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Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

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Applying for CLE Credit
Frequently Asked Questions
expand  What is the procedure for having a course or program accredited?
expand  How do I determine if a CLE course is accredited?
Courses by accredited sponsors are pre-approved.  Once a sponsoring agency has been granted the status of an 'accredited sponsor' it shall be exempt from the requirement for prior approval as set out in Section 7 of the Rules for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education, for all course or activities in compliance with the Board's standards for approval. Credit for courses in compliance shall be given in accordance with Rule 5. Attorneys should check with the CLE provider to ascertain what credit was approved under Vermont's rules.
expand  What is the benefit to becoming an accredited sponsor?
expand  How do I become an accredited sponsor?
You must apply to the Board of Continuing Legal Education, 111 State Street, Suite 9B, Montpelier, VT  05609-0701 stating your legal education history for the preceding two calendar years. Include dates, subjects offered, total hours of instructions presented, and the names and qualifications of speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions
expand  What qualifies as legal ethics credit?

Reporting CLE
Frequently Asked Questions
expand  Do active attorneys who change to inactive status need to file a CLE affidavit?
expand  Do inactive attorneys need to take continuing legal education?
Inactive attorneys are relieved from the CLE requirements during their inactive period. See Section 11 of the Rules for MCLE    
expand  How many CLE credit hours do I need?
expand  If I take a course now, but have already met my CLE requirements for this reporting period, can I use it toward the next reporting period?
No. The two year reporting frames that make up your requirement are set out in the rules.  The required 20 hours of continuing legal education is the minimum amount of CLE recommended for that period.  
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