006  
In re Jason B. Thayer eo05-297 2/2006  
In re K.R., Juvenile eo05-413 2/2006  
In re Paul Murphy eo06-020 2/2006  
Larkin A. Forney v. Ashley Terjelian eo05-377 2/2006  
Marie Marking v. Adam Gingras eo05-382 2/2006  
Mark J. Horton v. Ling Ling Dai Horton eo05-303 2/2006  
Patricia Coons v. Mark Coons eo05-112 2/2006  
State v. Dodzi Kpesse eo06-057.bail 2/2006  
State v. James L. Bristol eo05-064 2/2006  
State v. James Lund eo05-159 2/2006  
State v.Timothy Annis eo05-180 2/2006  
Thomas Rowden v. Julie Levri eo05-267 2/2006  
State v. Barrett Singer eo04-371.mo 1/2006  
Anthony Redington v. Dept of Employment & Training (Dept of Human Resources, Employer)   12/2005  
Bernadette A. Parker v. Richard Parker   12/2005  
Byron Martin v. Steven Gold, Commissioner of Dept of Corrections, et al.   12/2005  
Christine Turner v. Armand Turner   12/2005  
Daniel Anderson v. Beth Anderson   12/2005  
In re Appeal of Frederick LeBlanc   12/2005  
In re Darren Couture   12/2005  
In re Z.F., Juvenile   12/2005  
James Bull v. Heidemarie Schneider   12/2005  
Jessica Miller v. Town of Cabot and Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz   12/2005  
Sharon M. Schmidt v. Raymond Allen Schmidt   12/2005  
State v. Alexander Constantini   12/2005  
State v. Anthony D. LaFlamme   12/2005  
State v. Eric Bessette   12/2005  
State v. Jason A. Ames   12/2005  
State v. Patrick Gibbons   12/2005  
State v. Randy Pudvah   12/2005  
Susan Elaine Byrd v. South Meadow Housing Associates   12/2005  
Alpine Haven Property Owners Assn v. David Orrock, Susan White, Edward Deptula, Bertrand Emmett, Joseph Emmett, Frederick and Laura Snyder, Deborah Upshall and Esther Verhelst   10/2005  
Charter One Bank v Evergreen Advertising & Marketing, Robert Kesner, Michael Palmer & Palmer Legal Mediations Servs.   10/2005  
David Papazoni v. Dept for Children & Families   10/2005  
Diana Bedell v. Clinton Bedell, Jr.   10/2005  
Edwin A. Towne, Jr.   10/2005  
Edwin A. Towne, Jr. v. State   10/2005  
Heinze and Claudia Rabe v. Joyce Lang   10/2005  
In re Edwin A. Towne, Jr.   10/2005  
Joanne P. Flanders v. Robin M. Bombard   10/2005  
Laureen R. Silovich v. Joseph Silovich   10/2005  
Lesley Provencher (Bienvenue) v. Kimball A. Provencher   10/2005  
Lyndia Cobbett v. Dept of Aging & Independent Living   10/2005  
Marlene Hutchins v. Michael Lerch   10/2005  
Matthew Trim v. Ashley Brunton   10/2005  
State v. Brian Coderre   10/2005  
State v. Laurie Freer   10/2005  
Howard A. Manosh v. First Mountain Vermont, L.P.   9/2005  
In re Appeal of Glenn & Elouise Martin   9/2005  
In re B.Y., H.Y., G.Y. and T.Y., Juveniles   9/2005  
In re C.L., Juvenile   9/2005  
In re Grievance of Ronald Berwanger   9/2005  
In re K.L., Juvenile   9/2005  
In re N.B., III, Juvenile   9/2005  
In re R.C., Juvenile   9/2005  
In re T.M., Juvenile   9/2005  
Kathleen Lovell v. Richard Gargiulo   9/2005  
Peter B. Smith v. Town of Mt. Holly   9/2005  
Raymond Donley v. Dielene Donley   9/2005  
Robert Thayer v. Kerry Gibbons-Thayer   9/2005  
Roger Provost v. Teresitia Provost   9/2005  
State v. Dana P. Patten   9/2005  
State v. Donald Hurst   9/2005  
State v. Ember S. Tilton   9/2005  
State v. Jon Demeritt   9/2005  
The Blodgett Supply Company v. Robert E. Lowery, Sr.   9/2005  
Craig Johnston v. Sheryl Wilkins   8/2005  
Denise Thibeault v. Dept of Aging and Disabilities   8/2005  
In re B.W. & K.B., Juveniles   8/2005  
In re C.C., Juvenile   8/2005  
In re D.B., Juvenile   8/2005  
In re D.D., Juvenile   8/2005  
In re K.B., Juvenile   8/2005  
In re K.L. & A.L., Juveniles   8/2005  
In re R.J., Juvenile   8/2005  
Joan Shedd v. Michael J. Guerra, D.P.M.   8/2005  
Lee B. Denizot v. Michel Denizot   8/2005  
Leita and Roland Pion v. Kevin Bean and Tina Clapper   8/2005  
Marie DeNoia and Nicholas DeNoia v. Gabriele Jost and Rolland Jost   8/2005  
Mildred Van Orman v. Dept. of Aging & Independent Living   8/2005  
Sarah Clark v. Al-Sayed Mamann   8/2005  
State v. Nancy McKenzie   8/2005  
State v. Paul F. Corey   8/2005  
Anthony Tanguay v. Howard Knight, Ana Cojubar Coblai and All Persons In Possession of 1608 Alderbrook Road, Coventry, Vermont   6/2005  
Bradbury v. Bradbury   6/2005  
Evelyn Matthews v. Eric Eklof   6/2005  
In re Allen Rheume   6/2005  
In re Appeal of Wendell Brigham   6/2005  
In re D.L. and S.L., Juveniles   6/2005  
In re James Pixley   6/2005  
John Tracy Adams II and Adams Family Properties, Inc. v. Town of Fair Haven, John Lulek, Robert Richards, John Seamans and Jay Brown   6/2005  
McLean Enterprises Corp. v. John Mills, Estate of Roger L. Mills and Claire Aloan   6/2005  
Patricia Garvey v. DET   6/2005  
Patricia Hartman v. Donal F. Hartman, Jr.   6/2005  
Poquette & Bruley v City of St. Albans   6/2005  
State of Vermont v. David J. Fenton   6/2005  
State of Vermont v. Steven Golden   6/2005  
State v. Michael Lowery   6/2005  
Tabitha Wright v. Edith Clough   6/2005  
Champagne v. Estate of Gardner   5/2005  
In re Appeal of Sisters and Brothers Investment Group, LLP   5/2005  
In re B.W., Juvenile   5/2005  
In re L.P., Juvenile   5/2005  
Kellner v. Bourdeau   5/2005  
Ladd v. Gorczyk   5/2005  
LaPage v. Magoni   5/2005  
McWilliams v. Clark   5/2005  
Raymond J. and Irene M. Groleau,....v. Vermont Railways, Inc. and Rock of Ages, Inc.   5/2005  
State v. Beaupre   5/2005  
State v. Cochran   5/2005  
State v. Langlois   5/2005  
State v. Little   5/2005  
State v. McGreevey ...   5/2005  
State v. Ritter   5/2005  
State v. Villa   5/2005  
Weaver v. Weaver   5/2005  
Bori v. National Grange Mutual Insurance Company   4/2005  
Brown v. Spivey   4/2005  
Bull v. Schneider   4/2005  
Green Mountain Village Owners Assoc. v. Town of Hubbardton   4/2005  
Grindel v. DET   4/2005  
Hopkins v. Loring Corp.   4/2005  
In re Appeal of Paul and Margaret Irons   4/2005  
In re H.C., Juvenile   4/2005  
In re T.B. and T.B., Juveniles   4/2005  
State v. Carr   4/2005  
State v. Davignon   4/2005  
State v. Dubrul   4/2005  
State v. Ebersole-Leblanc   4/2005  
State v. Miles   4/2005  
Tallman v. Tallman   4/2005  
Town of Hartford v. Marc and Susan Wood   4/2005  
Wardle v. Town of Roxbury   4/2005  
WHM Corportation v. Utter   4/2005  
State v. Prior   3/2005  
State v. Whittemore   3/2005  
Carr v. Lanctot   2/2005  
Davenport v. Davenport   2/2005  
In re Armand Leggett, Jr.   2/2005  
In re Estate of Williams   2/2005  
In re K.B.   2/2005  
In re West   2/2005  
Klarich v. DET   2/2005  
Prior v. Stanislas   2/2005  
Richards v. Raymond   2/2005  
Shannon v. Gaffney   2/2005  
SMM Realty, Inc. v. Sisters & Brothers Investment Group   2/2005  
State v. Cyr   2/2005  
Strzelec v. Strzelec   2/2005  
Warner v. Gulian   2/2005  
Bay Oil, Inc. v. McAllister   1/2005  
Brooks v. Town of Charlotte   1/2005  
Flynn v. DET   1/2005  
Hoffman v. Hoffman   1/2005  
In re C.J.   1/2005  
In re Connarn   1/2005  
In re Karov   1/2005  
In re S.G.   1/2005  
In re Wilcox   1/2005  
McWhinney v. Quinlan   1/2005  
Miller v. Polomski   1/2005  
Robbins v. Old Tavern at Grafton, Inc.   1/2005  
State v. Ayala   1/2005  
State v. Gates   1/2005  
State v. LaFlamme   1/2005  
State v.Winchell   1/2005  
Wisch v. Lakatos   1/2005  
Gomez v. Okemo Mountain, Inc.   12/2004  
State v. Forney   12/2004  
Agency of Natural Resources v. John Wellman   11/2004  
David & Susan Bourgeois v. Town of Derby   11/2004  
Gary Helfman v. Kristine Helfman   11/2004  
GreenPoint Credit f/k/a BankAmerica Housing Services, Inc. v. Ran-Mar, Inc.   11/2004  
In re Appeal of Michael & Mary Leikert   11/2004  
In re James Moreno   11/2004  
Jessica Columbia v. Bradley Columbia   11/2004  
Kellie Collins v. John Collins   11/2004  
Mary Lynn Lobello v. Estate of Roy Nicholson   11/2004  
Michael Trahan v. Claire Trahan   11/2004  
Sheila Snaith & Lawrence Smith v. Lucien Godin, Executor of the Estate of Rejane Godin   11/2004  
State v. Daniel Valentine   11/2004  
State v. James Webb   11/2004  
State v. Jeffrey Castonguay   11/2004  
State v. Stephen Carter   11/2004  
Steven Thomas, Jr. v. Danielle Fine   11/2004  
Tyron Roy v. John Gorczyk   11/2004  
State v. Forney   10/2004  
Bailey v. Halpin   9/2004  
Carlson v. DET   9/2004  
Chandler v. CVPS, et al   9/2004  
Concord General Mutual Insurance Co. v. Delong   9/2004  
Coursen v. DET   9/2004  
In re C.M.   9/2004  
In re Deborah S. Albrecht   9/2004  
In re PRB Docket Nos. 2002.043 & 2003.031   9/2004  
In re Richard J. Laws   9/2004  
Keith v. Keith   9/2004  
Race v. Weisler   9/2004  
Spaulding v. Spaulding   9/2004  
State v. Ojiearontr   9/2004  
Whittemore v. Valway   9/2004  
Beck v. Nau   8/2004  
Bonk v. Charbonneau   8/2004  
Clogston v. Reynolds   8/2004  
Gardner v. Town of Shrewsbury   8/2004  
In re Kenyon   8/2004  
In re M.L.   8/2004  
In re S.L.-P.   8/2004  
New England Partnership, Inc. v. Rutland City School District   8/2004  
Peters v. Benways Transportation   8/2004  
Poquette & Bruley v. City of St. Albans   8/2004  
Scott v. Scott   8/2004  
Skumautz v. Horeshore Acres, Inc.   8/2004  
State v. Fuss   8/2004  
State v. Hurlbut   8/2004  
State v. Veach   8/2004  
Valla v. DET   8/2004  
Wetherby v. Vincent   8/2004  
Wyman v. Wyman   8/2004  
50 Pine Street Condominium Ass' n v. Bowen Livingston, Inc.   6/2004  
Agency of Natural Resources v. Southworth   6/2004  
Drown v. Granite Importers, Inc.   6/2004  
Hicks v. DET   6/2004  
In re S.M.   6/2004  
In re Zuckerman   6/2004  
Marble v. First American Flood Data Services, Inc.   6/2004  
Pelletier v. Gosselin   6/2004  
State v. Bartholomew   6/2004  
State v. Bluto   6/2004  
State v. Gibney   6/2004  
State v. Ormsbee   6/2004  
State v. Reardon   6/2004  
Szymkowicz v. Town of Shoreham   6/2004  
Ayer v. Libra International Racing, Inc.   5/2004  
Bank of New York v. Lenge   5/2004  
Beauchemin v. Zittritsch   5/2004  
Briggs v. Briggs   5/2004  
Heal v. Hirsch   5/2004  
In re D.P.   5/2004  
In re K.M.   5/2004  
In re T.K.   5/2004  
Jackson v. Powers   5/2004  
Laroche-Woolhouse v. Woolhouse   5/2004  
Rowe v. Department of PATH   5/2004  
State v. Burt   5/2004  
State v. Hasham   5/2004  
State v. Luck   5/2004  
Syn-Cronamics of Canada, Ltd. v. Coughlan   5/2004  
Batchelder v. Gold   4/2004  
Bennett v. Triad Temporary Services   4/2004  
Flint v. DET   4/2004  
Griffin v. Town of Vershire   4/2004  
Hodgdon v. Hodgdon   4/2004  
In re A.M.   4/2004  
In re D.G.R.   4/2004  
In re Rich   4/2004  
Royle v. Town of Pomfret   4/2004  
Smith v. Vermont Air National Guard   4/2004  
State v. Beaton   4/2004  
State v. Lawrence   4/2004  
Traverse v. Traverse   4/2004  
Wood v. DET   4/2004  
Adams v. Town of Fair Haven   3/2004  
Casella Construction, Inc. v. Department of Taxes   3/2004  
DET v. Vermont Courier   3/2004  
In re A.B.   3/2004  
In re B.T.   3/2004  
In re M.R.   3/2004  
Judd v. Lynch   3/2004  
Kobus v. Crown   3/2004  
Lucia v. Young   3/2004  
Magdoff v. Hibbard   3/2004  
Reilly-Austin v. DET   3/2004  
Spillane v. Hamel   3/2004  
State v. Benjamin   3/2004  
State v. Riggs   3/2004  
State v. Slocum   3/2004  
State v. Stutes   3/2004  
Stevens v. Stevens   3/2004  
Warren v. Warren   3/2004  
Watson v. DET   3/2004  
Zuckerman v. Engel   3/2004  
985 Assocs. V. Chiarello   2/2004  
Atkins v. Wrisley   2/2004  
Bennett v. DET   2/2004  
Champagne v. Gardner   2/2004  
Desorcie v. Desorcie   2/2004  
Duprey v. Deso   2/2004  
Griffin v. Griffin   2/2004  
In re B.C.   2/2004  
In re J.D. Assocs.   2/2004  
In re Sanville   2/2004  
In re T.B.   2/2004  
Mason v. Mason   2/2004  
N.A.S. Holdings, Inc. v. Pafundi   2/2004  
State v. Hill   2/2004  
State v. Hutchins   2/2004  
Whitehead, Fay v. Town of Maidstone   2/2004  
Borkowski v. DET   1/2004  
Carlson v. Mewhinney   1/2004  
Choiniere v. Aguiar   1/2004  
Essex Optical/The Hartford v. Morin   1/2004  
Gaboriault v. Van Aelstyn   1/2004  
In re D.I.   1/2004  
In re Rheaume   1/2004  
Moore v. Thomas   1/2004  
Morse v. Sprague   1/2004  
Ostheimer v. Stark   1/2004  
Rogers v. Ferguson   1/2004  
Shimansky v. DET   1/2004  
Stafford v. DET   1/2004  
State v. Deforge   1/2004  
State v. Desautels   1/2004  
State v. Devlin   1/2004  
Tassey v. Ayers   1/2004  
Boivin v. Town of Addison   12/2003  
Coulter v. Coulter   12/2003  
Gras v. Carter   12/2003  
Hanson v. Burroughs   12/2003  
Hart v. Hart   12/2003  
In re A.B.   12/2003  
In re Buell   12/2003  
Jackson v. Jackson   12/2003  
Maurice and Claire Desautels v. James and Nancy Reynolds   12/2003  
McLeod v. Dugan   12/2003  
Parry v. Parry   12/2003  
Potvin v. DET   12/2003  
St. Pierre v. Stanford   12/2003  
State v. Andrews   12/2003  
State v. Child   12/2003  
State v. Martin   12/2003  
State v. Ormsbee   12/2003  
State v. Pratt   12/2003  
State v. Roberts   12/2003  
Guinard v. Bowen   10/2003  
In re D.S. & E.S., Juveniles   10/2003  
In re E.S., Juvenile   10/2003  
Jackson v. Powers, Fleming & Pomainville   10/2003  
Meservey v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company   10/2003  
Pfenning v. Pfenning   10/2003  
Robinson v. Egnor   10/2003  
State v. Andrews   10/2003  
State v. Brooks   10/2003  
State v. Brown   10/2003  
State v. Burke   10/2003  
State v. Hurlbut   10/2003  
State v. Lafayette   10/2003  
State v. Reed   10/2003  
Root v. Root   9/2003  
State v. Bailey   9/2003  
State v. Desautels   9/2003  
State v. Desautles   9/2003  
Crannell v. Gorczyk   8/2003  
Daimler Chrysler Services North America, LLC v. Sylvester   8/2003  
Eastman v. Fisher   8/2003  
Endres v. Endres   8/2003  
Hanson v. Goldsmith   8/2003  
In re A.L.   8/2003  
In re C.R.   8/2003  
In re G. M.   8/2003  
In re White   8/2003  
Loverin v. Montpelier Central School District   8/2003  
Moss v. Perras   8/2003  
Orr v. Meristar Vermont Beverage Corp.   8/2003  
State v. Campbell   8/2003  
State v. Ramsay   8/2003  
State v. Rheaume   8/2003  
Bryan E. Jones Trust v. Gay Wetmore and Cheryl Lewis   7/2003  
Grenier v. Grenier   7/2003  
In re Appeal of James Blanchette   7/2003  
In re D.M. and D.M., Juveniles   7/2003  
In re E.S., A.S., and D.S., Juveniles   7/2003  
In re John Madden   7/2003  
In re John Racine and Tanya Sousa   7/2003  
In re Patrick T. Lynch   7/2003  
In re Trust Estate of Theodore H. Hubbard   7/2003  
Schipper v. Quinn   7/2003  
State v. Church   7/2003  
State v. Haselton   7/2003  
State v. Laplant   7/2003  
State v. Nolan   7/2003  
State v. Pombar   7/2003  
State v. Quinn   7/2003  
State v. White   7/2003  
State v. Youngman   7/2003  
Windham County Humane Society v. Jesse-Lynn V. Gentlewolf   7/2003  
Anita L. Cohn v. Robert D. Guthrie   6/2003  
Chittenden Trust Company v. Russell-Norman Payne   6/2003  
Gary and Jean Bressor v. William and Betty Preston   6/2003  
In re A.A., Juvenile   6/2003  
In re B.P., Juvenile   6/2003  
In re K.M.   6/2003  
Jankowski v. State   6/2003  
Joanne M. Brown v. Richard L. DeVerger, Jr., and Roger W. Minor   6/2003  
Kimberly Otten v. Stephen Garand and Lori Garand, C.L.O., Juvenile   6/2003  
New England Partnership, Inc. v. Rutland City School District   6/2003  
Stanley and Marilyn Goodell v. Town of Morgan   6/2003  
State v. Baker   6/2003  
State v. Bushaw   6/2003  
State v. Clark   6/2003  
Trudy Mannin, M.M., Juvenile, Office of Child Support v. Louis LaFountain   6/2003  
Fidelity Mortgage Group, Inc. v. Joseph Mulvey   5/2003  
Grega v. Davis   5/2003  
In re A.C., Juvenile   5/2003  
Jeleniewski v. Jeleniewski   5/2003  
John Desautels v. Howard Center for Human Services   5/2003  
John Goodhue v. Landmark Trust U.S.A., Inc.   5/2003  
Piscitelli v. Piscitelli   5/2003  
Quinn v. Gorczyk et al.   5/2003  
Reed v. Reed   5/2003  
Remes v. Hyde   5/2003  
State v. Deyo   5/2003  
State v. Louko   5/2003  
State v. Maniatty   5/2003  
State v. Millington   5/2003  
State v. Spaulding   5/2003  
Stori v. Stori   5/2003  
Swing v. Wilton   5/2003  
Brian Batchelor v. SRS   4/2003  
Dudley v. DET   4/2003  
Eastman v. Fisher   4/2003  
Heffernan v. Harbeson   4/2003  
In re Brandy Mitchell   4/2003  
In re J.P., Juvenile   4/2003  
Mason v. Mason   4/2003  
Mayo v. DET   4/2003  
Paul and James Turnel v. Richardson Associates, Inc., Marthanne Carver and Dana Stockman   4/2003  
State v. Bedell, ...   4/2003  
State v. Creller   4/2003  
State v. Duffy   4/2003  
State v. Galusha   4/2003  
State v. Nolan   4/2003  
State v. Pudvah, State v. Mercy   4/2003  
State v. Rodriguez   4/2003  
Young v. Young   4/2003  
Conger v. State   3/2003  
In re C.B.   3/2003  
In re J.A., Juvenile   3/2003  
In re J.B. and A.L., Juveniles   3/2003  
In re J.W., J.W., and M.W., Juveniles   3/2003  
John Robert Hamilton v. Town of Holland Selectboard, Town of Holland and Town of Holland Tree Warden   3/2003  
Karnes v. Karnes   3/2003  
Ken Davis v. Charles Vile, Conrad Moyka, Salvatore Spinoza and State of Vermon   3/2003  
Little Estate v. Town of Williamstown   3/2003  
Martorano v. DET   3/2003  
Merike Petrich v. Twin Pines Housing Trust, Inc. and Wallace Roberts   3/2003  
Mitrano v. Kelly   3/2003  
Pepin v. Loverin   3/2003  
State v Lafleur   3/2003  
State v. Desautels   3/2003  
State v. Fise   3/2003  
State v. Johnson   3/2003  
State v. Joseph   3/2003  
State v. Martin   3/2003  
State v. Rich   3/2003  
State v. Scelza   3/2003  
Anderson v. Anderson   1/2003  
Dahlgren v. Dahlgren   1/2003  
Forbes v. Champlain Construction Co.   1/2003  
In re Castonguay   1/2003  
In re D.G.   1/2003  
In re J.B.   1/2003  
In re J.R.   1/2003  
In re Johnson   1/2003  
In re Simoneau   1/2003  
LaFrance v. Ostiguay   1/2003  
Lawton v. Patenaude   1/2003  
Miller v. Village of Morrisville Water & Light Dept.   1/2003  
Mutual Oil Co. v. Cashman-Cairnie, Inc.   1/2003  
State v. Forcier   1/2003  
State v. Lanteigne   1/2003  
State v. Stanard   1/2003  
Towne v. State   1/2003  
Wool v. Gorczyk   1/2003  
Barbara and Dennis N. McCarty v. Lawrence Nicolai   11/2002  
Bigelow v. Bigelow   11/2002  
Blaiklock v. Blaiklock   11/2002  
Cochran v. Cochran   11/2002  
Daniel C. and Jeanne E. Brown v. Citation Mobile Homes   11/2002  
David Searles v. Board of Education and Town of Rutland School District   11/2002  
dePeyster v. Kostuck   11/2002  
Diamondstone v. Diamondstone   11/2002  
General Truck & Equipment, Inc. v. Ralph A. Wright   11/2002  
In re A.B., Juvenile   11/2002  
In re A.L., Juvenile   11/2002  
In re Clinton Bedell   11/2002  
In re Grievance of Scott Camley   11/2002  
In re James W. Quinn, III   11/2002  
In re M.F., Juvenile   11/2002  
In re Marilynn Christian   11/2002  
In re R.Al, Juvenile   11/2002  
In re S.H. and D.H., Juveniles   11/2002  
In re T.R., Juvenile   11/2002  
Lake Construction Limited Company v. Ram N. Sinha   11/2002  
Mapes v. Mapes   11/2002  
Menard v. Menard   11/2002  
Neronsky v. Sutowski   11/2002  
Northgate Housing Limited v. Maxine Kirkland   11/2002  
Phelps N. Swett, Jr,. et al. v. Hudson   11/2002  
Philip Aaron, et al. v. Jordan Stern, et al.   11/2002  
Reya v. McAlliter, Record   11/2002  
Ronald D. Forant, Sr. and Carmel Allaire v. Jules and Kate Chatot, et al.   11/2002  
State v. Baker   11/2002  
State v. Brown   11/2002  
State v. Durand   11/2002  
State v. Fagans   11/2002  
State v. Gall   11/2002  
State v. Keneally   11/2002  
State v. Larry J. Wheelock   11/2002  
State v. Powers   11/2002  
Town of Goshen v. Albert and Bernadette Gionet   11/2002  
Christiansen v. Christiansen   9/2002  
Cobb v. Gibson, Esq.   9/2002  
Godette v. Gorczyk, et al   9/2002  
In re Appeal of Allen Mulheron   9/2002  
In re Appeal of Brian Hehir   9/2002  
In re Appeal of Gary and Suzanne Gregoire   9/2002  
In re Jason Mode   9/2002  
In re Judge Development Corporation   9/2002  
In re Perry Comeau   9/2002  
In re Robert Andres, Esq.   9/2002  
Labrie v. Labrie   9/2002  
LaMoria v. LaMoria   9/2002  
Reynolds v. MacDonald   9/2002  
State v. Comstock   9/2002  
State v. Hatch   9/2002  
State v. Hunt   9/2002  
State v. Kelcey   9/2002  
Thatcher v. Thatcher   9/2002  
Zittritsch v. Zittritsch   9/2002  
Beauchesne v. Beauchesne   8/2002  
Cadorette.... v. John Gorczyk, et al.   8/2002  
Dunnett v. Town of Ludlow Zoning Board of Adjustment   8/2002  
In re Appeal of J.D. Associates   8/2002  
In re Appeal of Thomas J. Morse   8/2002  
In re D.M., Juvenile   8/2002  
In re J.S., Juvenile   8/2002  
In re K.H., Juvenile   8/2002  
Kelley v. Stone   8/2002  
King v. King   8/2002  
Lyndonville Savings Bank & Trust Company and Ken Davis v. JOhn Kassel, Secretary of Agency of Natural Resources, et al.   8/2002  
Martin v. D.E.T.   8/2002  
State of Vermont v. Jon Boudreau   8/2002  
State of Vermont v. Judkins   8/2002  
State of Vermont v. Kent Swift   8/2002  
Windham Court Partners v. Turner   8/2002  
Contractors Crane Service, Inc. v. Commissioiner of Labor and Industry   7/2002  
Letourneau v. Letourneau   7/2002  
State v. Langdell   7/2002  
American Legion Post No. 7 v. Clifford Jackman   6/2002  
Faucet v. Farmer, Bradley   6/2002  
Gray v. State of Vermont, et al   6/2002  
In re Appeal of David Siegel   6/2002  
In re B.S., Juvenile   6/2002  
In re Charles Mashtare   6/2002  
In re D.R., Juvenile   6/2002  
In re J.D., Juvenile   6/2002  
Jeffrey Stillings v. John Gorczyk, Commissioner Dept. of Corrections   6/2002  
Millett v. Gorczyk   6/2002  
Millett v. Gorczyk   6/2002  
Quimby v. Schaufus   6/2002  
Schipper v. Quinn   6/2002  
State v. Aulis   6/2002  
State v. Buehler   6/2002  
State v. Eriksen   6/2002  
State v. Patterson   6/2002  
State v. Richardson   6/2002  
Stonegate Mountain Trust v. Town of Bridgewater   6/2002  
Agency of Natural Resources v. Hodgdon Brothers, Inc. and Darcy Hodgdon   5/2002  
Brooks v. Brooks   5/2002  
East v. East   5/2002  
Elkins v. Microsoft Corp.   5/2002  
In re A.B., Juvenile   5/2002  
Jeffrey Stillings v. John Gorczyk, Commissioner Dept. of Corrections   5/2002  
Julie Pecor (Office of Child Support) v Henry Bauer   5/2002  
Mosher v. Mosher   5/2002  
Palermo v. Palermo   5/2002  
Pike v. Pike   5/2002  
Pilla v. Pilla   5/2002  
State v. Brooks   5/2002  
State v. Comstock   5/2002  
State v. Gaboriault   5/2002  
State v. Stocker   5/2002  
Stone v. Stone   5/2002  
Thompson v. Thompson   5/2002  
Town of Hartford v. Marc and Susan Woo   5/2002  
Town of Hubbardton v. Marcell   5/2002  
Willey v. Michaud   5/2002  
BWL, Inc. v. Edward and Patrice Siergiey   4/2002  
Charles J. Glode, Jr. v. Aprel Woods   4/2002  
Craig Kissell v. Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and Mount Snow, Ltd.   4/2002  
Debra K. Parenteau v. Alan L. Parenteau   4/2002  
Douglas and Stacia Senecal v. George Mills, Andrew Brooks, and Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company   4/2002  
Eastcoast Home Loans, Inc. and Jim A. Collins v. Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Authority   4/2002  
In re Allen Road Land Company   4/2002  
In re Appeal of Edward and Amy Larson   4/2002  
In re Appeal of Weston Boardman   4/2002  
In re Estate of Gregory K. Chiang   4/2002  
James Millett v. John Gorczyk, et al.   4/2002  
Joshua Manheimer v. Sherry St. Germaine   4/2002  
Orleans Town School District v. James Chapdelaine and Orleans Support Staff....   4/2002  
Phyliss E. Trout v. Daniel T. Quinn   4/2002  
Reed Fendler v. Cammi Fendler   4/2002  
Richard Gutzmann, Jr. v. John Gorczyk   4/2002  
State of Vermont v. James O. Soden   4/2002  
State of Vermont v. Nathan Hazlett   4/2002  
State of Vermont v. Raymond F. Robarge   4/2002  
State of Vermont v. Scott Hartigan   4/2002  
State of Vermont v. Stephen Willoughby   4/2002  
State of Vermont v. Steven D. Ekberg   4/2002  
Earth Construction, Inc. v. State of Vermont   3/2002  
In re Eugene Martel   3/2002  
In re J.C., Juvenile   3/2002  
In re J.N. and A.N., Juveniles   3/2002  
In re N.L., Juvenile   3/2002  
James K. and M. Christine Murphy v. Cedar Brook at Killington, et al.   3/2002  
John Paluska and Cynthia Brown v. Robert Calcagni, d/b/a Calcagni Electric and The Cincinnati Insurance Company   3/2002  
Laterre House Ltd. Partnership v. Town o Wilmington   3/2002  
Lawrence H. Delisle v. Viola Emmons   3/2002  
N.A.S. Holdings, Inc., et al. v. Constance Pafundi   3/2002  
Nina Udell v. Eric A. Pillemer   3/2002  
Sherry E. Vukoder v. Department of Employment & Training, IBM   3/2002  
State v. Pixley   3/2002  
State v. Robinson   3/2002  
State v. Rushford   3/2002  
State v. Walden   3/2002  
State v. Whittemore   3/2002  
Vicki Poulos (Office of Child Support) v. James Poulos   3/2002  
Beck v. Bessette   2/2002  
Brueckner v. Town of Moretown, Town of Waterbury Dept. of Taxes   2/2002  
Coor v. Coor   2/2002  
Duprey v. Duprey   2/2002  
Eric Siegel v. Green Mountain Ford-Mercury   2/2002  
Erica Dana v. Jason Crandell   2/2002  
In re Appeal of Ashley and Janet Gray   2/2002  
In re Appeal of Gregory and Sharon Parke   2/2002  
In re M.R., Juvenile   2/2002  
In re Richard L. James   2/2002  
James Gabaree and Traci Trudo v. Peerless Insurance Company   2/2002  
Nichols v. Grimstead   2/2002  
Scott v. Polak   2/2002  
State v. Cahill   2/2002  
State v. Cerretani   2/2002  
State v. Houle   2/2002  
Stephanie Smith v. Chittenden Corporation   2/2002  
Crabtree v. Crabtree   1/2002  
Gardner Smith et al. v. Town of Wells   1/2002  
In re A.L., E.L. and T.L., Juveniles   1/2002  
In re Application of Four C's, Inc.   1/2002  
In re Grievance of Pauline Liese   1/2002  
In re K.S., J.S., A.S., & L.S., Juveniles   1/2002  
In re Norman Powers   1/2002  
In re T.C. and B.I., Juveniles   1/2002  
Nicholas v. Town of Pownal   1/2002  
Papaseraphim v. Francis   1/2002  
State v. Burak   1/2002  
State v. Haner   1/2002  
State v. Huninski   1/2002  
State v. McGee   1/2002  
State v. Russell   1/2002  
Town of Barnard v. Rhoades   1/2002  
Town of Poultney and Rupe Slate Company v. Ruby   1/2002  
Warner v. Swenor   1/2002  
Annette Lynch, MD v. Office of Professional Regulation   12/2001  
ANR v. Glens Falls Insurance Company,   12/2001  
Clemmons v. Clemmons   12/2001  
David J. and Lynn C. Domina, George A. and Carolyn A. Cota v. George A. and Bradford B. Moore   12/2001  
Gilfillan v. Gilfillan   12/2001  
In re Appeal of Larry and June Stevens   12/2001  
In re Appeal of Pearl Street Mobil   12/2001  
In re B.L.W., Juvenile   12/2001  
In re C.M., Juvenile   12/2001  
In re Club Metronome, Inc.   12/2001  
In re D.P., J.P., C.P., A.T. & J.T., Juveniles   12/2001  
In re J.D., Jr., Juvenile   12/2001  
In re M.P., Juvenile   12/2001  
Maarawi v. Linda Parenteau, et al.   12/2001  
Mansfield v. Mansfield   12/2001  
Saldi v. Merchant v. Dept of Taxes   12/2001  
State v. Barney   12/2001  
State v. Ligourie   12/2001  
State v. St. Hilaire   12/2001  
State v. Washington   12/2001  
Thomas D. and Sylvia A. McEntegart v. Carol G. Ballou   12/2001  
Trager v. Baraw Enterprises, Inc.   12/2001  
Vanness v. State   12/2001  
Harris v. Harris   6/2001